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    06:59 07:06 12:57 I laughed so hard in these moments

  • Trish Scarlett
    Trish Scarlett

    Whatever that thing was at the end reminds me too mucg of gravity falls

  • Nuno Santos
    Nuno Santos

    You are brilliant

  • Dija Gabrielle
    Dija Gabrielle

    Plz not the bonus music video at the end 😭

  • Joey

    sooooo, to all the boys 2? do modern female protagonists in rom coms need a hug? or, like, therapy? lol

  • Em Elizabeth
    Em Elizabeth

    I looked up to this mess when I was in my wattpad years. Whilst I'm so glad I don't aspire to romanticise this anymore (not even being a guilty pleasure), its sick how this keeps getting sequel after sequel. Yeah I know, the more we pay attention to it the more views = more funding. But how the actors agreed to this I'll never know when a 17 year old knows this shit is toxic to produce and they don't.

  • Tan AK
    Tan AK

    this movie is simply promoting toxic relationships, the entire three movies is either jealousy or excessive control, like what exactly is netflix thinking?

  • NuggetTato

    This is a really long song


    Although Lemonade Mouth is a children's version of a book (in the book the dramas were a little bit too much for Disney) at least they don't sell the easy teen life (or are more subtle, I'm not american so I don't know where is the limit between artistic choice and stupid)

  • Rose Murphy
    Rose Murphy

    I mean, yes. Gossip Girl IS the New York version of the O.C. Josh Schwartz likes writing about rich people I guess?

  • Xdoge45

    did anyone else notice the gold berg characters or just me

  • Wolfiegacha1002

    AND there were two freaking adverts that were 4mins long each and unskipable

  • Wolfiegacha1002

    Please , kids watch dis and don’t wanna know about VpN 🤣

  • sean

    The funny part is that the doctor guy was played by one by a actor who was in doctor who alot a few years ago

  • Daisy Phinney
    Daisy Phinney

    Really starting to like your gf now

  • Ele Cops aka Eleishia
    Ele Cops aka Eleishia

    That's the dude off Cobra Kai!! He's got a six pack coz he does karate

  • amila weerasingha
    amila weerasingha

    Thanks for watching this so I didn't have to. This was extremely hard to watch but I grew up with 90s movies lol

  • josh aguirre
    josh aguirre

    Good vid Alex

  • H. U.
    H. U.

    Why do you torture yourself Alex with these shitshows XD

  • _Britt _
    _Britt _

    I hated the fact that after just one fight, everyone forgets about how Kim saved the world a million times. Ugh, annoying😒

  • Aubrey Winchester
    Aubrey Winchester

    Yeah, totally for kids... I'm not rewatching the show at 23 y/o and enjoying it a lot...

  • Saffron🧡

    I'm the only one who doesn't like this show! I came here for the hate and shade you usually bring lol 😂 but I'll watch to support your content!

  • lqv

    is this movie a squid game reference?

  • King J Shows
    King J Shows

    Can they give Tessa and Hardin a chance to date other people it’s so annoying they are always together like holy shiiiii

  • Yacine Toure
    Yacine Toure


  • Saffron🧡

    I appreciate the characters literally being the same age as me and graduated high school the same year too 😂

  • Zerotonin

    Dude wtf 🤣


    I was wondering why the recasted almost everyone in this third movie like we can't notice or something. Then this vance dude who was pretty younger in the last movie is this old dude who turns out to be hardin's dad for some reason. But what was the main goal of this movie really 😂 was it about tessa or about hardin's family crisis I was really confused 😕 this movie doesn't make sense at all.

  • Tornado Gamer
    Tornado Gamer

    Kissing booth 3 is the worst final film of a series. I hate it. Terrible moral. Completely destroys the fantastic first 2 movies. Chloe and Marco were the characters that met the most development, 2 SIDE characters had more development than the 3 MAIN characters. Side note: Marco is hotter than the sun

  • Existing Person
    Existing Person

    honestly spoiler alert, but that not being able to get pregnant thing was just an excuse for Hardin to be an asshole yet again cus they literally end up with two kids… yes i read the books, yes i regret the time invested:)

  • juju Bee
    juju Bee

    I dunno I love it. I loved season 5 more than the other seasons too. If there was a storyline that made me uncomfy deep down I knew they would drop it next episode anyway. And they did (Archie's PTSD) I don't watch Riverdale for the plot or acting. I love the way it's shot ( similar to how I love how Twilight is shot just beautiful cinematography) I love the camp and the actors are all beautiful!! It's something to watch when I don't feel like following along too closely. I wish they had committed to the alien plot though and had it been real aliens not some weirdo in a mask lol

  • chaotic

    hold up- since when did Christian Vance become a father figure to Hardin cuz last I remember , he was just in the story as Tessa's boss and we never even see Hardin and Vance even have a proper conversation before this like wut????

  • Adira Rubin
    Adira Rubin

    So you're trying to tell me that they are making not *one* but *three* more movies??? Mother of Jesus

  • S.R R
    S.R R

    Do dear even hansen please!!!!

  • shivoni saravanan
    shivoni saravanan

    These charchters need therapy


    If anyone watched “You” after watching “Keeping Up with Kardashians” they he or she would find it awesome at least in my opinion, now I don’t understand what Americans like because they are a bit weird to me specially people from New Jersey.

  • mila cole
    mila cole

    Everyone: you make him better Hardin is literally the same immature bi**h he was when all this started!!🥱🤦‍♀️ WHaT ArE yOu TALkinG aBOut?!!

  • blue boy
    blue boy

    The best way to describe this show is DC this is the most DC show I've ever seen

  • Edewor Abraham
    Edewor Abraham

    It was hilarious that he thinks his Riverdale episode sucks

  • Maeve O'Neill
    Maeve O'Neill

    Alex makes me rethink all the movies that I have ever watched😭😭

  • GI Jane001
    GI Jane001

    Loved the music video xD

  • KERI404

    Was this titled something else originally, or am I buggin?

    • Sasha

      No it was something about a lobotomy I think, he changed it

  • SwitchFilms

    Please consider reviewing the mysterious Benedict society on Disney+

  • Erin Joyner
    Erin Joyner

    So... he's a toxic rage filled alcohol with absolutely no self-control, no respect for her and zero sense of boundaries... but because he stalks her at a party he wasn't invited to and says "I tried" she's willing to get back together with him? You know what, Tessa? You deserve each other.

  • Ines Ineike
    Ines Ineike

    Alex always talk too fast. Love the ending song 😘

  • Shreya Singh
    Shreya Singh

    Because of this movie, I cringe at the word "baby girl" Every single time 😣

  • Sean Porcelli
    Sean Porcelli

    Never seen these movies. This is my first intro. hardin the bad guy? He's like pure evil.

  • yeagerist

    wait there's a 3rd movie? yo i havent even watched the first

  • MaryJane Sheep
    MaryJane Sheep

    thanks for the little hollow knight music as a reminder that silksong is still not out :|

  • Harry O'Donovan
    Harry O'Donovan

    I love how Alex has just started flexing he has a girlfriend

  • JTStill423 Still
    JTStill423 Still

    Let’s not forget that this girl still falls for the guy that broke into her dorm room and was reading a book while she was changing clothes.

  • Carlos8560

    I’m a comic and anime guy so these types of movies always make me think “wow so people like this huh”

  • Let's Find Out Why
    Let's Find Out Why

    Get stuck in a washer 😃🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Let's Find Out Why
    Let's Find Out Why

    I think I still have the DVD that I got from a box of cereal.

  • Danielle A
    Danielle A

    its just a pile of angst,smut and the occasional fluff

  • gus_006

    10:28 here's your yeh replay button

  • Leann 426
    Leann 426

    The fact that they are making so many movies yet excluding so many crucial aspects from the books is infuriating. Although, this is the most toxic storyline ever and really shouldn’t even have movies except to show teens how a relationship should NOT be.

  • Erin Joyner
    Erin Joyner

    So he pops randomly into the room... and refuses to leave when she asks him to because she's NAKED and wants to get dressed in privacy and he thinks saying "I'm not looking" is an appropriate response?? How is any of this remotely bypassing the test audience?

  • vague


  • Erin Joyner
    Erin Joyner

    Relationships are complicated... But they shouldn't be abusive 0_O. Dang. What steaming garbage.

  • {miraculous ladychat}
    {miraculous ladychat}

    I love this series and no one will change my opinion, the guy hasn't even seen it to the end