Julie And The Phantoms is pretty dumb
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THIS is the most horrifying kid's show ever made

After 2 is hilariously dumb

Shake It Up was a weird show

Emily In Paris is pretty dumb

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  • Alex Meyers
    Alex Meyers

    Install Raid for Free ✅ IOS: clcr.me/AlMeyers_iOS ✅ ANDROID: clcr.me/AlMeyers_Android ✅ PC: clcr.me/AlMeyers_PC and get a special starter pack 💥 Available only for the next 30 days

    • Anastasia Smalls
      Anastasia Smalls

      I love this show

    • katia mendoza
      katia mendoza

      DUDE! can u stop judgeing shows! they try thier best and poeple like them what if u made somthing and somone made fun of it so just stop ur a bad person! 1

    • katia mendoza
      katia mendoza


    • KC Shannon
      KC Shannon

      Your just wrong about it being bad Fantoms forever

    • Zenele Sithole
      Zenele Sithole

      Lots of love ♥️

  • Thomas Haddix
    Thomas Haddix


  • jane shevelenko
    jane shevelenko

    anyone else notice the missing poster of luke right behind luke while they are eatin the strret dogs

  • Valerie Johnson
    Valerie Johnson

    the acting is soooooo ummm fake

  • Valerie Johnson
    Valerie Johnson

    i hate julie and the phontoms p.s i love you chanel and u are sooo funny

  • Edog 999
    Edog 999

    i love this series

  • MeezyB B
    MeezyB B

    Once I saw them get a hotdog from a random person‘s car I would literally know it was probably poisonous 😶

  • Eriona Pillow
    Eriona Pillow

    Really want a season 2. It's a very good show

  • kylee

    yknow, it's cheesy and silly but it's enjoyable.

  • 재키

    Hold on. When I first saw her and her friend in the school, with the sunflower on her jeans and the uncomfortable number of ugly accessories and the iridescent jacket, I assumed I misheard and that the band was from the 80's and when we fast forwarded, we were in 1995, but I see her cell phone and she just said 2020. So......... wtf are her and her friend wearing?

  • Jamssy

    I thought Julie's acting was bad..

  • Tavariay Hoeksema
    Tavariay Hoeksema

    Alex's Dad: "Yeah, I told all my friends you died from lupus."

    • Tavariay Hoeksema
      Tavariay Hoeksema

      Me: Like him makin ITmores is problem??!

  • Maria Mendez
    Maria Mendez

    Ok but like is really attractive not only his looks but also his personality

  • Isumi Shigaraki MHA oc
    Isumi Shigaraki MHA oc

    I cried over this show

  • SiimplyMappy

    anyone else notice how there are 3 PEOPLE FROM DESCENDENTS?! Hades, dr facilers daughter, and jay?!

  • artfreak

    the fact that i didn’t see him react to Unsaid Emily-

  • Hedaya Shona
    Hedaya Shona

    Maybe this show looks dumb but it's my favourite show right now and I'm waiting for season 2 so bad😂💜

  • Mystic Anna
    Mystic Anna

    Jeremy shada. That is all I have to say.

  • Dusk Wings
    Dusk Wings


  • alex king
    alex king

    I want to see you come up with something better

  • Amelia Amels
    Amelia Amels

    He didn't mention Alex and Willie........ RIP myself

  • Jennifer Bernal
    Jennifer Bernal


  • Ty Landman
    Ty Landman

    Jullie acts really stupid

  • Asiya mahmoud
    Asiya mahmoud

    If the t-shirt didn't fit Rose...

  • Cecilia Schimizzi
    Cecilia Schimizzi

    If ur trying to make people angry then quit ur job

  • Railyn Datta
    Railyn Datta



    If only we saw COVID when we did these shows if only

  • Moonstar79

    This show was built on this exchange from Coco and you can’t convince me otherwise: “Go on, tell him how you died!” “I don’t-“ “He choked... on a chorizo!”

    • Mimjan Jansson
      Mimjan Jansson

      Holy shit it is

  • Llenos, Seth Angelo
    Llenos, Seth Angelo

    7:25 Really making us look forward to our future, huh??? 😂😂😂😂

  • p

    anyways stan jatp

  • Willando Blair
    Willando Blair

    So she was just screaming and the neighbors were like ugh, probably she just saw a ghost or something, nothing serious

  • Joelle Flimn
    Joelle Flimn

    This is my last ressssorrrttt

  • i am alfie!
    i am alfie!

    Hey! You should watch thunder force on Netflix

  • Pixie Scott
    Pixie Scott


  • King of Imperfection
    King of Imperfection

    I was expecting this to be really cringy and have no interesting plot, but I really loved it. (Also, after listening to the Magnus Archives I really needed something that was just light-hearted and I knew would end well.) I can't think of a single song in this show I don't like and I'm here for Alex and Willie. It's just amazing to see a canon gay ship get so much screen time and love, that just didn't happen in the shows that were on tv when I was the target demographic for these things.

  • Yvonne Bonareri
    Yvonne Bonareri

    The show is good. I love how they talk about the fear that most of us have about death!

  • Dino Nuggets
    Dino Nuggets

    isn't the show based on an older version

  • Dino Nuggets
    Dino Nuggets

    Carrie: umm is this where we clap? Alex: I dunno is this when I'm supposed to PUNCH YOU IN THE FACE? PFFFFFFFFFFFFFFHRGOIEHGFIWEHGE

  • Alli the CinnamonBun
    Alli the CinnamonBun

    Wait... I haven’t watched Julie and the Phantoms but I watched this video again and am having the idea that Rose is... Julie’s mom 👁👄👁

  • Amy Trieger
    Amy Trieger

    I am 30 and assumed this show would we dumb so I put it on background music to clean. A few hours later and I was a puddle of tears on the floor...

    • Mimjan Jansson
      Mimjan Jansson

      @Amy Trieger It did

    • Amy Trieger
      Amy Trieger

      Mimjan Jansson YES that absolutely ruined me.

    • Mimjan Jansson
      Mimjan Jansson

      _Umsaid Emily_ makes you do that, you're right.

  • dat sunset dude
    dat sunset dude

    Btw alex u have the same last name of alex

  • dat sunset dude
    dat sunset dude


  • Daadaa

    Ok but why is no one in the comments talking about Alex and Willie. Like COME ON THE WAY THEY ARE IN LOVE OMG

  • RobinCastell7827


  • poppy furley
    poppy furley

    'constant lip biting a la Bella Swan' ahahahahhahahah she does bit her lip (or edwards lol) in every scene.

  • °•·Lily~Luna·•°

    "Street dogs havent killed us yet." Me: well dey just did.

  • Kye Coughlin
    Kye Coughlin

    I have one mood and it's Alex.

  • A Swiftie Kind Of World
    A Swiftie Kind Of World

    But I love JATP. It has good songs and cute ghost boys and ✨Chemistry✨

  • chanaka eros
    chanaka eros

    Hope this man hits 10 million subs soon good luck

  • ChipsAhoy

    i was literally was looking for this video because i thought the show was "interesting."

  • cherry soup
    cherry soup

    recommend: do just add magic

  • Shuvangi Dasgupta
    Shuvangi Dasgupta

    alex:*says that all the best entertainment is dumb* me: hah nice joke well everything's dumb for this guy me 2 seconds later: okay let's watch the lies continue

  • Bowbow _2510
    Bowbow _2510

    Omg I *love* this show SO much. I love Madison’s voice and the others. They go together so well.

  • Aarya Khavanekar
    Aarya Khavanekar

    Does this guy actually like anything literally anything in his life ... His maximum videos spread hate

    • Tom Brady
      Tom Brady

      ever heard of an opinion?

  • Cvazquezy OnTwitter
    Cvazquezy OnTwitter

    bruh this show is so good-

  • hazira

    ( unsaid Emily)cried like a baby..jatp has the best musicals ever

  • Brendan Jones
    Brendan Jones

    It is sunset curve you dummy

  • Beka Gramith
    Beka Gramith

    Alex- I love you but you can't be doing Jatp dirty like that

  • trixie s
    trixie s

    I forgot how much Reggie is just live-action lance, on more than one level

  • Micheal Fleury
    Micheal Fleury

    If nothing else, the music is VERY catchy.

  • -1'MN0T4V1RUS !!
    -1'MN0T4V1RUS !!

    I just finished the book and it's AMAZING !! If your thinking of watching it go watch it it's awesome ❤❤👍

  • grlegrl

    OK. Who do we ship more Alex and Willie or Luke and Julie?

  • grlegrl

    This show is actually cute. I can't believe you enjoyed all the crappy Disney Channel shows from when we were kids, but not this. The first episode is kinda just okay because they are setting up everything, but it actually gets good. It has some heart. Alex has the best lines and the music is so good. Disappointed.

  • LadyLiddell

    Dude, the show slaps. Yes, it's aimed at a younger preteen/teenage audience, but often those shows/books are the best ones. There's a lot of heart and passion put into the show, and I see new details each time I watch it. Like the girl in the beginning being Julie's mom, or all the Dahlia symbolism, or the fact that Luke is sitting in front of his own missing person's poster when the boys eat the tainted hot dogs. Not to mention it has one of the best representation of a gay relationship I've seen in media. Plus, the music and costumes are on point. Oh, and Reggie is the voice of Finn from Adventure Time

  • Sam Pellegrino
    Sam Pellegrino

    Who else loved Alex's dance number with dirty candy? It was iconic

  • Olivia Atem
    Olivia Atem

    this is the gratist show

  • bean

    The beginning with Julie is just your lie in April what

  • AG ̧
    AG ̧

    Not me enjoying the actual show

  • AG ̧
    AG ̧

    Constipated noises*

  • Priyanka Vikram
    Priyanka Vikram



    Alex I respect all opinions.... Except this one! This is A high quality tv show and you can't say u don't like it its way to good to say bad things about it.

  • scxrpia .
    scxrpia .

    “Julie and the phantoms is pretty dumb” oh yeah, just remove the PHANTOMS and make it just “Julie and the” bc tbh the phantoms r literally SO unrealistic. It’s not like that’s the whole part of the show, pfft so dumb 🙄

  • janel

    In all honesty tho, this show is so great!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Daphne Merwolf
    Daphne Merwolf


  • The B in LGBT is Babadook
    The B in LGBT is Babadook

    I wish Alex is my uncle

  • rei

    I sent this to my friend she loves the show lol

  • Gezquester

    Magic CD ghosts!!! I love this ridiculous show!

  • moraa.

    ngl i thought this show was gonna be an extremely cringe kids show but i finished the entire series in like one night😫

  • Mar Ars
    Mar Ars

    is anyone else upset about the fact that all the kids are going to school without masks on like what universe are you living in.

    • hello

      they started recording in june 2019

  • Kelly

    I don’t care how much u hate the show. Just don’t lie and say the songs are bad because the sound track ✨chefs kiss✨

  • Daniii Dd
    Daniii Dd

    It sounds like there copying your lie in april

  • Maya Reads
    Maya Reads

    These vids make me feel a lot better about being 30 and watching kids show ahhagaha

  • Emilia Falcao
    Emilia Falcao

    actually julie and the phantoms was a show in brazil back in 2010 ig and it was supposed to be cheesy bc it was on a kids channel

  • jasily 143
    jasily 143

    I actually love this show, the songs are good the actors are decents and sing really well and there isn't any unlikeable characters other than the ppl the show bad guys

  • Pachy

    Why are they not wearing any mask they must be immune

  • Chicken Nugget God
    Chicken Nugget God

    All clips are real. I watched it so no spoilers for me :D

  • Klara Linda Maiwald
    Klara Linda Maiwald

    Could you please do battle its on Netflix at first I thought they were doing like a movie through the eyes of the villa but then they don't so yea the main girl just sucks

  • rileonardo god of ninjas
    rileonardo god of ninjas

    there are somany nick actors :P

  • Multi.vid. edits
    Multi.vid. edits

    9:09 boy you low key like it.


    I’m 16 and I’m currently hyper fixating on this show. It is the best kids show I’ve seen in a long time

  • RicoSuave

    The concept of the show is great, but it simply makes no sense. Like first of all, Julie is perfectly capable of telling people they’re ghosts. She literally looked them up, all she has to do is show the article to anyone who asks

  • noya


  • Abigael Nyambura
    Abigael Nyambura

    Screaming and shouting than a David Dobrik video ......how acurate😂😂😂😂😂

  • •🌼Sunflower elf🌼•
    •🌼Sunflower elf🌼•

    I don’t agree with the title but I gotta watch this because he is HILARIOUS 🤣🤣😂😂

  • Mason caddick
    Mason caddick

    Everybody: *saying this show is not dumb or bad* Alex: "Guys it is a freaking opinion"

  • Dulce's Corner
    Dulce's Corner

    When I first watched it I was taken aback because uplifting music played after the boys died😭

  • Dulce's Corner
    Dulce's Corner

    You're wrong and the music slaps especially "perfect Harmony"😭

  • Super Hero Gamer HQ
    Super Hero Gamer HQ

    How dare you

  • Brianna Smith
    Brianna Smith

    I'm unsubscribing

  • Mateus Costa Barcelos
    Mateus Costa Barcelos

    I need to watch this beacuse of school