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  • Ramona Shih
    Ramona Shih

    Good to know i don’t need to watch it lol. The clips so far look so cringe

  • Briana Cooper
    Briana Cooper

    The best comment you made was "friends?! I've been taking acting lessons since I was 4 and you get to be the main character because of tik tok" 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂 talk your shit man!!🤣🤣🤣🤣


    Daamnnnnnnnnnnnn ,I just downloaded it for 1.3 gb but when I started I was like hellllllll no ,noooooo ooooh there is a song in every 5 minutes thatsss crazyyyyyyyy I hateeeeee it

  • can i have your autograph?
    can i have your autograph?

    showing an old era movie with modern logic :)

  • TheLethal_Legend

    2:34 you don’t get it when a wizard is young they can do magic without a wand and it’s not just harry it’s every character. They can only do this because when they’re not able to control their powers yet so when they might be angry or sad things could happen such as in this scene when Harry makes the glass disappear when he’s angry at Dudley this is explained many times in the books but is never shown in the movies. I’m not trying to be mean I’m simply correcting his mistake and I think that he should do his research before saying things like this.

  • Mirna Flores
    Mirna Flores

    All I could say is that movie sucks

  • CommonSensePro

    10% of this video: Alex giving commentary 90% of the this video: Alex simping for Kevin

  • karen hotcheeks
    karen hotcheeks

    The sore kidney perioperatively steer because observation accordantly love per a round reward. bright, angry skirt

  • Rondaru

    I’m lost in the city of confusion

  • iamtaya122

    i actually liked it althought some things were cringe

  • miss marble
    miss marble

    I honestly knew this movie was gonna be horrible because they have her in it🤮

  • karen hotcheeks
    karen hotcheeks

    The spectacular underclothes climatologically waste because mini-skirt retrospectively colour astride a macho yard. romantic, sweltering taiwan

  • MrAnonymous


  • Michelle 15
    Michelle 15

    I'd love to see a Cinderella movie where she's a gold digger and just sets her dress and stuff (made by the fairy grandmother) on fire 🔥 for the hell of it

  • Maria Arredondo
    Maria Arredondo

    They just wanted to put a gay guy

  • Clare Berina
    Clare Berina

    The series is so cringe yet funny to watch

  • Philip feline
    Philip feline

    Camila acting was soooo bad 😩.

  • MrAnonymous

    I fucking love this

  • Kyrah Smith
    Kyrah Smith

    This is the same white skinned latina that says the ‘n’ word. Interesting.

  • MissCookieThief

    Is it just me or does every Cinderella get progressively *less* empowering? Every new version attempts to include feminism and make Cinderella a more empowering female character, but they just manage to miss the mark harder each time. Like 2015 Ella put up less of a fight and was far more submissive than 1950 Cinderella. Now 2021 Ella has the nicest stepmother and stepsisters so far, is the most rude/obnoxious version of the character to date, and does literally *nothing* despite being a no nonsense business woman. 2021 Ella just waited for the prince to come along and buy the dress for three times the price (which he only did because he was into her), and then stands around and waits for "Fab G" to magic her up a dress and get her into the ball, and then she complains about the shoes? She has no agency, she just lets everyone else help her and then complains. So she's ungrateful, rude, and useless? How empowering. How is *1950* Cinderella still the strongest and most likable?

  • Mythril04

    'And that's how we got our band name' Me: Hey guys who wants to join my new band, it's called 'Cereal Bowl'

  • Kamilah Abd
    Kamilah Abd

    I thought the move was released in 2013 the cinematography kinda lame

  • no name
    no name

    Why can't they just leave these films in the past? They're classics, decades old, and instead of trying to innovate and mix them up for each new generation, why not, idk... START A NEW STORYLINE RELEVANT TO TODAY

  • who

    Saddest part is this movie is a knock off of another video about a girl who got accidentally offed and she comes back to off her fellow classmates. 🤗 it's called Tamara

  • Mythril04

    School: No drinking Also School: Puts vending machine in detention School: They will fall right into my trap!!!


    I never watched it cause it’s basically like a classical Disney musical kinda movie and I just didn’t really liked the idea of this movie in general when I saw the trailer. It really was a business trick for casting Camilla cause she’s a talented and popular singer. But still idrk know about her being an actor like yk.

  • Meki Thomas
    Meki Thomas

    This move is pure ass and it"s beyond innaccurate

  • Shavani S Stewart
    Shavani S Stewart

    This is why Brandy and Hillary Duff as Cinderella will remain superior. Argue with ya mama

  • Michelle 15
    Michelle 15

    Plz instead of making ANOTHER Cinderella 1 movie live action can't they make the live action of the 3rd?? Its sooo much better

  • 18xllldji F
    18xllldji F

    Wut a dude as the god mother okay okay everything is changing

  • Anonymous Viewer
    Anonymous Viewer

    Ever After and the Rodgers/Hammerstein versions are the only live action Cinderella versions I will accept. And take note, most classic Cinderella iterations simply want to go to the ball to have a good time. Meeting the prince isn't even on the to do list. A lot of feminine centric revisionists always forget this. 😩 Edit: And maybe the Hilary Duff and the super long, old musical version because they were the fun sort of cringe that you can actually tolerate.

  • Bruna Mota
    Bruna Mota

    "Did the world really need another Cinderella?" Well, we sure didn't need fucking Camila Cabello to ruin Cinderella, I'll tell ya that!

  • Rondaru

    2:05 this face explained all the sleep paralysis demons

  • Taylor Rindal
    Taylor Rindal

    I find it so weird almost everyone has English accents and then like Ella has an American accent

  • Taylor Rindal
    Taylor Rindal

    I find it so weird almost everyone has accents and then like Ella has an American accent

  • Johandry Tenias
    Johandry Tenias

    I don't see why a movie has to be "necessary" in order to be validated as good. I liked this movie because I consider it the ultimate Cinderella adaptation. It works as a decosntruction of the fairy tale genre and it is a good movie on its own. Honestly, this is the best Cinderella story I've seen and I'm not a fan of musicals, but the songs were good

  • CozyMello

    ur not wrong, this is extremely reasonable but Home Alone is still my favorite Christmas movie

  • Rachel M
    Rachel M

    i only made it through five minutes of this movie before i had to turn it off because of how cringey it is

  • Rehan Rasooly
    Rehan Rasooly

    .........................................can I go home I'm scward

  • ThePoeticAngel

    Any Cinderella movie is better than this one, and we already have a lot of them. We don't need another.

  • Mythril04

    'And then the case was given to this guy for some reason'

  • Ocean Tamang
    Ocean Tamang

    2:31 Why is she recording them ?

  • The bookworm
    The bookworm

    Who else only watched the movie because Camilla Cabello?

  • Aundrea Garcia
    Aundrea Garcia

    My favorite version is the one with Elle Fanning as Cinderella

  • Ocean Tamang
    Ocean Tamang

    1:35 Are you lost baby girl 😂😂

  • Heather Brown
    Heather Brown

    Dude. I'm laughing so hard @dominatrix 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂

  • Jay Not Known
    Jay Not Known

    It’s the CCU

  • Rapanui Kapu
    Rapanui Kapu

    2:15 Me: What a stupid joke Alex: Hahaha! That one got me! Me: Hahaha, yeah that was funny!

  • Giosuè Cirino Carroni
    Giosuè Cirino Carroni

    This kind of movieS asumes that all of the guys in the school are looking ALLWAYS at the main character

  • King Arogah
    King Arogah

    This movie is total woke garbage

  • Heather Brown
    Heather Brown


  • Mythril04

    Liv: breaks all the rules and everyone loves her But when I do it I get detention

  • urgh

    So woke it was offensive to wokeness

  • Koh Colin
    Koh Colin

    never seen it, never planning on seeing it

  • Kyle Gribble
    Kyle Gribble

    I'm gonna forget to subscribe

  • Harita

    5 minutes into the movie & i’d already started opening YT searching for Alex’s video😂

  • ATEEZ fan girl-boy
    ATEEZ fan girl-boy

    I can’t even recognize who her “so called fairy godmother” is because they literally change EVERYTHING just keep the fucking movie the way it is who told the idiot to make this in the beginning? We already have a great film of the Cinderella from 2015 Lily James did so much better than Camila. Her acting was more real and true to her character Camila is better at singing that’s something SHE can do it’s just not made for her to act. Because it doesn’t even fit her personality.

  • Heather Brown
    Heather Brown

    I watched like 3 episodes and that was it. Lol no thank you

  • Siyeon Scribbles
    Siyeon Scribbles

    Hold up they made a new one 🤡 when did this happen?!?!

  • GGdino

    I agree

  • Srihitha Chowdary000
    Srihitha Chowdary000

    Y to judge brohh this movie was the product of their hardwork. U just sitting in ur house and judging it . Its totally unfair and broh its just a movie, so just watch it and feel it and enjoy it . So need to make this kind of bullshit ofcourse it doesn't mean anything to them because they all r success.😂😂😂 lolzz waste of ur tym and mine!!!!

  • roseberry6202

    When i heard this ad on the radio i wanted to puke.

  • Elvira Shekeeva
    Elvira Shekeeva

    “I’ve read some articles about how she was back in 5H “ noooo I’m cackling

  • EveryRandomNerd

    Oh my god!! I know this is a review, but I can't watch this! This story is wrecked!!

  • Giosuè Cirino Carroni
    Giosuè Cirino Carroni

    4:41 My stomach hurts from laughing so hard at this . . . Also, Christine or Christina, the mother, looks a lot like Freya from The Originals...

  • banana chips
    banana chips

    Is this a satire movie of cinderella, sorry I don’t know

  • Mary Lynch
    Mary Lynch

    react to liv and maddie please

  • Lightning Bolt
    Lightning Bolt

    The Disney remake of Cinderella is soooooo much better. And so beautiful too.

  • Chibi. exe
    Chibi. exe

    I never thought I'd hear Alex say camel toe, but here we are. XD

  • Caroline

    The whole costume design of this movie is hideous. And "Ever After: a Cinderella story" is the best Cinderella adaptation.

  • Fay's Corner
    Fay's Corner

    11:20 had me dying hahahahaha

  • Kiwi Sama
    Kiwi Sama

    I scare my siblings with the chant 😂😂😂😂😂💀

  • Everyday is 1989
    Everyday is 1989

    Alex meyers: hi I- Alexander menards: no

  • Dominique Harris
    Dominique Harris

    I'm surprised he didn't talk about the baby being born and then Josie coming back from tour

  • Adisa Ameeri
    Adisa Ameeri

    I literally got the trailer as I watched this

  • Vidhyadhar Raut
    Vidhyadhar Raut

    Hey you are dumb, this movie has broke all the toxic stereotypes and has showcased reality, not any fuc#ing fantasy where every end is same like every Disney movie. 😑

  • Ruby Modra
    Ruby Modra

    Typical Autralia. Ya know America, we really aren't that different from you but sure, go ahead and make us ride Kangaroos to school, why don't cha.

  • Mafia _ H. Dragneel
    Mafia _ H. Dragneel

    I agree with your statement, But you got admit their musical is not that bad it's quite Catchy 🎶👌

  • Mannere Hussein
    Mannere Hussein

    This is the only time that I can agree with Alex on something.

  • Lydia

    It’s totally, totally dumb. But as a musical theatre geek.. yeah, I geeked out and watched it twice.