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I make cartoons and sometimes video essays about movies and TV Shows mostly, but sometimes I tell stories about my weird life.

My dog Charlie is the cutest dog in the world, fyi.

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  • Layla-Saber breacher
    Layla-Saber breacher

    To me, it looks like your lip synching. Mainly cause I always seen your animations

  • Sarah Parker
    Sarah Parker

    Can u react to Never Have I Ever?

  • Aaron Lavalley
    Aaron Lavalley

    Do eight crazy nights

  • Ayden Vasser
    Ayden Vasser

    Jesse was our child hood no matter what we loved it and sprouted a new series.

  • ᴀʙʀɪʟ

    Sir please make your app on android

  • KrystalYT

    idk why ppl love this cartoon/show or whatever the hell u call it. like bruh its the same episode everytime. i watched like 2 episode of it and i just got bored of it like- only 5 year old watch that show and plus its so childish- (JUST MY OPINION)

  • Joley

    Who else can tell the difference between them. It took me 2 days to notice the difference between their face. Like if you can

  • Arieanna Epps
    Arieanna Epps

    I feel like nothing makes sense to this kid

  • H-Bee

    I always think about how these shows come to be in the writing room. Like for this I just imagine that one person who suggested that the characters should suffer from consequences of their actions and they were just immediately fired and now we have characters that are deeply flawed, but it never causes any problems? Realism in this show is like Tecna and most of the specialists: nonexistent

  • ToonScape Animations
    ToonScape Animations

    i like this movie ngl

  • No Time To sleep
    No Time To sleep

    Alex title: legacies is kinda good Me: are you fuc**** blind and dumb? Alex title: the originals is kinda dumb Me : this guy need to met Cade (◍•ᴗ•◍)❤

  • Michaelvlogs player
    Michaelvlogs player


  • Daudtomico

    If they made those movies using real High school students, the music parts wouldn't exist and the romance parts too

  • ToonScape Animations
    ToonScape Animations

    It’s about work Crafting Bodybuilding is a talent Voice acting is a talent Even if your born with it Its more of a diamond in the rough situation where you still hqve to work tirelessly to hone that. Thats not the case with someone with naturally cute face Doesn’t mean that someone who is famous for being attractive doesn’t have talent at all It just doesn’t lie in they’re looks

  • Gatlin Cole
    Gatlin Cole

    You literally hating on every movie or series-

  • Allie Oop
    Allie Oop

    I know this video is over a year old, but I just recently learned that the adults in *this* Degrassi show, actually starred in two shows that ran between 1987 - 1992, called Degrassi Junior High and Degrassi High. The full title of the show you reviewed in this video is called Degrassi: The Next Generation, and the character Emma was actually born in the 1980s show. The original shows are on ITmores in their entirety, and I highly recommend it if you’re interested!

  • Froppy_*kero*

    “Mandy farts when she pees and watches dubbed Anime” Me who also watches dubbed Anime: 👁👄👁 Hello I am the new Mandy

  • thea

    so the morale is high school bullying helps teachers not get roasted by students?

  • Mike Johnson
    Mike Johnson

    nickelodeon still does content for holidays like halloween like everyone else.

  • Mike Johnson
    Mike Johnson

    yes but there for kids and there elements Sabrina the teenage witch in it where I think they got idea for this trilogy of Disney channel films.

  • The Nonfictional Explainer
    The Nonfictional Explainer


  • Shahd

    Talk about young royals

  • The Nonfictional Explainer
    The Nonfictional Explainer

    Its make like a tree and leave you sound like a a damn bufoon when you say it like that

  • The Nonfictional Explainer
    The Nonfictional Explainer

    This show was for kids?

  • Mike Johnson
    Mike Johnson

    disney does what they want they always have and don't care if it makes sense.

  • Mike Johnson
    Mike Johnson

    it Disney channel content it never made sense content for kids is why.

  • All-Star Creations-Roblox
    All-Star Creations-Roblox

    His voic hasn’t even changed.

  • Mike Johnson
    Mike Johnson

    understand show which was on Netflix was revival which stunk.

  • Mike Johnson
    Mike Johnson

    at one time I thought that if want watch show from another country you got turn on PBS masterpiece theater intel this show came along this sort shows they make offer in Australia intel now.

  • Mike Johnson
    Mike Johnson

    because it was designed give mothers and daughters show they can watch together however show went down hill after show creators left so I was told by my mom and my sister.

  • Eli Vines
    Eli Vines

    Why don’t you make a second channel.

  • Kacchan

    You should do Alexa and Katie

  • Datan

    Hey Alex, I'm a cinematographer for The Originals. Just wanted to say I understand your video is suppose to be entertaining and that you only watched the pilot episode but since you have people viewing this video who never watched the show and only watch you it hurts to see such a harsh title like this shaping the minds of people who've never seen this show before they even watch it. I've already seen comment replies talking about how the show is just a bad teen drama based off this video alone when that's not even close to the category its in as it doesn't cater towards teens nor has typical teen themes, the show is about family and a fight for power between 3 factions in New Orleans. Anyways I know you probably meant no harm but if you are a fan of Alex do your own research on the show before you form your own opinion, remember that their are real people behind the scenes creating stuff like this, pouring their heart and souls out and over the years cast and crew become close friends and even family so it does hurt when someone we hold so dearly is hated on from a place of ignornace. We want everyone to give it a chance, by far this has been the best show I worked on in my career the actors were extremely talented, the writers was extremely talented, bless everyone and good video!

  • Alec Meyer
    Alec Meyer


  • Kristina T
    Kristina T

    I think Gossip girl is one of the the best TV dramas ever. It's just really well written. Even though each character has a gimmick (Dan is the poor boy underdog, Blair is the bitchy fashionista, Jenny is the edgy outsider who really wants to be an insider, chuck is the player, Nate is the nice rich boy, and Serena is where all the secrets and or twists come from), their interactions and chemistry are all really well written and the whole show has this air of fantasy and "this could never be reality". The high schoolers sitting at a bar drinking martinis is what always did it in for me. It's so incredibly captivating and extra and over the top. God I miss this show, it's time to rewatch it

  • Natalia G
    Natalia G


  • Vitina Morabito
    Vitina Morabito

    Couldn't she just have like called the cops? Whatever Mandy did to that car had to have been illegal.

  • Kristina T
    Kristina T

    Nobody asked for this reboot. I hate it already

  • The Nonfictional Explainer
    The Nonfictional Explainer

    Now make a muppet

  • K

    WTF man, at least release the script to the show if you're going to permanently cancel it. Thats how you piss people off and get some spiteful netflix cancellations. Im not watching your shit if you're going to drop a show like this after 10 episodes!

  • The Nonfictional Explainer
    The Nonfictional Explainer

    I think I'm deaf now

  • adina

    i was crying so much. movies about growing up make me cry a lot

  • ItsInvis Mitell
    ItsInvis Mitell

    It's because that's when Disney XD was introduced

  • jazzfarer

    I feel like Jawbreaker was the precursor to Mean Girls and Heathers was the precursor to Jawbreaker. Going backward instead of forward will get you that dynamic, which is comforting, I guess? Like maybe the writers of today are too young to remember those movies and can't draw on their own experience because there are less "mean girls" out there. Which could mean that high school girls are being kinder to each other, or are upgrading from "mean" to "brutal." I'm writing this in 2021 and I feel like it could go either way.

  • SparkyFD

    2:20 that's the way French people do it.

  • The Nonfictional Explainer
    The Nonfictional Explainer

    Is that Greg hedleys father from the films I mean he looks like him talks like him hes even as insane as him

  • VintageWonderland

    This is a perfect example of these being all but inaccurate because he only reviews the pilot for most shows. Almost makes it redundant... (I love Alex I just also love this show and feel the same as most in the comments, it's one that progresses way beyond the characters personalities from the start.)

  • Chosen One
    Chosen One

    Who remembers when people used to say rad

  • Michaelvlogs player
    Michaelvlogs player


  • Faze_obama

    I damn well I thought you were about dis my favorite show 😂

  • Splitzy

    S1 and s2 were okay but halfway through 3 I was like this show has expired when does it end

  • Vitina Morabito
    Vitina Morabito

    In the dad's little speech, I'm more worried about the fact that that he sleeps with a smile on his face. I don't know anyone who does that. Creepy. 😨.

  • 𝕄𝕒𝕣𝕚𝕟𝕖𝕥𝕥𝕖

    ⚠️ PLEASE READ ⚠️ Btw I’m not a little girl who’s obsessed with it trying to defend it just saying respect other people opinion and don’t judge things Ummm ok so who are you to say all that and it’s not a kids show like *scoffs* have you watched season 4? It is not weird oh yh and did you go and do a covid test?bc one of the symptoms is losing your taste And it’s cute that you think the moral of the show is “jUsT dOn’t hAvE aNy eMOtioNs” oh yh and that you think origins is the first episode you haven’t even given the show a chance and if you really don’t like it that much then at least keep your thoughts to yourself Ok so I just checked the rest of the channel and like do you have anything better do then criticise shows?like what is wrong with you?keep your fucking thoughts to yourself The people that ACTUALLY like and subscribed to him are just 😑 like how can you support someone that’s as rude as this?!? I know this is bad but umm so the people Who are true MLB fans please report him for hateful content bc it’s just like so rude so many people love this show and the producers work so hard in this and he’s just carelessly hating on it without even giving it a chance and even if he does hate it so much keep it to yourself like seriously. Ok maybe don’t do that plz don’t say I’m defending a ‘shit show’ but like just saying respect people who like it and the producers work so hard on it keep it to yourself.

  • Miraculous Episode Shorts English
    Miraculous Episode Shorts English

    6:09 I assume Then advert comes out with 2 old ladys randomly laughing

    • Miraculous Episode Shorts English
      Miraculous Episode Shorts English

      Parently the cloths...... Bring things to life??

  • Sukot AF
    Sukot AF

    So this is like new york riverdale?

  • Chimchim CC
    Chimchim CC

    There’s a new movie from Netflix and it’s with shark boy and lava girl. It’s called we can be heros

  • m⳽. jⲇckaloᕈe .ʝ. joᖾnstoŋe
    m⳽. jⲇckaloᕈe .ʝ. joᖾnstoŋe

    How you gonna say it was Disney's first show turning someone into a singer/model/money robot?? Do you not know who Justin timeberlake and Britney Spears are?!?


    It's season 3and 4 that are really good 👌😊

  • Youtube recommends me wierd stuff
    Youtube recommends me wierd stuff

    Priyanka Chopra??

  • m⳽. jⲇckaloᕈe .ʝ. joᖾnstoŋe
    m⳽. jⲇckaloᕈe .ʝ. joᖾnstoŋe

    You young silly people. The friend trio, or Scooby gang, was not based off of Hanna Montana. It was based off of BUFFY. Buffy the vampire slayer is the show that set the tone for every show that came afterward featuring the dynamics of friend-groups and conflicts of kids in highschool. This show just made them a bit younger.

  • Kimiya _
    Kimiya _

    9:39 You're killing me Alex😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Kashfia Bin Raka
    Kashfia Bin Raka

    ginny is so annoying and dumb....

  • jencynn

    ernie gets his recognition and then gets knocked out…. HUH???

  • Royale Bear
    Royale Bear

    anyone else think that, like, when ben went down on his knee, Mal was literally like wth are you doing ben-

  • Kishibe Rohan
    Kishibe Rohan

    I know it was just a joke but I don’t think Demon Slayer is over rated. But if you do that’s your opinion and I respect that.

    • Kishibe Rohan
      Kishibe Rohan

      The video was still great