After 2 is hilariously dumb...
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  • Beannos

    the red flags make bejings flag look calm :/

  • riley h
    riley h

    “cause i’m 19 and you’re watching disney channel” 😂😂😂😂

  • Owen S. Tetreault
    Owen S. Tetreault


  • Isabel Peterson
    Isabel Peterson

    Jesus Christ is our lord and savior! Repent for your sins! God loves you unconditionally! John 3:16 repent!!!!!

  • Victoria Wiginton
    Victoria Wiginton


  • Victoria Wiginton
    Victoria Wiginton

    I'm obsessed with the red flags they're hilarious.

  • Sayeed s
    Sayeed s

    The first one was wierd enough but the second is also wierd

  • Madeline Hall
    Madeline Hall

    Gotta love fooking Trevor

  • Azael Gomez
    Azael Gomez

    it’s weird how the first movie was stylistic and colorful but then the sequel goes bland

  • Maaike Knol
    Maaike Knol

    Never saw it😂

  • Hannah

    extra points for the Breath of the Wild reference xD

  • Emily Corbett
    Emily Corbett

    Just read the books please

  • boris

    The girl who walked her.into thw office and told her that their boss normaly fires peoplw after one day shes caroline from the vampire diaries

  • Ruheena

    I'm sorry, you're telling me, that there are books like Arenciel, Dalaric, Bar red's redemption, Lilah, Deviance, Smoke of Sighs on wattpad, but they made this trash a movie?!

  • 재키

    Omg the clapping before the “fully formed” line just floored me.

  • Dextyrio

    I really don't get how such a bad written wattpad story who has not really an interesting storyline or anything gets to be a movie and all the really good ones who are sooooo fricking good and interesting and detailed written so you can really imagine it doesnt 🤦‍♂️

  • Dextyrio

    Why isnt anyone noticing caroline from the vampire diaries in this movie?!

  • christeena george
    christeena george

    Lol so this is what mouldy voldy was upto?

  • Travis Germain
    Travis Germain

    All they did was bang almost every scene lol

  • Bella Nedson
    Bella Nedson

    Firetruck 🤣🤣

  • *KᗩTE* ʕ•́ᴥ•̀ʔ
    *KᗩTE* ʕ•́ᴥ•̀ʔ


  • Chicken 1899
    Chicken 1899

    After means anus in German and I find this very appropriate

    • Chicken 1899
      Chicken 1899

      @Thel Akai a lil kinky

    • Thel Akai
      Thel Akai

      Considering the german title of the movie is "After Passion" adds a whole new level of craziness

  • Maria Mendez
    Maria Mendez

    I really hope than in After We Fell, Hardin gets his sh*t together so that he stops bringing Tessa down, but also I feel like Tessa does love Hardin but at the same time she knows he’s broken and she’s with him because she’s afraid of what he might do if she leaves him because that’s how BROKEN he is, and also she’s probably trying to fix him even tho clearly she’s doing a terrible job at it. He also brings out the worst in her. Overall obviously the movie is your stereotypical “bad boy meets good girl story, and good girl brings out the best in bad boy” I still found it very interesting how literally every romance movie is like this, girls just date the guys that give them the most attention and makes them feel like the most special girl EVER 🙄🙄🙄, Hardin could be a good bf if he just worked on his problems. P.S my favorite line of the movie is probably FuCkInG tReVoR

  • veebeeTV

    Fire truck

  • What am I Guy
    What am I Guy

    The main guy has the worst fake accent ever

  • Skjara

    And there I was thinking the book was stupid...

  • Sciz Graffiti
    Sciz Graffiti

    5:35 - Principles of Economics by Marshall is actually a sick read, just saying.....just me on that one?...oh okay

  • Judah “Stryper Nexus” Buxton
    Judah “Stryper Nexus” Buxton

    wait are wattpad movies a trend

  • Dino Nugget
    Dino Nugget

    His tattoo looks like a three year old Scribbled on his arm

  • Rose Lizzie Black
    Rose Lizzie Black

    Alex. There is After I fell. Number 3. Enjoy

  • Indestructable Chef
    Indestructable Chef

    The title of the movie sounds wrong

  • t e a c u p p s
    t e a c u p p s

    Cole Sprouse: in a cringey teen drama Dylan: i NeEd To Be In OnE tOo

  • LuMinRiN X3
    LuMinRiN X3

    Ladies, There’s a difference between spontaneous and toxic


    i can already see what 'After 3' will be about; pregnancy -> abusive relationship -> gets left for another woman -> single mom then the plot of 'After 4' will be; single mom struggles -> failed blind dates -> marries the guy she should have been dating in season 1 the whole time

  • jupiter 🪐
    jupiter 🪐

    i tried sitting through the entire movie (& the second once it came out) but oh, my, god. i read the wattpads before i watched and i think the writing was great but the movie made me so confused.

  • Big Baller
    Big Baller

    Hardin was a schmuck

  • Gaby

    12:40 So Tessa decides to forget all the bad things that Hardin has done to her along with the HUGE red flags and decides to give him another chance because he showed up and sayed: I tried. ..... ..... Did she lost her neurons or something?

  • Gaby

    I am tired of that "I'm not like other girls" concept bcs what does that even mean? Are other girls clones? Do every single girl in the world thinks the same thing, likes the same stuff, dress the same and somehow there is one girl that doesn't? that doesn't even makes sense

  • Grace The Glad
    Grace The Glad

    "After I threw up" 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Fudge

    9:54 Thats when I decided to like the video because I was Firetrucking laughing so hard

  • Uniekar Bacchus
    Uniekar Bacchus

    u never fail to amaze me

  • Vignesh

    There are over 3 billion men on earth and they cast this guy? I mean, seriously?

  • Vignesh

    I really hate myself for watching this 2 movies. It still amazes me that how on earth people watch and celebrate this toxic relationship.

  • Rajendra Lal
    Rajendra Lal

    Dat thumbnail........ I can't 🤣😂😂🤣

  • Ilhem Attari
    Ilhem Attari

    I like how this guy choose the titles of the videos he make

  • bucky simper
    bucky simper

    ima be 100% honest rn i thought dylan sprouse was living on the country side with cows and pigs on mars. yah you heard me on mars. I HAVENT SEEN HIM SINCE LIKE THE SUITE LIFE MOVIE

  • KeLonna Fredenberg
    KeLonna Fredenberg

    Honestly, that gaudy golden outfit belongs in London Tipton’s wardrobe.

  • flower_ girl
    flower_ girl

    why didn't she chose dylan sprouse tho? like.... why do they ever put a guy like that in a movie if the he never gets the girl?

  • Rae Ericksen
    Rae Ericksen

    I cringed so much watching this

  • Me Miss Marie
    Me Miss Marie

    why would they even make a second one of THESE????????? We can do better ladies. This is not ok behavior.

  • JAY B - Switch It Up out now
    JAY B - Switch It Up out now

    DYLAN SPROUSE IS IN THIS MOVIE?? Not enough to make me wanna watch it but I feel much better now

  • Jenna McMilleon
    Jenna McMilleon

    Yes, they are extremely toxic, but if you read the novels you’ll see lmaoo they rlly love each other and it’s all good in the end.. kind of

  • Support BLM and LGBTQplus
    Support BLM and LGBTQplus

    Why is he literally stalking and trying to control her being called romantic?

  • caroline

    During the intro narration part, I heard "this is what assh*les are made of" instead of "this is what our souls..." ....

  • Mridul Prathap
    Mridul Prathap

    This is completely atomic explosion in the book including him trying to keep her from going to Seattle where she’s always wanted to go, by making her think she didn’t get promoted, speaking to the landlord of the house she rented in Seattle and cancelling it and bunch of other big a** red flags that made me wanna stick a pencil in his eye when he’s sleeping.

  • laelah gabrielle
    laelah gabrielle

    I think im the only one who likes the movies lolz, but this video was hilarious

  • Super Stopmotion
    Super Stopmotion

    Cause you're watching Disney channel. See's the worst Disney channel logo

  • Bodocua

    I would never *FIRETRUCK* cheat on you

  • MrTaylork1

    It’s like whoever is making these movies is desperately trying to create more incels

  • Sour Patch
    Sour Patch

    Funny how this movie sucks

  • Tanzila

    IM dead ITs one of the few things whilte girls are good at! oh my gosh

  • Alyssa G
    Alyssa G

    The fact that I read the books on Wattpad before it became popular and the male characters were inspired by one direction is hilarious to me.

  • Melanie Senf
    Melanie Senf

    I believe Dylan took this part for the fun of it. He had this amazing sarcastic (under)tone every time he had dialogue. It’s brilliant

  • h1m1k0

    istg theres ALWAYS a better option in these movies but naw, apparentely women would rather be abused and cheated on then be with someone whos better than their ex in so many ways according to these movies

  • Naeem Hossain
    Naeem Hossain

    I'm am never this ruthless soo sorry guys but The right and the people who rated it a masterpiece should die😑

  • Marissa Wilson
    Marissa Wilson

    That line about Hardin's mom taking bath with her sons came off as really creepy.

  • Selena Davis
    Selena Davis

    When the first After movie was announced, it literally only peaked my interest because it was originally a Wattpad fanfic. So obviously I did tje only logical thing I could do in that moment. I went and read both After books that the original author wrote. It’s even funnier that this was originally a 1D fanfic. It’s not a book that’s written very amazingly. The writing can be rushed in some places and the plot is a mess- but it’s Wattpad and a fanfiction. What else did you think you’d get? The original story is VERY messy- as in LOADS of drama cause how else is a fanfic supposed to work dksndks Anyway- so when THIS movie was released I was like laughing my ass off at the existence of Trevor and other small details that came from the original plot. It’s actually really interesting to see and compare differences between the two. I’d say thank god they left the original drive out of it tho- that fanfic was NOT about some love switch you could turn off, no, he made a bet that he could take her virginity. And she wasn’t the first girl he’d done this too. And that dumb bitch still forgave him..

  • CJ_dressur

    The first movie is decent, but after we collided is wayyyyy too cringe

  • CJ_dressur

    Trevor looks better(sry hero) and isn’t toxic in any way possible, and Tessa chose Hardin....

  • - L ø v e ł y -
    - L ø v e ł y -

    PLS- I just noticed the ABS : The Musical poster in the background AND IM DYING 💀💀

  • Jennifer Kalava
    Jennifer Kalava

    bruh when he said and you're watching Disney channel I literally dieddddd 🤣

  • Erin G
    Erin G

    Buckle up there’s a third movie

  • Jasmine P
    Jasmine P

    The way Hardin kicks open the door at 5:05 is hilarious

  • Jaya Bhaskar Dadi
    Jaya Bhaskar Dadi

    After - Kissing Booth - To All The Boys I Ever Loved - and that Indian gild movie. Netflix is cashing in on the new generation "Twilight" girls after seeing the success of Fifty Shades series.

  • Willowspeech

    I only watched this movie to see Dylan Sprouse anyway

  • none believer
    none believer

    I'm sorry but Dylan Sprouse' delivery of that line "hi harden, good to see you, how you been" was just hilarious 😂

  • Anna- die_bananna
    Anna- die_bananna

    TESSA??!!!? more like Tesla

  • Vishal Sam
    Vishal Sam

    dumbest movie ever!

  • Amelia N
    Amelia N

    it’s the “it’s all a dream plot twist” for me

  • ‎Bitch ‎
    ‎Bitch ‎

    Yeah I hated the second movie. I absolutely loved the first but I was really disappointed with the sequel.

  • • ꧁ KᗩTᔕᑌᗰI_ EᗪITᘔ ꧂ •
    • ꧁ KᗩTᔕᑌᗰI_ EᗪITᘔ ꧂ •

    I swear,I legit drew better patterns with a pen on my wrist and hand then Harden’s entire fucking tattoo Edit: Also Hardin’s mom sounds like the most generic British woman ever so I guess that explains Hardin’s grating British voice

  • Maja Innala
    Maja Innala

    fire truck 🚒

  • Steve Pensando
    Steve Pensando

    1:45 No joke. At first I heard him saying "Whatever our assholes are made of, hers and mine are the same" and I think that this is way better

  • Miriam Silva
    Miriam Silva

    This book should by While I was in a toxic relationship …

  • Shay Gardner
    Shay Gardner

    Trevor said in the hospital then an ad comes up saying discover audible so I literally just in the hospital discover audible

  • Ryuuji •
    Ryuuji •

    The fact that Tessa took Hardin back, who only dated her in the first place, because of a bet. Yea, that really is her own damn fault.

  • Devasmita Kundu
    Devasmita Kundu

    "After I threw up" would be a great title to the sequel if they show Tessa pregnant in that movie

  • Nivedita Ranjith
    Nivedita Ranjith


  • nanaba

    Is it just me or does Hardin always kinda look like this: 👁👄👁

  • faeriefire78

    Trevor was awesome, but it annoyed me that she was instantly okay with him picking up her phone and making that decision for her. That was at least worth a conversation, but I guess she was so used to a dude controlling every situation that she was like, "Eh, whatevs." Also, her mom. "Hi, Mom. Thanks for siccing this kid I'm not interested in on me the second I get out of the car to visit you." "It's that BOY, isn't it? He's BAD FOR YOU, @%&!*^!" There are so many things wrong/ridiculous with this movie that you just have to switch your brain off and just roll with it. Obviously that's what Tessa does!

  • Cathie S
    Cathie S

    I LOVE how after any cringy scene I hear Alex's laugh of ridiculousness

  • Strange Avocado
    Strange Avocado

    Dylan Sprouse: My sister has struggled with addiction her whole life. You and Harden... it won’t end well. Me: YES! GOOD JOB MOVIE! That’s perfect! That’s what it is! This is unhe- Tessa: You’re wrong.

  • AJ.XO

    i was so pissed off at the end of this movie

  • Corinna Lagger
    Corinna Lagger

    i’m so looking forward to him doing the third movie

  • Mihir K
    Mihir K

    There are like 50 vpns that go above and beyond the others at this point.

  • GamingBlacker

    I absolutely love this guy's videos man I've watched easily half his channel in like 3 days lmao keep doin u bro!!

  • maddie albushies
    maddie albushies

    when i saw dylan sprouse, my mouth dropppeeddddd

  • warrior girl
    warrior girl

    Am I the only one who noticed candice king is in thhis movie

  • warrior girl
    warrior girl

    Am I the only one who noticed candice king is in thhis movie

  • Unlimited Shark
    Unlimited Shark

    What the (fire truck) = lol