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I make cartoons and sometimes video essays about movies and TV Shows mostly, but sometimes I tell stories about my weird life.

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  • Jordi Zierz
    Jordi Zierz

    7:25. How is this not in a funny moments comp? It gets me every single time.

  • Jordi Zierz
    Jordi Zierz

    Just don't date.

  • Amanda Spittle
    Amanda Spittle

    The girl in the back round of alexes background did u see

  • Maiya Famewo
    Maiya Famewo

    This is very irrelevant to the video but please do the new movie Moxie

  • Ksenia Vaccaro
    Ksenia Vaccaro

    How is no one talking about the editing of this? I was laughing like crazy

  • Livia.k

    Amber is the kind of girl who uses the fact that she’s a Scorpio as an excuse for everything

  • Извиђачки тенк
    Извиђачки тенк

    The fact everyone shits all over Kevin in the first 15 minutes was something I totally forgot about and now it just confuses me

  • The Magical Chicken Nugget
    The Magical Chicken Nugget

    Me: I wouldn’t say I’m a DIEHARD fan Also me: *finishing the last season for the 62nd time*

  • Claire Fung
    Claire Fung

    *After I finish the video How did Alex find this good? All he did was complain.

  • Wilder Wild West
    Wilder Wild West

    10:49 hehe

  • dylan helsing
    dylan helsing

    this episode was cringe and bluepilled, unlike Suit life on deck. Which is based and Redpilled

  • Eat Cereal
    Eat Cereal

    ✨Stan Braica for having more empathy and forgiveness then I could ever dream of✨

  • Manny Vilchis
    Manny Vilchis

    Manny Mann Man Ma M

  • Lydia Benn
    Lydia Benn

    This show is an insult to the cartoon. 😑

  • Dr. Logic
    Dr. Logic

    Is it weird that the sharks are the most realistic cgi in this movie

  • MS - 07SS 765584 Springbrook PS
    MS - 07SS 765584 Springbrook PS

    ginny and georiga is not dumb at all in my opinion. im obsessed with that show. i havent seen a show like that before soo thats why i love the show and i think its pretty cool and its one of my favorite shows now

  • Clara Baldwin
    Clara Baldwin

    started as 14 year olds starting high school and then just completely forgot about that

  • Kenasz Aleian Langkay Fahmi
    Kenasz Aleian Langkay Fahmi

    6:58 nah, ravenclaw is more for insecure and degenerate people but still have a sense of justice

  • Matilde M
    Matilde M

    ok, but Boy meets world is the best

  • tsuyu asui
    tsuyu asui

    bella: i know what you are edward: say it out loud bella: hufflepuff edward: *silent*

  • Raccoon boi
    Raccoon boi

    The shows not that bad

  • KillahKurlz

    Hence why I think sharpe was severely wronged by this whole series.

  • Raisin d'elta
    Raisin d'elta

    I mean... Wanda does this often.

  • Zax Mullins
    Zax Mullins

    I watched this show and genie down under

  • watchdogs gamer bobis watchdogs gamer bobis
    watchdogs gamer bobis watchdogs gamer bobis

    jesus christ its a good show damn don't ruin it for people since you don't like it

  • KillahKurlz

    See, sharpe got everyone a job, all be it unwillingly, all she wants to do is sing with Troy, and maybe get in his pants, and she still gets the shortest stick, even being betrayed by her brother

  • mc.baguette the forgerer
    mc.baguette the forgerer

    I thought he's insulting a "tallgirls" But oh, i stand corected, wait is it, idk

  • luvvqoth

    I miss s1

  • Angelic Wraith •
    Angelic Wraith •

    One of the worst shows I’ve ever seen wouldn’t waste your time on this one

  • Missy_Ry

    How to get me to watch a show, drama, singing, and a really dumb plot line that Alex Meyers has pointed out

  • KillahKurlz

    They did sharpe wrong in the whole series. She did the most for everyone, was forgiving, humbled, and got screwed, every single movie

  • Ines And Stuff
    Ines And Stuff

    9:47 Yeah this was definitely before he knew Tanner is gay and does drag in real life

  • Marvel rebirth verse Studios
    Marvel rebirth verse Studios

    Try the thundermans

  • Crafty Rabbit
    Crafty Rabbit


  • Dessari Bowman
    Dessari Bowman

    It is not dumb

  • Dessari Bowman
    Dessari Bowman

    Bich I will fight you

  • Zack Butala
    Zack Butala

    Your write but every tv show not perfect

  • Tamia Carter
    Tamia Carter

    You should do Matilda or diary of a wimpy kid please

  • Sophie Amanda Leiton Toomey
    Sophie Amanda Leiton Toomey

    The Red Flag Marching band was so spot on. One of the reasons I lost interest in the show was because of this obsession with Marcus that Ginny had out of nowhere. And while I agree Hunter is not interesting, that in itself is my problem. Once again the toxic love interest is given preference over the nice guy. Many of us know a Marcus and we should not encouraging him.

  • Real Cool Blue Potatos
    Real Cool Blue Potatos

    Oh Hi I'm adison. Hello. Made me DYING LAUGHING

  • Caitlin Mattar
    Caitlin Mattar

    Avengers fans who are triggered ASSEMBLE

  • StoneBrickSLab

    i only finished it for klaine, brittana, and sue

  • imalittleghostie !
    imalittleghostie !

    she just wanted to see how red the flag could get

  • Normarmon

    Twilight AKA the class for 101 for a toxic relationship.

  • Normarmon

    So the lion fell in love with the lamb. What a stupid lamb. What an evil lion. WTF. THIS MOVIE IS MESSES UP.

  • M Miller
    M Miller

    Still the worst

  • M Miller
    M Miller

    Still the worst

  • M Miller
    M Miller

    The worst person

  • M Miller
    M Miller

    Still the worst

  • M Miller
    M Miller

    You are the woooooooorst

  • SonicBruh

    can you do Big Fat Liar for your next video?

  • M Miller
    M Miller

    Wow you are the worst ITmoresr ever

  • LogicallySnuggles

    "They tried to put me on the cover of Vogue, but my legs were too long"

  • M Miller
    M Miller

    Still dislikeing

  • M Miller
    M Miller

    Your the worst defedintle dislikeing this

  • Paris Tavakoli
    Paris Tavakoli

    "he hunger games is kinda dumb" --_-- uhuh mhmmmm -----______------

  • Walt Disney
    Walt Disney

    Do Miraculous Ladybug next

  • Eternal Corruption
    Eternal Corruption

    My one and only question for shark boy: Did it hurt when you did it

  • Kiwi Creations
    Kiwi Creations

    Yea I just turned off my tv after the "are you lost baby girl" if anyone ever asks me that, I will call the cops..

  • Kustomation Studios
    Kustomation Studios

    If you didn’t notice zed and Addison broke the forth wall lol

  • Batrina Mack
    Batrina Mack

    lol, do ppl actually ask why your voice is so annoying💀🧍🏾‍♀️

  • NICOLE DP1997
    NICOLE DP1997

    I don’t know if you’ve seen it but sweet home is a korean series but it’s super fun for this type of review 🤣 I had a blast with each character so I think you will love it

  • Omar Abuwaer
    Omar Abuwaer

    Bruh ur the only problem I see

  • Marianne Exantus
    Marianne Exantus

    I hated everyone except for joe.

  • Ελίνα Στανιού
    Ελίνα Στανιού

    when tf did veronica get married

  • Melissa Matute
    Melissa Matute

    For your next video you should really do miraculous ladybug

  • noah cardenas
    noah cardenas

    i can tell the actors are honestly they don’t have a choice but they’re still trying.

  • isah 12
    isah 12

    The amount of effort you put into making these videos funny and entertaining is incredible. These riverdale videos you make are my go to when I’m feeling low, so thank you so much. Your efforts do not go unnoticed

  • hZ flxckz
    hZ flxckz

    You should make one of those dumb videos about the movie shorts

  • Fatima Acevedo
    Fatima Acevedo


  • Aishwarya S
    Aishwarya S

    This is so stupid , like how does she end up pulling all the "pOpUlaR guYs" while having no personality whatsoever? and then rip their heart out??

  • Aishwarya S
    Aishwarya S

    Marco at the end is like "sHe's WoRth iT " Like lmao please she's the most basic woman I've ever seen- no offense-

  • Morgan Condie
    Morgan Condie

    There making a high school musical 4 Me: NOOOOOOO NOW I HAVE TO WATCH THE 4TH ONE

  • PantheraaX

    The 9 lives of Chloe King might be fun to check out, a video on that show would be great :D

  • My wonderful World
    My wonderful World

    The best scene was in 1:28 -1:32 😅🤣

  • ItsJustis

    U should do a video about the show freakish and its a hulu original

  • MobiusCoin

    I forgot how little chemistry the two leads have...

  • Han Isako Rvysty
    Han Isako Rvysty

    Why does every Teen want to be at a party where everyone is dealing weed or some alcohol like bitch I just want to be at some Christian party where there isn't drugs (not cause i'm christian)

  • M.C

    Tyler went from Teen Wolf to hung over onlyfans guy