Bridgerton is kinda dumb...
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  • Indira Rodríguez
    Indira Rodríguez

    Just a tip: Never pretend to date anybody, unless you wanna make them your big love 😂

  • Indira Rodríguez
    Indira Rodríguez

    Bridgerton is awesome 😍

  • KittySnicker

    Thanks for vetting this show for me, Alex! I don’t enjoy Jane Austen’s writing so I assume the only thing I’ll like about this show is Julie Andrews’ voice.

  • Anna Chipman
    Anna Chipman

    Such a high quality video I love it

  • Dani Allred
    Dani Allred

    I couldnt bring myself to watch this show after realizing they glamorized rape in it. And they do it in a way that the bulk of the audience (women) think nothing of it, since the rape is done by a woman to a man (Daphne to Simon) in the scene where she forces him to inseminate her. When I first watched the scene (it should be said that I'm a woman, the context is important) it was off-putting but I couldn't put my finger on why. After watching some analyses on the show, the realization hit me like a truck. I was disturbed firstly with myself that I didn't pick up on it immediately. And it's frankly disgusting how easily they worked this scene under the radar of the bulk of its audience. Not to be a "if the roles were reversed" person, but it deserves to be said here. There's no way a scene like that would be received well or be received at all if Simon were the one doing that to Daphne, especially since they painted it in a sexualized and romanticized light. Daphne is seen as the one in the right, with Simon being the betrayer instead of being the one taken advantage of. Marital issues aside, Daphne had no right to do what she did. I can't think of the show in any positive light now.

  • Swagat Maharana
    Swagat Maharana

    These Netflix shows kind of all suck .They spend millions but the cast and story is lame

  • Holland Fray
    Holland Fray

    “Ah yes, the obligatory meet cute.You know every movie or TV show has the characters like bumping into each other in the street and he has to help her pick up her purse or their hands touch” Me: Maybe not every movie since Rose was ready to jump and kill herself when she meets Jack in Titanic

  • Summer Lopez
    Summer Lopez


  • Jenn Weatherington
    Jenn Weatherington

    Could it be all the devil’s tango that they’re doing that you liked?

  • Nia Violette
    Nia Violette

    Can you do Netflix's Winx Club?

  • Joanna Powell Chestnut
    Joanna Powell Chestnut

    "...they bump hands as they reach for the same box of Vagisil.."🤔😯🤣

  • Erneke Camacho
    Erneke Camacho

    Please review Liv and Maddie!!!!

  • Mishiri

    Look at them sideburns. "MAMMA MIA!"

  • Mishiri

    If I was born in 1813, I probably would've killed myself as soon as clothes become mandatory to me. I get pissed at life, just by brushing my hair, complaining how it wastes like 3 hours of my time - when it doesn't even give me money or happiness. Imagine me having to wear those layers and layers of shit on my layers and layers of skin. I'd rather commit seppuku than become an onion.

  • XYZ

    Last year, I watched some dumb teen shows and decided to watch those kind shows never again. I am pretty sure, that it's another dumb teen show.

  • Jaaron Jennings
    Jaaron Jennings

    Soo we not gonna mention how the show literally uses pull out game as a character arc? Lol

  • Kahurangi Moffat
    Kahurangi Moffat

    I just want clear up that what daphne did to simon is actually rape, but its not being treated as such in the media :/ There is a podcast on Spotify "here's the thing, tho" that explains this really well.

  • malia tortilla
    malia tortilla

    8:00 "dobby never ment to kill doggy simply ment to Seriously injure"

  • Penguin

    Ok, can we talk about the fact that this drama is supposed to be historical? They got some things wrong and it's BUGGING ME for example, women in that time period would scarcely ride a horse and when they would, they would have a sidesaddle.

  • Alexis Swinney
    Alexis Swinney

    The whole time I was watching this, I was PRAYING her bangs would grow💀 WHY THEY GAVE HER THEM LIL ANTENNAS???

  • holy spirita
    holy spirita

    ok i know u only do like american dumb tv but try the pent house they cause that one is very interesting confusing dumb but fun

  • aliza

    watch enola holmes please!!!

  • Elmira Gunes
    Elmira Gunes


  • Piper Sinkler
    Piper Sinkler

    i don't even know what bts is and i find that offensive-(im kidding-)

  • Amelia B
    Amelia B

    Tbh Anthony’s storyline was so much more interesting than Daphne’s

  • Mia Sandfort
    Mia Sandfort

    I’m a little tired of every joke being about how awkward you were in high school...

  • klementina kavcic
    klementina kavcic

    Eloise is literally my fav character

  • Areebah Hafeez
    Areebah Hafeez

    Just read a few of the books. And now, I hate them all equally. Its as simple as that. 🙃🙃🙃🙃 as queen catherine of aragon wud say, "Ah, the bridgerton 'whores'" (irrespective of gender)

  • Andrew Hillary
    Andrew Hillary

    wait, u have a girlfriend?

  • Artifexi

    I was born in the wrong century. I should have been born in the 1400s because my dad works for the church so I wouldn’t exist since clergy weren’t allowed to marry and were dedicated celibates

  • Joshua Box
    Joshua Box

    Isn’t this 1813? Why are some of the royals black? Fuckin slavery was still a thing!!

  • Anna Pan
    Anna Pan

    Call me stupid but I love Bridgerton so much

  • loww pmd
    loww pmd

    Eloise and Benedict are the only characters I liked in this show , their sibling relationship is ✨immaculate✨

  • Kendra Morris
    Kendra Morris

    bruh my period is two weeks and i physically can’t walk for some of it, i was never super into this show but i do like how it portrays traditional families and values and feeling restricted, random input that nobody asked for lol

  • Esan Joy
    Esan Joy

    i seem to be the only one with this opinion, but for someone who has read the book series quite a number of times, this series really doesnt do the story justice. i was quite disappointed watching it after waiting so long for it to come out.

  • StxrzGoated x
    StxrzGoated x

    so many old heads in here😂 like g just enjoy the show and if you don't like it stop watching it 👍

  • Megan


  • Fts10ves

    Why am I just now realizing the narrator is Julie Andrews 😂

  • Josiah Dbr
    Josiah Dbr

    I'm convinced these videos are just therapy for Alex's high school days

  • Kavim Mall
    Kavim Mall


  • diemabarn

    The book is way better :)

  • Anshu Padigla
    Anshu Padigla

    I was born in the wrong generation. If I was born back then I would be dead from suffocation by corset

  • Ana Rodrigues
    Ana Rodrigues

    Could you please do more videos about Bridgerton?

  • midnightmosesuk

    The show is utter bollocks. It has all the historical veracity of piltdown man.

  • Ana

    i lmao at him getting "confused" about which movie he was talking about

  • lunatic-in-my-head

    Your girlfriend is cute, lol

  • PaulaFrogs

    I think portraying black people as they are being portrayed in this kind of drama is like trying to erase the atrocities that really happened in history. And that's not good. Society should not forget what really happened.

  • taeil time
    taeil time

    so is nobody going to talk about the fact that racism just doesn’t exist in this show?

  • Just Chilled
    Just Chilled

    Bidgerton was so boring and it got way to much hype

  • Bea Manlangit
    Bea Manlangit

    My favorite part in this show is when Daphne's cool sister hunting the gossip girl haha. Actually her sister is my favorite character, Daphne's kinda sucks.

  • Kara9312 Korovulavula
    Kara9312 Korovulavula

    I thought that it would be an uplifting romance. But all I saw was Daphne pushing up to Simon to love her, she didn't even practice patience. She just forcefully told me love me now or you'll regret it. There was a lot of sex scenes between the two, which will sort of brainwash people into thinking love is all about sex got it. Then, to have a rich guy her brother what's his name Aaron? Play with my girl's heart and then he goes to realize he lost her. Like ok big time narcissists he is. Honestly, did not assist any of us on anything. I was rather disappointed. Not willing to watch a season 2 to be honest. All they taught us was how not to love, literally. And that speech by Simon, ofc that's because you already slept with Daphne, probably got brainwashed my the sex.

  • Siusan Dunkle
    Siusan Dunkle

    The show is based on a great book series, but the show has nothing but the title and the name and the sibling name

  • Hey, I'mValarie
    Hey, I'mValarie

    I watched half the first episode (couldn't take it, I hate it), and I just realized whilst watching this that the narrator is Julie Andrews. Ha.

  • Joya Johnson
    Joya Johnson

    I watched this because Simon is obnoxiously fine as fuck. So I won’t be watching the second season.


    Why don’t you do animated movies

  • Spawn

    As a bri’ish person i can’t agree more

  • Isabel Alfonso 27
    Isabel Alfonso 27

    I can't fathom why people like Eloise, like at all, (she is literally the personification if i am not like other girls; i read, i dont party look at me i actually think, i dont care about makeup or "x" )or even go as far as saying that she was such a strong female character, while she would tear down every other women in the show for not being/thinking like her or being femenine or even for looking for a husband, which at the time was pretty much a necessity. Like.. internalised mysogyny much?

  • jesslynz

    This made me watch bridgerton again. 😂

  • Kellie Reviews
    Kellie Reviews

    I just came acrossed your channel yesterday.... You are funny as sh**...... 🤣

  • poppy furley
    poppy furley

    Alex; "I see you enjoying water" Girl: "Uh... yeah I drink so I don't die" Alex; "Well, what do you know I also like like water.."

  • Natalie Hernandez
    Natalie Hernandez

    Please make a part 2! I wanna hear you say devil’s tango

  • chucklamagne

    This man just said a duke of a town. I’m done.

  • Tauriel Daughter of Mirkwood
    Tauriel Daughter of Mirkwood

    You can scrap the kinda

  • DanGanGalaxy 2
    DanGanGalaxy 2

    I mean, the whole "social season" concept sounds super pretentious and extra, but if you think about it, I'm sure a lot of adults without many opportunities to meet new people would appreciate something like that in today's society lol

  • Gozue

    Karolina Zebrowska 🤝 Alex Meyers Talking about Bridgerton

  • Shining Sparkle
    Shining Sparkle

    Whats wrong with having BTS posters🙁

  • Blake Hargrove
    Blake Hargrove

    This Duke guy is so handsome, like... Can you blame every girl for gushing over him? 😂

  • Parul Lance
    Parul Lance

    Ugh! I disliked this show so much!

  • be reasonable
    be reasonable

    I really appreciate your honesty. Not many guys would be willing to admit that they liked this show at all.

  • Taylor Christine
    Taylor Christine

    Okay is anyone else’s main problem just that he said Daphne has red hair, cause what.?.

  • I like ramen
    I like ramen

    Omg Anne with an E was really good! I'm so sad season 4 was cancelled😪

  • Syazwana Azman
    Syazwana Azman

    "oh sorry wrong show/movie" hahahhaa

  • Kelly Blades
    Kelly Blades

    Omg, I thought I was losing my mind hearing the Shining Force 2 Town Theme during the sponsor break! 💕

  • Ruby Wade
    Ruby Wade

    Everyone: **Talking about how this movie was predictable and how they don't like the characters** Me: I did like those Dinosaur Mac n' Cheese shapes....but I'm a little too old for them...**cries in the corner**

  • Balaji Nathan
    Balaji Nathan

    In the title he says the show is dumb, but in the end of video he say's the show is kinda good and he enjoyed it ,doesn't this guy know how to do a proper review.

  • Alice Jean
    Alice Jean

    9:00 me everynight with these 😂😂😂😂😂 ......just one more.....

  • 我們

    I really like the show it’s just 💖

  • Undead Banditø
    Undead Banditø

    Yeah its not kinda dumb its just dumb Im 30 minutes in and i hate it with all my heart bcuz i wanna vomit

    • kisskamm

      its literally not good. i honestly got bored of all those nsfw scenes

    • Amelia lalllalala
      Amelia lalllalala

      lolol if it hurts stop-

  • Nabila Sheona
    Nabila Sheona

    Just check out the books, they’re way better than the series 🙄

  • Nabila Sheona
    Nabila Sheona

    It is, like it’s supposed to based on 1800s not 2800s

  • Friendofbts “girl of BTS”
    Friendofbts “girl of BTS”

    no thank you i love that show

    • Amelia lalllalala
      Amelia lalllalala

      I really like it, but it's far from perfect :)

  • エレノア

    6:50 not me going through my once a month excruciating pain while watching this ;~;

  • E (Titanilla)
    E (Titanilla)

    If this show is really as bad as I suspect, how the hell did they drag Julie Andrews and Polly Walker into it? Did they have some unpaid parking tickets accumulated in the past 10 years?

  • Silver Doe
    Silver Doe

    Correct, it was kind of dumb

  • Hi It’s Me
    Hi It’s Me

    Ok but I’m just saying that on line where Simon was asking Daphne if he should marry Anthony is just a little sus-like you could watch the whole thing as if it’s a jilted lover who appears to be on friendly terms with his ex lover and desperately trying to forget him through others and yk what just don’t mind me here-

  • Megan's Place
    Megan's Place

    Ok I'm really hoping that his SEXIST comment abt periods was a joke. either way that wasn't funny

  • Arlette Parker
    Arlette Parker

    Watch miraculous ladybug

  • Melissa Maven
    Melissa Maven

    Daphne was the kind of girl who wanted true love and children and a happily ever after. She wanted to be the perfect girl whom ppl liked, which I think made many ppl hate her character because usually the main female leads are more like Eloise. But I actually found it refreshing to have such a series with a female lead so unlike your usual stereotypical lead, her character in a way was more like the villain you would expect in such shows, someone with the need to be perfect and win rather than someone who is 'not like the other girls' and wants to be employed rather than marry some old fart and waste her life.

    • Amelia lalllalala
      Amelia lalllalala

      oooh I like and appreciate this paragraph. that makes so much sense

  • Juno Phantomtrancy
    Juno Phantomtrancy

    "its like pride and prejudice with gossip girl" THATS WHAT IVE BEEN LITERALLY SAYING!!!!!!

  • Shereik McKenzie
    Shereik McKenzie

    Please review the Witcher

  • ma lak
    ma lak

    I love how everyone just loves eloise

    • ma lak
      ma lak

      @Amelia lalllalala I think most ppl like her bc she opposes to the 1800's society rules that make women like her seem to be only existing for marriage. She thinks of herself as so much more and wouldn't even hesitate to create a place for her in that era

    • kisskamm

      shes awesome

    • Amelia lalllalala
      Amelia lalllalala

      wait ppl do? :0 I Fr didn't like her

  • Elisheva

    I hate this show, it really sucks

  • Nix CZ
    Nix CZ

    Just look at those poorly made costumes. They aren't even historicaly accurate and don't even sit the actors well.

  • Kaleihua Medeiros
    Kaleihua Medeiros

    While I was watching the show that’s exactly the mixture of two shows that I was thinking about

  • Bob Matteis
    Bob Matteis

    It’s not like the most exciting show maybe because I am kind of a marvel nerd that’s how I gave up bartending because of comic books. It’s hard to believe this show is that popular . I mean think about it most guys would rather watch the punisher daredevil Ozark cobra Kai bloodline Kingdom with Nick Jonas. The whole country is into the superhero stuff that’s where the big money is . Yes the avengers endgame is the biggest movie of all time and now you have the X-Men which Disney paid over $70 billion and they got a few other properties it’s really hard to imagine that the X-Men is worth more than the New York Yankees and I’m the biggest Yankee fan but the Yankees are only worth $5 billion. Well now Marvel took over Disney+ Marvel is going to take over the movie theaters again that’s where the big money is. Bridgerton is not really a guys type of show hard to describe🙄🙄🙄

  • Kayla Malinga
    Kayla Malinga


  • Shen Shen
    Shen Shen

    just admit it dude YOU LIKE THE SHOW.. that's it... hahahahah

  • J Lange
    J Lange

    I read the books, and enjoyed them, some were better than others, but overall they were fun. I couldn’t even watch the series. So. Much. Wrong. Blech. I hate when movies and TV ruin books I like.

  • Emily Talerman
    Emily Talerman

    Bridgerton should’ve been a TV-14 show it did not use it’s MA rating wisely.

    • Emily Talerman
      Emily Talerman

      @bri bli My point is that it shouldn’t have been a MA show it didn’t utilize that freedom properly

    • bri bli
      bri bli

      If that’s what you want,then “Reign” is up your alley.

    • Amelia lalllalala
      Amelia lalllalala

      what, it wasnt an 18?? :0 that's rude

  • Lieutenant Myst
    Lieutenant Myst

    From what my sister told me, didn't a guy in this tv show get assaulted? I'm pretty sure she said that happened, can someone elaborate on if that happened or that I am wrong?

    • Lieutenant Myst
      Lieutenant Myst

      @Melissa Maven WTF!?!?!?! If I was Simon, I would leave her as that is not okay! But let me guess, they stay together in the end?

    • Melissa Maven
      Melissa Maven

      SPOILER ALERT So basically the main couple of the show is Simon and Daphne. Simon told Daphne he couldn't have children so she naturally assumed it was physically impossible for him to do so. But then she realized he never actually told her its not possible for him to have children so she basically assaulted him (to some length I am not going into details) to check if he oculd have children or not.