Cobra Kai is pretty great
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  • JiminFan Yo
    JiminFan Yo

    7:57 his laugh makes it a whole lot funnier!😂

  • Ghostly Arranger
    Ghostly Arranger

    3:40 lmao what 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Frostyy y
    Frostyy y

    no it is great

  • Pokadeyia Manokerija
    Pokadeyia Manokerija

    The stormy jeans natively shade because persian concordantly apologise beside a honorable rise. neighborly, productive self

  • John Matthew Miller
    John Matthew Miller

    Just don’t play the game!

  • shelbsmspxo

    alexs laugh honestly is so contagious i cant stop laughing 😭

  • KazCar

    finally, you like a show for once lol

  • Simbo playz
    Simbo playz

    I love this video

  • Sparkalicous

    Wait till s4

  • Fleur Mccullough
    Fleur Mccullough

    I forget this movie was about karate in the first half of it

  • Tempest Peaches
    Tempest Peaches

    The animation at the computer is my favorite. It makes me laugh every time!!

  • Aurora D Sem
    Aurora D Sem

    Now I have a new desire. To see any action movie ever made where punch sound effects are replaced with "SQUEAK" sound effects

  • t e a c u p p s
    t e a c u p p s

    the weird thing is that i think Miguel (the kid who keeps talking to Johnny) looks like Daniel but isn’t related to him at all

  • Alfie TheRandomRager
    Alfie TheRandomRager

    69K likes lol

  • mazydude

    I love his description of karate kid at the begging, I always think of it as a cool, long, movie of people fighting, but I guess that description is all it is.

  • Cole

    Still waiting for season 4

  • cool guy dez
    cool guy dez

    oh cobra kai and karate kid cool bruh but like you could do all of the sesons of cobra kai and make a video about the karate kid but like bruh i am a fan of karate kid and cobra kai like bruh i am so strong but like i was just born so strong like no karate lessons im just so strong

  • Rafael Sirens
    Rafael Sirens

    The lack of Asian lead in this is concerning

  • mastermind224

    You know a show is great when Alex says it's great and yes indeed, this show is fucking AWESOME. I'm so glad I recently found this didn't know this was made in 2018

  • 3 al majannen al mazajyeen JM and P
    3 al majannen al mazajyeen JM and P

    If u think about it if Miguel's grama didn't have diareah cobra kai wouldn't be existing

  • Mihir K
    Mihir K

    I love how he draws the police.

  • DumDum Dummy
    DumDum Dummy

    That squeaky sound when they hit someone sent me. Plus the dances the cops do

  • Virus 8 bit Gameplay
    Virus 8 bit Gameplay

    I dont have anything against cobra kai but you really like this and not the 100?!

  • Tefik Beka
    Tefik Beka

    Do Karate kid 2010 next

  • Aryan vlogz
    Aryan vlogz

    hold he actually liked it

  • carissa kildea
    carissa kildea

    i started it about two weeks ago and i'm already almost done with season 2

  • Mustafa PlaysRoblox
    Mustafa PlaysRoblox

    Remeber it’s all becuase Miguel’s Grandma had diarrhoea

  • Franko Prikratki
    Franko Prikratki

    Finaly. A positive coment for a show

  • Nana Jensen
    Nana Jensen

    Cobra kai was pretty great... then Netflix bought it

  • Phillip Myers
    Phillip Myers

    I can't breathe!!! Stooooooop laughin

    • Phillip Myers
      Phillip Myers

      I'm just sayin

  • mem reflect
    mem reflect

    Came for the review, stayed for the squeaky toy sfx

  • Olga Rivera
    Olga Rivera

    Love Cobra Kai. So Much In Fact. That I Watched Seasons One-Three. Can't Wait For Season Four To Come Out.

  • Jairo Romani
    Jairo Romani

    You skipped the immigrant joke lol it’s ok I’m not offended I laughed lmao

  • Optimus prime awesome coolest thing ever
    Optimus prime awesome coolest thing ever

    I love miguel I watched every season so excited for season 4

  • Charlie Jones
    Charlie Jones

    Daniel isn’t the bad guy in cobra Kai or karate kid lol

  • בין עיניך
    בין עיניך

    you need to see the karte kid,man.

  • Indie Pixels
    Indie Pixels

    Miguel's character is great throughout the whole show, even when he is a dick i root for him

  • Emily Gutierrez
    Emily Gutierrez

    I just realized this was posted on my birthday. Wow.

  • Sam

    wait he... likes something??

  • Somethinunameit

    *fight sequence initiates* My dog from upstairs: play? Play! Play play play!!

  • Yashvi .D
    Yashvi .D

    The fact that I got a Cobra Kai ad while watching this video....

  • NinjaWolf7 cutri
    NinjaWolf7 cutri


  • AXLolotl

    Alex saying Cobra Kai is the first secuel Karate Kid 2 & 3: what are we

  • E.A

    I’ve gotten addicted to this show….

  • JuliaEmerald

    I love kobra kai

  • Joanna Venezia not
    Joanna Venezia not

    In the movie Daniel is the hero and Johnny is the villian but it is diffrent then the show

  • Daileen Garcia
    Daileen Garcia

    The kid with the Black Is named Miguel

  • Daileen Garcia
    Daileen Garcia

    This is the first video that I watched that’s great

  • Fresh king Bel air
    Fresh king Bel air

    Doesn’t anyone realise that Johnny is the bully he didn’t steal the girl from him they had already split up and he obviously still liked her

  • Crazy Larry
    Crazy Larry

    Do the mighty duck the game changer

  • Flammetjie

    I love the squeaky noises

  • Stella Boo
    Stella Boo

    Why did I think he said am gonna be your sexy at 7:45 🙈🙉

  • Stella Boo
    Stella Boo

    Am sorry but I almost pee my pants at 7:47

  • Average anime man
    Average anime man

    When Jonny describes what Daniel did in high school, it was basicly the meme where the guy goes "Well yes, but actually no".

  • Uddaay Garg
    Uddaay Garg

    In India audible is less than 2 dollars

  • Phoenix Spears
    Phoenix Spears


  • Erik Došen
    Erik Došen

    4:20 is funniest thing I've seen in my life man🤣.You got a sub just for that.

  • DTV

    This man is the funniest ITmores I’ve found

  • Oddest

    I just finished watching Season 3

  • DA studios
    DA studios

    Johnny's sensei used the line from mortal combat in his fight.

  • XLR Cactus
    XLR Cactus

    Season 3 is great

  • Birdz_cool

    Alex says bear in a big blue house My brain give hella nostalgia straight and hit him in the feels

  • DrarryFangirl

    Me somehow mistaking *sensei* for *senpaii*

  • Mikayla

    Yo this show is nice except for the dialogue xD

  • The Beany
    The Beany

    The weirdest thing of all is that people are actually interested in karate like I mean when was this ever a real thing.

  • Anonymous

    Cobra kai fanbase mostly consists of johnny kumgulpers

    • Jim Milton
      Jim Milton

      Except few characters who are purposely meant to be hated by the audience everyone else is a likeable character.

  • EB

    What's your preference when it comes to shows? Fiction or nonfiction?

  • Gloria Aguirre
    Gloria Aguirre

    7:45 when he laughed i cant lolll

  • hotgirl

    johnny decided to improve his life out of spite and i respect that

  • Lucy Rose
    Lucy Rose

    Cobra Kai IS pretty great

  • Luk2urLeft

    Alternate title: Clickbaiting you into my cursed childhood

  • Callum Chan
    Callum Chan

    I finished this series like a week ago

  • Tsar Peter I
    Tsar Peter I

    No it sucks

  • Abigail Reena
    Abigail Reena

    I literally PEED when Johnny said " no, Im gonna be your sensei "

    • Abigail Reena
      Abigail Reena

      @Oreo fox gamer x i didnt actually pee yk.

    • Oreo fox gamer x
      Oreo fox gamer x


  • No Mercy Mashups
    No Mercy Mashups

    “Menudo” -Johnny Lawrence 2018 🙏🙏🙏

  • Astraia

    Barney Stinson made this happen obviously..

  • Browns Dubs
    Browns Dubs

    I love cobra kai. Cobra kai never dies

  • - SHIRO -
    - SHIRO -

    The one tv show he reviewed that I loved. This is a great day for the world.

  • Puzzel Flame
    Puzzel Flame

    This vidio is basikly: Hi thish vidio is sponser by adeble so i will pronote a Netflix show

  • Tyrus

    5:28 isnt he the protagonist not the villain?

  • gug1mila

    can you do Jessica's darling it list plz

  • Maryann galvez
    Maryann galvez

    Alex:Cobra Kia is pretty great My English teacher:I didn’t like it Me:mmmm well Alex said it was great sooooo

  • Pandaman 275
    Pandaman 275

    That fight scene is way more funny with the squeaky toy noises.

  • Monster Zilla 1954
    Monster Zilla 1954

    React to Godzilla versus Kong

  • Stop Motion Master
    Stop Motion Master

    Just saying I hate Cobra Kai who’s with me?

    • Stop Motion Master
      Stop Motion Master

      Comment it

  • The Simpsons Boy
    The Simpsons Boy


  • Nick

    Don't feel too bad about being awkward in school. The rest of us learned what not to do thanks to guys like you. We all appreciate your sacrifice

  • Giovany Nissi
    Giovany Nissi

    7:43 I’M WHEEZING

  • Giovany Nissi
    Giovany Nissi

    5:25 he isn’t the villain from the original movie, he was the main character and was supposed to be the ‘nice new guy at school who gets bullied’

    • AJ

      He made a joke

  • Crusader Reynauld42183
    Crusader Reynauld42183

    7:10 Well, I mean It kinda does

  • aizawa 。
    aizawa 。


  • clay playz
    clay playz

    Me sees cobra kai on his thumbnail: oh crap but i like that show Looks at title: literally screams in excitement

  • Lonley Lara
    Lonley Lara

    3:25 Lmfaoooooo the rubber duckie sounds 😆

    • Kilder Ramos
      Kilder Ramos


  • Yaritza Gonzalez
    Yaritza Gonzalez

    He finally says something good about something actually good. When he said how dumb can people get. My mind idk when you meant someone like you there is the dumb you were getting

  • Richard Ingram
    Richard Ingram

    Cobra kai is the best karate show I've ever watched

  • -XIPEN-

    Fianlly a postive one

  • denkisonebraincell

    i like this show and i cant wait for ses.4

  • Kindeep Singh Kargil
    Kindeep Singh Kargil

    I really thought "Oh wow that's some really cool deaging tech they have going on" This makes more sense

  • Manny Vilchis
    Manny Vilchis


  • hulkymation

    Wait it the tittal is not dum not makes sense it’s it’s ITS GREAT wow that a honer