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Alex Meyers

I make cartoons and sometimes video essays about movies and TV Shows mostly, but sometimes I tell stories about my weird life.

My dog Charlie is the cutest dog in the world, fyi.

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  • Victoria Wiginton
    Victoria Wiginton


  • farlon muentes
    farlon muentes

    lmao. that parody song really represents 2000-2010 emo bands

  • Emily Westerlund
    Emily Westerlund

    So you can't be talj

  • Emily Westerlund
    Emily Westerlund

    Riverdale is good show

  • Kris10

    So this show takes place after Endgame, after the Blip (when people were dust for 5 years). So not only did Wanda have to kill Vision, watch him come back to be murdered, herself come back 5 yrs later to the world even more crazy then before, not to mention there’s the question of the Mind Stone messed with her head a little when she got her powers, shake all that together & it can explain some of her actions more

  • Angel_gaming

    tbh if you hate the show, no one can do anything abt it but for yall to just waste ur day hating on a show that just says sum

  • Niva Paria
    Niva Paria

    Wtf !!!!

  • Taylor Robson
    Taylor Robson

    everyone ery

    • Taylor Robson
      Taylor Robson


  • CottonCandy

    3:45 detention looks fun lool

  • Sofi Wofi
    Sofi Wofi

    I got caught off guard with the “devils tango”

  • Rabih Khalife
    Rabih Khalife

    the 3 headed dog is a Cerberus

  • Itsthe Bananaboy
    Itsthe Bananaboy

    “Because it’s one of these movies where going to get one of those makeovers” invisiline commercial comes on

  • Jura Stanley
    Jura Stanley

    Oh no, not my girl Claire Holt!! I had no idea they did her dirty like this.

  • Anonymous Lego Builder
    Anonymous Lego Builder

    AlexMyers is a murderer because his name is like almost Michel Myers

  • grim tics.
    grim tics.

    I’m furious how he just skipped half of the movie in the actual hunger games….

  • Aidan Kelly
    Aidan Kelly

    How do they drink?

  • assassin Cl4ptpbot
    assassin Cl4ptpbot

    Funnily enough, i got written up in middle school for reading

  • Aniyah Williams
    Aniyah Williams

    Alex should do never have I ever on Netflix

  • MrsDemotka

    Well, I wasn't expecting to see a text in polish today, it was weird to see my native language in your video

  • Evanli F
    Evanli F

    this was the dumbest movie I had ever tried to watch in my life. its so sugar coated it makes me sick.

  • Hi Hii
    Hi Hii

    Mandy: “The plastics are the originals and don’t have to pay anyone to be their friend” Me: “No, only one of you is an original and it sure isn’t you Mandy”

  • Galaxy Roxy
    Galaxy Roxy

    If you dont like the show just dont whatch it but it is an awesome show

  • Evolution24

    Is anime on the table to do videos on?🤔

  • Racquelia

    Everybody gangster until Alex reviews an animated show.

  • Newtshouldnthavedied

    "Gets her jaw wired shut and can only eat liquid foods for 3 months". Me: well that kinda sounds familiar 'looks at somethingelseyt' don't you think Adam?

  • 【Tea xhan】
    【Tea xhan】

    I'll be honest, I feel like marinette is a bad written character. She needs more character development. 🙂

  • n-nemi

    What in the wattpad...

  • KARMABUS Gaming
    KARMABUS Gaming

    9:01 Oh any weeb knows 😏

  • Hearts 4life
    Hearts 4life

    Lets be honest, No show is normal to Alex

  • TempestinBlue

    You actually believed agent adams? lol

  • mobina safaei
    mobina safaei

    This movie is sooooo cringy😬😬

  • Itsthe Bananaboy
    Itsthe Bananaboy

    Is no one going o talk about how they got married At 16

  • Pen Hugs
    Pen Hugs

    11:56 nose flare

  • Dallas Odeneal
    Dallas Odeneal

    Have you ever reacted to mazerunner if not you should

  • White Rose
    White Rose

    Can you do "never have i ever"?

  • Samantha Darnell
    Samantha Darnell

    Oh, you think I like the teen angst? Nah. What I would like to see, is they fall in love, and STAY in love. Anything happens, anything at all, and they break up, and it'ssad or whatever, but not really. Why? Because obviously they are going to get back together eventually. You know? Like, in the original, Lewis did start dating Cleo, and Rikki was dating Zane. They were all going on dives together and it was actually sweet. But, then I guess Lewis was being overbearing and annoying, so Cleo breaks things off, but she does it way too fast. I mean, she doesn't even really try to have a heart to heart with him, she just.. ahhhhh Seriously, I want a show that has couples genuinely work through their issues and become stronger for it, instead of just breaking things off for the sake of angst. Way to teach kids and teens that the only way to work through relationship problems in to just break up.

  • EverlynMay

    i don’t trust people who think they’ve found the one in high school (/lh)

  • Deepika Mishra
    Deepika Mishra


  • Asmaa Ragab
    Asmaa Ragab

    dude how dare you its the greatest show ever



  • lulu

    Totally random point at the beginning of the video you point out that Harry made the glass disappear with his mind but that never happened again Dumbledore explained later books that young wizards can do that when they have very strong emotions before they learn how to control their magic apparently

    • lulu

      another thing no one ever noticed Harry was under the cloak was because it was one of the most powerful invisibility cloak ever to exist it was part of the three hallows

  • Elf Boi
    Elf Boi

    ShOrK PoWeRs

  • raiha aleem
    raiha aleem

    miraculous ladybug is the best you don't agree with it because your an adult

  • ChanaBananna Hanley
    ChanaBananna Hanley

    If I hadn't already can you do a video about Austin and Ally

  • Jahnvi Kaur
    Jahnvi Kaur

    its just so weird seeing rebekah mikaelson like...THAT

  • Cbob TV
    Cbob TV

    You hate everything bro. Lmao.

  • World'sBest Junior
    World'sBest Junior

    don't call her pretty call her the devil's famous daughter

  • s. agreste
    s. agreste

    Megan Fox is hot tho

  • Alifiya Batterywala
    Alifiya Batterywala

    Ok so this is what I watched when I was 4 WOW.....

  • zen paisley
    zen paisley

    Anyone else saw that caption 'Don't quit I smell? ' like.. Literally 6:41 😂😂😂😂

  • Braden

    Bruce Wayne loses his parents. Alex Meyers thinking that money can fix it, and he has no problems

  • Hannah Nothdurft
    Hannah Nothdurft


  • April Raine
    April Raine

    3:15 how ironic...

  • riley h
    riley h

    “cause i’m 19 and you’re watching disney channel” 😂😂😂😂

  • paSteL

    You should do luca on disney+ :)))

  • harshita sharma
    harshita sharma

    Which show is the first clip he showed from???

  • Luchia Gherardi
    Luchia Gherardi

    1:35 when he’s done talkin bout advertising

  • BTF

    thumbnail pic looks like that chick from silent hill

  • Harshita Jain
    Harshita Jain

    Watch "Booksmart" - it is known to have broken teen stereotypes of pretty girls / nerdy-meek girls

  • Dramatic Razor
    Dramatic Razor

    People get bullied for being short not tall

  • riley h
    riley h

    the british guy is not cute he’s creepy

  • Francis Francis
    Francis Francis

    The disgusting sidecar enzymatically flow because debt osmotically deliver sans a exultant sword. hollow, annoying use

  • Morgan Perry
    Morgan Perry

    Jo really said: “So pick me, choose me, love me.”😛

  • Mehroze Games
    Mehroze Games

    Part 2

  • Mahmoud nasser aboelfadl me
    Mahmoud nasser aboelfadl me

    6:51 PEPSI MAN

  • SpongeBob Bob1234gg
    SpongeBob Bob1234gg

    Call me dumb but not my show !! Bro

  • Barri Collins
    Barri Collins

    Where in iowa are you from

  • Taylor Silvestri
    Taylor Silvestri

    Literally watched it about a week ago. Can’t find a movie worse than this. 👍🏻

  • Jack Johnson
    Jack Johnson

    Alex: "Sharkboy and Lavagirl 2" Me: SHARKBOY AND LAVAGIRL WERE BARLEY EVEN IN THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cloudy And Sunny Shorts
    Cloudy And Sunny Shorts

    I love the “Welcome to Iowa” with a giant garbage pile- I mean I lived in iowa for quite some time and it’s not that bad

  • Eveline Jacobs
    Eveline Jacobs

    Can you pls do Jessie?

  • Ali Fox
    Ali Fox

    alex: what is your fav part of the movie me: nothing at all the movie sucks alex: that was my fav part to me: :D

  • David Jarrah
    David Jarrah

    The sour scorpio technologically phone because vision marginally manage times a previous hurricane. unsuitable, greedy sleep

  • Just a Sonic fan boy and in love with furry UwU :3
    Just a Sonic fan boy and in love with furry UwU :3

    I hate this show for so many reasons