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I make cartoons and sometimes video essays about movies and TV Shows mostly, but sometimes I tell stories about my weird life.

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  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne

    do flipped from 2010

  • GalaxyWolfScent

    "theres your lesson for the week kids: dont have friends" way ahead of you

  • king leo
    king leo

    He literally broke in ginny house and said i can't stop think about and sleep with her while still having a girlfriend. I am telling if this was a black guy do this. It would not have work he would have been in jail.

  • Lucomics

    can you plz also make a vid. of falcon and the winter soldier

  • Peter Thalasselis
    Peter Thalasselis

    those mystery guards look like among us characters

  • Spaceninja Kneesocks
    Spaceninja Kneesocks

    Shut up

  • Fred Jack
    Fred Jack

    So at 47 seconds into the video, is that the scream painting or scp 096

  • Me Miss Marie
    Me Miss Marie

    I almost spit my coffee out when you said “Oh, Susan Sarandon” 😆

  • Jebina Jesmin
    Jebina Jesmin

    Ur laugh is fake so its irritating

  • Luckystar kawaii adorable Kaceyy 💖🎀
    Luckystar kawaii adorable Kaceyy 💖🎀

    if this was made in 2019 then how is cameron boyce still aliveee?

  • Patricia A
    Patricia A

    Thank you for making this point. I think you did a great job of explaining this weird phenomenon. Modern Gurlz also expanded on the weird derision that so called chick flicks get in this video

  • Chim Ying Jing
    Chim Ying Jing

    This is kid's movie, wanna more makes no sense movie, better watch Power Rangers the movie

  • Iris Iris
    Iris Iris

    hey, i'm very protective about this show

  • Theona Morrant
    Theona Morrant

    It’s a couple years to late for you opinion ALEX!😢

  • Tara Carmelina
    Tara Carmelina

    They were trying too hard to be “hip”, and cool. It was clearly done by adults because no one talks like this, like when the guy said “ginges are good shags”, like what? Who says that? And the mansplaining bit... mansplaining is explaining something in an overly simplistic to a woman that knows her stuff... not giving directions.

  • Guadalupe Alonzo
    Guadalupe Alonzo

    it does make sense all right Alex Myers

  • Logan Richards
    Logan Richards

    She likes living in blandest state ever

  • Ninjas On the block
    Ninjas On the block

    Bruh I don’t think you understand ANY movie at all I LOVE all the movies your saying don’t make sense like bruh

  • Brendan Jones
    Brendan Jones

    It is sunset curve you dummy

  • Eprrockstar

    Star girl is after the JSA

  • replay2020

    😂🤣, “bc I’m 19 and you’re watching Disney channel” (sad horn plays 📯)💀

  • Sara Lance
    Sara Lance

    a kissing booth at my school would be really, considering we are all girls

  • Thor Odinson
    Thor Odinson

    I should probably watch this when I got to college

  • Hello, I am wrong but
    Hello, I am wrong but

    Yes.. mm... good point

  • TodoTodo Likes You
    TodoTodo Likes You

    Damn Oli's voice hit puberty throughout there series; he still had his DJ (Monster House) voice

  • I don't wanna be anonymous
    I don't wanna be anonymous

    Dude, I appreciate that you have to go through all of this by watching all of them even if you know that your eyes and ears are bleeding af when you watch it

  • Cassi Miyama
    Cassi Miyama

    The movie that inspired a generation of kids to constantly say "oh shi....take mushrooms"

  • Zigzag cupholder
    Zigzag cupholder

    There's another one...?

  • Cassi Miyama
    Cassi Miyama

    I wanted nothing more in my life than the instant McDonald's microwave as a kid.

  • Linda Machuene
    Linda Machuene

    Make a video about Miraculous ladybug

  • FlameRain YT
    FlameRain YT

    I actually never watched spy kids (that's kinda embarrassing I think..)

  • sasha murashi
    sasha murashi

    12:38 13:14 spoiler alert and plot Twist

  • Instagram Reels
    Instagram Reels

    9:43 is the best part of this video😂😂😂

  • Great_Western 2020
    Great_Western 2020

    A good movie: *Exists* Alex Meyers: imma end this mans whole career

  • Keey

    I kinda wish you did each season for this show like you did for riverdale 🤔

  • Great_Western 2020
    Great_Western 2020

    To any of you who loves home alone, you need help

  • N. Ef96
    N. Ef96

    Do not pity the dead, Harry. Pity the living, and, above all those who live without love. Dumbledore

  • Holyoake Ent.
    Holyoake Ent.

    Honestly don’t waste your time on game over... that was hard to watch even as a kid lol

  • Logan Richards
    Logan Richards

    Bro my cousin made me watch this

  • Rundøwn Games
    Rundøwn Games

    Alex you said kevin didnt meet anyone on the hallway in ding dang dong plaza hotel But he actually bumbed into Donald trump and Plaza hotel, Is actually trump hotel after like 10 years? But cool easter egg

  • GPU_In Danger
    GPU_In Danger

    Do a review on Agent Cody Banks series of you're doing spy films

  • Lolhellogod

    Forgive me because I haven’t watched the Harry Potter movies in a long time, but in the long shot of horgwarts. Was that hollow night music or am I just hallucinating?

  • IornFox YT
    IornFox YT

    Your face doesent Make any sense bub

  • Wolfyyy Idk
    Wolfyyy Idk

    Those zombie things they wear so they don’t turn into murders really breaks easily If they just trip over anything they can just turn into murders

  • Linda Machuene
    Linda Machuene

    Make a video about Miraculous ladybug

  • Cathy H
    Cathy H

    that movie literally terrified me :(

  • Instagram Reels
    Instagram Reels

    This is just amazing who see this in 2021 😂😂😂😂👍well done bro and your laughing style😂

  • Logan Richards
    Logan Richards

    Bro Alex got bars tho Jk make it stop

  • Linda Machuene
    Linda Machuene

    Make a video about Miraculous ladybug

  • PersonalTea338

    i haven't watched riverdale in years, wtf is this shit lol

  • NS519

    Is it just me or this is the incredibles 2 plot

  • Archie Stewart
    Archie Stewart

    I lived in Japan for twelve years so I know were this is going Hol up

  • AliasGenimi01

    did anyone see the creep at 1:38 takin a photo of the kids in swimwear

  • C C
    C C

    Oh no she’s got shark strength 😐

  • Kc Marshall
    Kc Marshall

    I like that you used the wisp sings in the background ❤️

  • MasterJayShay

    Yeah a parent's worst nightmare. "It really isn't a phase, dad. I'm a vampire."

  • lunarcorpse

    My brother is now 34 and still uses the insults Carmon used for Juni to me. XD

  • NTE _D4rkn3x
    NTE _D4rkn3x

    Where is Max, Linus?

  • Richard Mbanaso
    Richard Mbanaso

    Watched this after the kill count

  • Maad X2
    Maad X2

    This shit is a waste for of time,. All you’re videos is your smart man

  • Kayla's Studio
    Kayla's Studio

    Because On My Block is an absolute masterpiece

  • Josh Winterton
    Josh Winterton

    Can you react to the outsiders movie

  • Hart. Argent
    Hart. Argent

    I just realized how they kept basically yelling there lines

  • rosey shipman
    rosey shipman

    He is so wrong

  • Jedidiah Banda
    Jedidiah Banda

    6:00 just came here for the red flag band 🤣

  • Kimberleighs place
    Kimberleighs place

    I can obviously tell that you HATE home alone and you HATE macaulay culkin I don’t like your video so I also given a dislike👎🏼

  • Tall Skinny games
    Tall Skinny games

    Be careful this movie is a treasure to lots of people

  • Ghost Mae
    Ghost Mae

    Thats craazy youre translating your content to spanish keep it up 🤧

  • mohamed zayan
    mohamed zayan

    9:56 “I thought I ditched you” “We’re no longer relatives, go away” Okay, even if my sis says her fair share of roasts against me, it’d legitimately hurt me with she claims she wants to disown and abandon me. I can also kinda agree Juni is a pretty slow kid with questionable tastes, but...yikes.

  • The Lazy Gamer
    The Lazy Gamer

    I forgot how damn weird this movie was. Good god what the hell was I into as a kid?

  • mohamed zayan
    mohamed zayan

    6:00 Juni is secretly OP and just mimicked having his inertia affected

  • mohamed zayan
    mohamed zayan

    4:16 “This kid’s like what, eight? Don’t crush his dreams yet” Ngl, even if I completely agree with the dad, I did find his extremely blunt criticism kinda painful as an artist myself. XD

  • Mj Universe
    Mj Universe

    Yeah uh..You don't need to do 4..we don't speak of that

  • Kaitlyn BowmanCarroll
    Kaitlyn BowmanCarroll

    How could he not mention the dad was PHYSICALLY changed? 🥺

  • mohamed zayan
    mohamed zayan

    Carmen’s face nearing the end of her mom’s story is me trying to focus when the dialogue gets too complex in a movie with a sophisticated premise. XD

  • DLunatic

    8:51 For you who doesn’t know Swedish, he’s saying: “To be honest, I really like making these videos but they take so much time that I get really tired.“ Btw love the Swedish input, the grammar is great!

  • Aranoura

    Is it just me or is Cat really obnoxious and annoying?

  • DLunatic

    Anyone else reading the Swedish line and absolutely love it?