Harry Potter literally makes no sense...
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Sharkboy and Lavagirl literally makes no sense

The Kissing Booth 2 is hilariously dumb

Fifty Shades of Grey is hilariously dumb...

ZOMBIES is hilariously dumb...

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  • Chiaki Galaxy
    Chiaki Galaxy

    This just shows how bad the special effects were in 2001…

  • Junita Ifill
    Junita Ifill

    You went one step toooooo far Harry potter is a good series except the part when he tried to catch a letter out of the sky even though there were some on the floor

  • lays

    We gonna talk about how he roasted all tik tokers

  • scott sternberg
    scott sternberg

    32 wow

  • Newtshouldnthavedied

    Me: 'sees the title' Also me: 'alex meyers cough' wha-wh-wHaTTtTtTt!!! Sorry run that back Turbo.

  • WOT Nate
    WOT Nate

    Even though it may not be the main point, as a PotterHead, I came to this video to laugh at you, which I assume you have as a second point for the video. Edit: Very Entertaining, would recommend.

  • Dustin Barlow
    Dustin Barlow

    Well I learned we are the same age friend!

  • Zeara

    and then we arrive at Hogwarts the school of Bitchcraft and Misery

  • Rabih Khalife
    Rabih Khalife

    the 3 headed dog is a Cerberus

  • lulu

    Totally random point at the beginning of the video you point out that Harry made the glass disappear with his mind but that never happened again Dumbledore explained later books that young wizards can do that when they have very strong emotions before they learn how to control their magic apparently

    • lulu

      another thing no one ever noticed Harry was under the cloak was because it was one of the most powerful invisibility cloak ever to exist it was part of the three hallows

  • Rosa J
    Rosa J

    Muggles .

  • Forever1108

    and why they goana make a theme park in tokyo harry potter franchise already hit its peek why they don't care about making a nintendo park in tokyo and also its a studio park you can just watch a making of harry potter documentary on the internet

  • Samantha Mascera
    Samantha Mascera


  • Eshan's Drawing
    Eshan's Drawing

    What is wrong with you how dear you talk about harry potter like that 😤😤

  • Pug in a Tub
    Pug in a Tub

    Actually there is something called wandless magic and magic where you don’t have to say the incantation you just have to think it. I’m getting really nit picky because I’m reading the books for the first time.

  • Toby Nazario
    Toby Nazario

    How dare you say that about dumbledore I love the harry potter series

  • EdIsPog


  • Void Caron
    Void Caron

    how in gods name did this not get recommended to me when it came out

  • Aidan Kelly
    Aidan Kelly

    JUST GIVE HARRY AN M4 IT WILL ONLY BE ONE MOVIE Also I always thought it was snake not snape

  • periodt

    title: me: *so you have chosen death*

  • A is for Alex
    A is for Alex


  • Cole R
    Cole R


  • BLISSfullyCAT

    Hey, you leave Ron alone 😂

  • ruhi kulkarni
    ruhi kulkarni

    The freezing underpants unlikely hand because point immediately unfasten plus a aggressive softball. fine, decisive birth

  • Mei Pearlman
    Mei Pearlman

    The books are better in most ways

  • Mei Pearlman
    Mei Pearlman

    I never realized how bad the acting in the first movie was

  • carmina music
    carmina music

    this is why the books are better

  • zane douglas
    zane douglas

    Hold up this guy is 33

  • Mariah Evans
    Mariah Evans

    ok, harry potter is actually really good. i dont know what he's talking about

  • Hi Im_Soci
    Hi Im_Soci


  • Maaike Knol
    Maaike Knol

    Exedental Wand less magic That is how most children find out they are magical

  • Maaike Knol
    Maaike Knol


  • Paridhi Saraf
    Paridhi Saraf

    y'know i just wanna scream out the answers as i am watching this

  • Antara Shekhar
    Antara Shekhar

    If you want to review Harry Potter, the movies aren't the right medium.

  • Riley

    Dude Luna love good, Neville, and draco could’ve been such great characters if JK Rowling wasn’t such a bad writer and put literally every character into every stereotype there could possibly be, I love the concept of Harry Potter but if it was just written and filmed better it would’ve been such a great series but now it’s just kinda eh

  • Riley

    My family watched these movies every year and god it gets so boring after 7 years

  • Alfie Greenwood
    Alfie Greenwood

    Filmora 10! How many are there first filmora 9!

  • Nicholas Moreno philippe
    Nicholas Moreno philippe

    Look everything makes more sence in the book

  • alyssa

    dumb as a door 💀💀💀 lmaoo

  • Madison Parrish
    Madison Parrish

    i love harry potter but..... it’s just cringe at some points

  • Kira Brewer
    Kira Brewer

    Never got into Harry potter as a kid either.

  • Hamise _ 173
    Hamise _ 173

    No one: Potter heads: I Know 🤌EVERYTHING🤌

  • Dallas Moore
    Dallas Moore

    “Dumbledore? Pfffffft more like Dumbasadoor” Lol I actually laughed at that

  • Omega Flowaluigi
    Omega Flowaluigi

    Oi' peppa pig Harry Potter brittish people jejjwjmeidimrhriejhw8wks ndo3meyskmrhe kckem

  • Omega Flowaluigi
    Omega Flowaluigi

    Oi' guvnuh I i love tea and crumpets and eating biscuits

  • DazRomance

    That Hollow Knight music bit around 6:40 got me in the feels. Wasn't expecting it there.

  • Ben Walsh
    Ben Walsh

    Your mum didn't give you a face until you were two?

  • Void fishycorn
    Void fishycorn

    Slytherins are ambitious.Not evil.Gryfindor is for those who are brave. Not twisted. Ravenclaw is the house of the wise. Not idiotic like you.Huflepuffs are the loyal like your neighbours dog.

  • Streamlabs

    Is it wrong to have a crush on Draco Malfoy?… ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    • Jihyo's Crown
      Jihyo's Crown


  • kevin gunther
    kevin gunther

    If the other team gets more than 150 points the snitch wouldnt award them the win.

  • Maya Gariepy
    Maya Gariepy

    I’m gonna be honest, I fucking hate the marshmallows in lucky charms

  • Layforce

    man I thought you were some 20's kid, nope, my age

  • AR Films
    AR Films

    In the 4th book at the beginning, Fred made a bet that Krum would catch the snitch but the other team would win. He was right.

  • Corpras

    Actually, catching the snitch doesn’t automatically make your team win. If when your team catches the snitch, if the other team has more points they win. It’s explained better in the goblet of Fire book

  • Corpras

    As a ravenclaw, I can deconfirm that Mildly

  • Arlenne Chavez
    Arlenne Chavez

    Harry Potter would’ve been a good series

  • Datchicken dude
    Datchicken dude

    9:46 it sounds like “Seeker? But virgins,” I can’t remember the line I and I don’t want to discard the comment.

  • wofie c
    wofie c


  • wofie c
    wofie c

    alex no offense but your a little too judgy idk if your doing this for youtube and just to be or this is your acctall self

  • Makayla McColloch
    Makayla McColloch

    please please please

  • Makayla McColloch
    Makayla McColloch

    make a video on gravity falls

  • dani1080 dani1080
    dani1080 dani1080

    books are better

  • Sophia Carey
    Sophia Carey


  • Lara Lia
    Lara Lia

    We want the other tooooooooooo

  • Lara Lia
    Lara Lia

    I'm dying 😂😂😂😂😂😂 man you're legit a legend 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 my stomach hurts 😂😂😂😂

  • Lillian Bleeker
    Lillian Bleeker

    Don’t get me wrong, I love hermione, but in the first movie she’s kind of a pick me girl

    • zukobby 1
      zukobby 1

      She’s just an overly excited Year 7. Very accurate at my extremely British school lmaooo

  • ELIANA is here
    ELIANA is here

    7:00 why is this so true? XD --- your local hufflepuff

  • miriam

    but can we talk about how good the editing was to make Fluffy? i mean come on, a lot of movies cant even do that with state of the art tech

  • miriam

    he asked why harry made a spell without an incantation and a wand and heres an answer from a potterhead: before their 11 year old birthday, wizarding children start to get "in touch" with their magic, which means when their emotions are too strong they might accidentally make something happen. now in another movie u do see hermione casting a spell without her wand which means she's just very matured and skilled/strong enough to do that.

  • Kagan Metin
    Kagan Metin

    Ï watched it 100,00000000 times

  • Benjamin Fischer
    Benjamin Fischer

    Alex: Harry Potter Literally makes no sense LOTRians: HUZZAH! A man of quality!

  • Krista Coombs
    Krista Coombs

    Snape was the best character and Then he dies

  • Krista Coombs
    Krista Coombs

    My friend that didn’t even like Harry Potter did quiz and we were all the three main characters coincidence I think not

  • Jolette Delport
    Jolette Delport


  • Tara Carmelina
    Tara Carmelina

    If we ever want to impress aliens, then we will have to show them the greatest thing humans have ever invented: Harry Potter.

  • The Man Behind The Slaughter
    The Man Behind The Slaughter

    Alex can say McGonagall but not Mallark.

  • aidansdaily

    This better be a joke or I’m unsubbing

    • kelsey

      Unsub literally go do it no one gives a shit

    • maximum ride
      maximum ride

      Then do it.

  • some random channel
    some random channel

    the books did a much better job at making it make sense

  • the rift
    the rift

    ya know threes a theory that everything after Hagrid comes is his imagination and Hogwarts was a place he created in his mind to escape his ongoing insanity caused by his abusive aunt and uncle

    • Misfit Logic
      Misfit Logic

      7-8 movies of imagination? Holy

    • some random channel
      some random channel

      that would actually make sense

  • Man Man
    Man Man

    Harry: the Boy Who Lived Draco: the boy who has countless fanfics.

  • Beniamin Szwaczka
    Beniamin Szwaczka

    It wasn't snape who casted spell on Harry Broom. It was Quill influenced by Voldermort and Snape was casting counter-spell on Harry. When Hermione was trying to get to Snape she accidentaly pushed Quil which casued him to lose eye-contact with Harry Broom and cut the spell. But they were sure that it was Snape since moment later she set his robes on fire and since Harry broom was ok again they were sure it was Snape. Also Harry defeated Voldemort by touching his face because of protective spell his mother casted on him when she sacreficed herself to protect him from Voldemort (same spell that deflected Avada Kedavra on Voldemort when Harry was infant and same that protected him in Dursleys home as long as he can call it home). That's why when he touch Voldy the protective spell was literally lethal to him. Only in 4th book when Voldy used his blood to get back his body he was able to touch Harry again but then that ancient shield started to work in different way against voldy (disallowing him to hurt harry with spells when he has wand in hand since now both have the same protection and harry has also piece of Voldy soul since he is final horkruks). "The Power of Love" is what Dumbledore calls this kind of spell becasue it has no name. It's an act of sacrefice out of love for someone that gives that kind of ultimate shield. Hence "the power of love". Same power Harry uses when he sacrefice himself and let himself be killed by Voldy in book 7th, killing Voldy soul in him and giving everyone at Hogwart same protective spell against Voldemort becasue he went there sure he will die and that that is again, "A power of love". It's forgotten kind of magic since even Dumbledore says that it's ancient and that Harry and Voldy went into realms of magic unknown before.

  • Deben Phukon
    Deben Phukon

    Why do you hate every movie you watch

  • Chococookie57 1
    Chococookie57 1

    1:51 appreciation for the poster in the background. Abs: The Musical

  • Outinspace

    You know how long it would take one hat to sort all those kids into houses... and it serves no purpose but to define you as a personality.

  • Keith Gawain
    Keith Gawain

    To touch on how stupid Quidditch's rules are, there was a game of Quidditch that reportedly lasted 3 WHOLE MONTHS. THREE MONTHS. A WHOLE FOURTH OF A YEAR. Also, I don't ever see a time out or a break in Quidditch, so I'm assuming that the players somehow played through those months STRAIGHT. I've heard two possibilities for this, one much funnier than the other, 1. Brooms were just that slow back then, so catching the Snitch was THAT hard to do 2. The Seekers were just REALLY BAD Either way, the role of the Seeker and Snitch means if you're doing badly in a game, you can tell the Seeker to just play keep-away with the other Seeker to delay the end of the game to catch up, OR to score more points if you're in the lead so that even if the opposing Seeker catches the Snitch, you still win and the game is over...also if a Seeker is optimal enough to know the behavior and exact speed of the Snitch, they could speedrun catching it and win the game in as little as a couple minutes, probably.

    • Burger King
      Burger King

      @Keith Gawain before i watched this i remberd it as 100

    • Keith Gawain
      Keith Gawain

      @Burger King oh lmao. Ya boy forgot how many it was, I thought it was 120 for some reason oops

    • Burger King
      Burger King

      @Keith Gawain but the snitch is 150 points lol

    • Keith Gawain
      Keith Gawain

      @Burger King Oh ok that's MUCH better. But then what does the Seeker do once they've caught the Snitch? Do they just...wait for their team to get the remaining 30 points?

    • Burger King
      Burger King

      In the movie i think it was first to score 150 points which is smarter than the books idea of get the fucking yellow thing and win

  • Nabeel Naureen
    Nabeel Naureen

    How dare u insult Quidditch!!! If it was real, it would probably be my favourite sport.

  • Crazy Jakes
    Crazy Jakes

    The film is so different from the book. Hermione became friends with Ron and Harry because they helped her defeat the troll

  • Weirdpotterhead

    Actually in the books Ronald Weasley is brave and smart also just read the books and then call yourself a potterhead or a hater :)

  • Erneke Camacho
    Erneke Camacho

    Okay if had read the books then you would know that kids you get the 10 will show signs of magic with out a wand!

  • Wassim Ahmed
    Wassim Ahmed

    ok first of all the reason snape didnt see him there is cuz the cloack is one of the deathly hallows know what that is honey? and its more powerfull than the usual iinvisibility cloaks. The reason Dumbledor have it to harry is cuz it was his fathers and harrys rightfull possesion also cuz he couldnt tell harry the secret behind his scar but knew tht he would have to use the cloak one day since harry is the chosen one and snape did have a suspicion that someone was there he is one of the greatest wizard so is albus i dont think u want to dissagree with them so what im rlly trying to say is BeLiVe In MaGiC yOu MuGgLe!!!

  • AllAboutAlicia

    0:14 me too. You’re not alone I love sailor Saturn and Neptune too .

  • pzuko89

    It's actually explained in the books how wizard kids can do magic without wands. It's how they learn they're wizards and witches in the first place

    • Melissa Waterman
      Melissa Waterman

      They cannot channel magic consciously like that without a wand though. Only very skilled witches and wizards can do so without the aid of a wand.

  • Mina Ashido
    Mina Ashido

    Just thought of sum while watching this what if the reason that the spell didn't work on Ron's rat in the beginning is cuz he's not a real rat he's an animagus......jus a thot

  • Destrey Johnson
    Destrey Johnson

    wtf harry potter us the best

  • Blossom

    Dare not say shit bout potter 😭

  • Jesslyn Beach
    Jesslyn Beach

    PLEASE do one on the second Harry Potter movie

  • Anna Pan
    Anna Pan

    Hey hey hey you can laugh about anything but leave Harry Potter alone It’s a masterpiece

  • Eliza Tippets
    Eliza Tippets

    Do the fourth one they’re some really stupid parts in the movie

  • Amanda O
    Amanda O

    19 mins of him trashing harry potter 😂 and debunking the entire film

  • Pandora Riddle
    Pandora Riddle

    I still don't get why they are so afraid of Voldemort. I personally think of him and a no-nose bald one trick pony who looks like he has a disease.