Emily In Paris doesn't make any sense...
Emily In Paris Animated Commentary Reaction
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Work It is pretty dumb...
The Kissing Booth 2 is hilariously dumb
Love Is Blind is the dumbest show I've ever seen...
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  • angelina mai
    angelina mai

    Can you believe this got nominated for a golden globe?? Wtf.

  • Niksterkai

    This is boring. Laura in Kabul is much more captivating.

  • Tanuska Banerjee
    Tanuska Banerjee

    And Netflix fucking canceled Anne with an E and still keeps making this kinda cringe content 😑😑

  • mj mcdonald
    mj mcdonald


  • ITS. Nancy
    ITS. Nancy

    My favorite character is Luke

  • Lari Rodrigues
    Lari Rodrigues

    "depressed but creative sometimes" how this is not a the catchphrase of a brand or something

  • someone someone
    someone someone

    is there a movie for u that u like or at least makes sense?


    Yup there used to be different type of sohcil media and its useless

  • mustard roshi
    mustard roshi

    Netflix let's any show,, And you would let in any sponsor apparently

  • Abigail Cowan-Strobbe
    Abigail Cowan-Strobbe

    I think I have seen about 226 of his videos😁😁 like it is just so fun. U make my day AWESOME

  • iAdeeb

    5:23 😂 so true

  • jc mcswagger
    jc mcswagger

    "all tingly in your jingley" thats a sentence id never thought id hear outloud

  • Psychonaut

    Why can't Emily's boss just have a kid in Paris? It'd be a dual citizen.

  • Val M.
    Val M.

    It's dumb and cheesy and i like it thanks to that honestly, even though i know it's not how life works lol

  • Princesskittygv

    “You live to work. We work to live.” Shit man, that’s deeper than I thought. I’m fucking psychoanalyzing this quote and rethinking everything about American society.

  • F_xh 35
    F_xh 35

    If I knew someone like Emily in real life , we would probably end up killing each other because she’s so annoying

  • Ed’s mock’s and reviews
    Ed’s mock’s and reviews

    this show got really "mature" at 7:45 andb7:29

  • Umama Sarwat
    Umama Sarwat

    How this show and “Ratchet” got this many golden globe nominations, and “I may destroy you”got none is infuriating.

  • Harrison McConnell
    Harrison McConnell

    It has a dumb premise but its an amazing show especially the latter eps

  • RRS

    When I searched “in Paris” on ITmores, this wasn’t what I expected to show up

    • Laila Samuels
      Laila Samuels

      Seriously though haha 🤣🤣🤣

  • LuvZixi

    The show is stupid but that stupidity is kind of what I need right now. So in a way, I liked watching it a lot

  • Sam Dinnan
    Sam Dinnan

    Ahh, so THAT’S who was in Paris.

  • dha hsn
    dha hsn

    my problems with emily: 1 she slept with her friend's boyfriend 2 she slept with a minor and she didnt even care that much 3 she thinks she is better than everyone because she is american 4 she didnt even bother to learn even a little french 5 she is just annoying af

  • Faith Ishola
    Faith Ishola

    Not the american trying to colonize the french. Don't hate me for sayig this, I don't agree with the romanticizing cheating, but I do think that Camille was bit pushy and quite selfish when it came to helping gabriel buy the restaurant. She was trying to force him to take money that he clearly didn't want and got mad at him for wanting to pursue his passion in his own home town with his own means of paying. He shouldn't be blamed for wanted to start it by himself. If he took the money, Camille's family would partialy own the business at least until he could pay them back, and if they broke up, that would be used against him a lot. I agree with hime not wanting to take it personally.

  • Emily ́s Stories
    Emily ́s Stories

    I started watching this show few days ago...There are many things that bother me, but just wanted to say that I know many French people and I don´t think French are as rude as this show tells us...

  • valerie h
    valerie h

    justice for camille.

  • Taste The Sno
    Taste The Sno

    Who was in paRis?

  • Lacplesis

    9 times out of 10, american movies/tv-series over-exagerate European cultures. Do not get me wrong, for example, I appreciate how movies showcase Italian landscapes, like "Letters to Juliet" or "When in Rome", but how our personalities are transposed to the big screens, is very often just ridiculous and cringy.

  • Meufblazer

    As a french person, I admit some of these stereotypes are true, like really strict/grumpy people, the working hours or amazing pâtisserie. However I couldn’t watch the whole series because I cringed so much, it’s literally the idealised version of Paris viewed by Americans. If you really want a « true » glimpse at France, I recommend Lupin (a kinda french Sherlock Holmes).

  • Rohan xx99
    Rohan xx99

    You americans should watch emily in paris to get a view how to be adaptable outside USA i mean seriously why some usa people are narcissictic about themselves unaware of others cultures,ignorant not accepting nature as in some video i saw you guys do the same making american point if view in everything..Digest it !

  • Jada Tulloch
    Jada Tulloch

    everything in life does not have to make sense it just a movie

    • Pragya Bhushan
      Pragya Bhushan

      It's a Bad movie

  • shabine arrindell 18
    shabine arrindell 18

    \4:31 she said how was your trip i am french and this is ridiculous you cant speak the langauage why you there

  • Adhira Patel
    Adhira Patel


  • yoboi nicossman
    yoboi nicossman


  • ancientsociety79

    "She's preggo" *Spicy Sausage flavor Prego sauce*

  • Eleanor Lanpher
    Eleanor Lanpher

    This show didn’t deserve Kate walsh

  • Allo

    I know its just a show but just the arrogance of not even trying to speak their language, but acting like Americans do everything better does it for me.

  • Joshua Turner
    Joshua Turner

    Now we know who was in Paris.

  • Jaheer hussain
    Jaheer hussain

    And still this firetrucking series got a GOLDEN GLOBE NOMINATIONS?

  • Vitina Morabito
    Vitina Morabito

    "I feel like Nicole Kidman in Moulin Rouge". A prosititue being forced into a relationship who's dying of consumption in the seedy underbelly of 1899 France?

  • Erin Cannon
    Erin Cannon

    “Demon tumour thing growing inside of her” ahaha

  • Kathryn Law
    Kathryn Law

    I'm don't dislike the show but getting bit annoyed at the amount of times Emily refers to herself as 'the American' or 'I should be there for the American point of view' and basically 'America is the centre of the universe and you Europeans know nothing.....' pah!

  • PrincessaCamachoReader'sTheater2020

    lol the show is good idc

  • Ivanehtnoij

    God I hate reviews that are nothing but bad faith criticisms. Honestly its such a low breed of commentary. I really wish Lindsey Ellis wasnt busy being successful and published or whatever so i can avoid accidentally clicking into channels like this

    • Ivanehtnoij

      @Pragya Bhushan yes. This isnt sarcasm. Again, this is bad faith critisicm . just because a person's personality is defined by sarcasm, doesnt mean everything they say is.

    • Pragya Bhushan
      Pragya Bhushan

      Dude Ever heard of Sarcasm?

  • Tanvi Kapoor
    Tanvi Kapoor

    This.THIS was nominated for a golden globe. What the actual fuck.

  • Lawrie M
    Lawrie M

    This show was nominated for a Golden Globe and I May Destroy You wasn’t????

  • J a d e
    J a d e

    Don’t forget that she’s SUCH a horrible friend/person she ends up kissing Luc when he had a girlfriend (but in her defense didn’t know the first time) meets Camille (his girlfriend) who’s the nicest person ever especially to her, but didn’t even take on the responsibility in telling her. Kisses luc AGAIN after having knowledge that he already has a partner! Tried to keep her distance from him, (and again doesn’t become the bigger person in telling Camille) sleeps with Camilles younger brother who’s 17! (She could’ve went to jail for that!) and once again tried to pursue Luc just after breaking up with Camille and on the verge of leaving!! Wtf is this character??

  • Fariya F
    Fariya F

    Genius = depressed + some creativity. Truth!

  • okokcool

    Bruh its nominated for multiple golden globes too....

  • Mar Carrera
    Mar Carrera

    I actually enjoyed the show

  • Abdessamad Badredine
    Abdessamad Badredine

    An American girl not speaking French living in Paris will get her head on a spike in the middle of the Champs Élisée in 2 weeks at least



  • Kim Jah
    Kim Jah

    I liked this show, didn’t like cobra Kai at all.

  • Bri L
    Bri L

    Anyone else feel bad for camielle

  • Silver Doe
    Silver Doe

    By the way this show spoils who gossip girl is!!!

  • Marie Voillet
    Marie Voillet

    When you're french yourself the show becomes almost a "so bad it's good" series thanks to the way Paris is shown from this clicheed perspective... Come to Paris you'll see ! (Kisses From a French Girl Who happens to speak english because apparently Americans don't bother to learn anything and are proud of it according to this stupid show...)

  • lameramour

    Emily reminds me of an ignorant annoying girl who has no respect whatsoever for other ppl's culture

  • Anouk Niembro
    Anouk Niembro

    my favourite series keep getting criticised whyyyy?

    • Pragya Bhushan
      Pragya Bhushan

      Idk Maybe you have bad taste. This show is just stupid.

  • Htheorphanarian

    Man, if I had a chick like that on my arm, I'd be so sorted... for the brief period of time she would actually go out with me, a period that would involve constant and increasingly cruel hypercritical evaluations of my stale wardrobe against her ever changing colourful garments.

  • Elisabeth Schmerzler
    Elisabeth Schmerzler

    1:04 so did US president Millard Fillmore. France ain’t that special

  • Tiziana Bartoli
    Tiziana Bartoli

    I swear nobody never do a series like this in my county (I'm Italian)

  • Radiant Nightfall
    Radiant Nightfall

    As someone who studies cosmetics marketing this show may or may not be 80% accurate

  • Sir. Oink
    Sir. Oink

    How bad can it be??? Everyone of your thumbnails and titles are saying the show is dumb I bet the good ones you find you just dont make a video on

    • Sir. Oink
      Sir. Oink

      Yeah i guess

    • Pragya Bhushan
      Pragya Bhushan

      I mean Good One's don't make for a good video

  • Mystic Duo
    Mystic Duo

    0:50 ur ryt


    I really wanna know about his school life

  • Kiki !!
    Kiki !!

    I watched the whole thing and then my French teacher made fun of me for it SHSGHAGSJAGA

  • MoKuZai

    this is some french stereotype american movie bullshit.

  • TheresaG White
    TheresaG White

    I have never watched this show. Two questions. 1. Is it worthwhile? 2 What do French people think of it?

    • Pragya Bhushan
      Pragya Bhushan

      1. No 2. It's Stereotyping Paris

  • Neojhun

    Wait this thing was panned by everyone and got an Award Nomination that's Not a Golden Raspberry. WTF?

  • winicjusz61

    Lily Collins is too good for this :/ should’ve kept her name out of it but she must get paid hella so I understand

  • Jaida Body
    Jaida Body

    "Americans invented social media" Um isn't tiktok chinese...

    • Neojhun

      Nope technically from Santa Monica CA. Where the software was developed and who own it is entirely separate. Big foreign companies typically own software and they are most likely developed somewhere very far away. This is same for Video Games, Industrial Office Software. e.g. Siemens NX PLM C.A.D. Software division is in Plano Texas, very far from Germany.

  • Sag ich Nicht
    Sag ich Nicht

    You know who else was in paris?

  • 狼ThePreviousWolf

    the only masterpiece I can see for this show is the poster

  • protoman1214

    holy shit the "years of being called gift" line fucken cut deep for me

  • Cresie Bowman
    Cresie Bowman

    this series is worst

  • Chad Powell
    Chad Powell

    “Depressed but creative sometimes” That hit too hard I swear

  • Carter Huston
    Carter Huston

    According to Kanye West, someone else was in Paris

    • Chad Powell
      Chad Powell

      And they can’t find him

  • michael nicks
    michael nicks

    Who was in Paris? TELL ME.

  • Charlie

    Is that hannah baker mum?

  • Cynical

    Surprised you didnt mention emily's e-$ex

  • Brent Walton
    Brent Walton

    You forgot to talk about the sex Sean

  • astrid

    i can't believe what hannah baker's mom is doing now after all that...

  • macrocosmique

    Yall should watch Validé, it's another face of Paris with really good rap music

  • -Dabentoler-

    I loved the show personally. It's supposed to be a fun show to watch. Not a documentary. You don't have to be THAT bothered by what doesn't make sense

    • -Dabentoler-

      French guy talking by the way

  • ismayonnaiseaninstrument

    did anyone win the game?

  • EMBA luv
    EMBA luv

    gonna be honest the show is VERY unrealistic and the writing is terrible. but it’s good if you just want to watch tv shows that are cheesy and just purely for entertainment. i’ve seen so many comments of people complaining but it’s not that deep it’s just a tv show...

  • webm1nd

    so the movie doesn't make sense because she went to Paris without learning any bit of francaise or about the culture?

  • Schneider1

    lololol one picture of her foot

  • Bren-na-na

    I understand the flaws and the issues people have with accuracy but I still like it.

    • Bren-na-na

      @Jasmine Lauren exactly! Just something I can turn my mind off and watch.

    • Jasmine Lauren
      Jasmine Lauren

      I agree. I like it too, without the need to analyse it. It’s just light entertainment.

  • Zack Karma
    Zack Karma

    "PREGO" "DEVIL'S TANGO" and the red flag parade are some of the most iconic things abt your channel.

  • 86upsmaya

    Emily is that every American who goes around the world, insisting in talking in English and think its THEIR fault when they dont. She equates being modern, to speaking English.

  • Martín Valdez Oyague
    Martín Valdez Oyague

    I could swear I hear Super Mario World music on the background

  • Kakashi Hatake
    Kakashi Hatake

    I couldn't finish this video, so far as I saw he was finding fault anywhere without even trying to understand.

  • Audrey M.
    Audrey M.

    Look, I don't expect anyone to learn a language to proficiency in a short amount of time. But to not bring an adapter so you can use European plugs w i t h o u t b l o w i n g a f u s e? Did this girl not research anything before going to France?

  • Forrest Man
    Forrest Man

    How the F do you get so many subscribers.

  • heloise sturm
    heloise sturm

    i--i'm sorry. the french are AFRAID to work?? honey,,,,,,,,have you ever been to a french school? AP classes are a JOKE compared to the work french schools give their students. they don't even have MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS. let's not even get started on the fucking baccalaureate.

  • Anna.D

    As a french, the show really wasn’t that bad. Even if some stereotypes were exaggerated it was still funny and never too rude imo. Also Emily’s job is literally to make the office transition to a more American style so it’s normal that she’s going to find things to nitpick and fix (her coworkers were the rude ones) The only issue I had was with how the relationship with gabriel was handled. I thought i was going to hate it because of all the bad press but turns out i didn’t 🤷🏽‍♀️

  • Scott Wolfe
    Scott Wolfe

    That's Real Estate Agent scene, ugh! I haven't cringed that hard since I watched "The Thing".

  • yannick

    i wonder who else is in paris

  • hello hi
    hello hi

    dam. how dare when you made a joke about Madeline and her "demon tumor" you didn't reference the fact that she was a fetal surgeon in another life.

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