Princess Protection Program doesn't make any sense
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The Hunger Games is kinda dumb...

Sharkboy and Lavagirl 2 is even dumber than the first one

After 2 is hilariously dumb

Shake It Up was a weird show

Emily In Paris is pretty dumb

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  • Alex Meyers
    Alex Meyers

    finally getting deep into the Disney Channel pantheon. Install Zooba for Free ✅ ANDROID: ✅ IOS: ✅ and get 50 coins and 40 gems!

    • S.L.B Brummer
      S.L.B Brummer

      @-hyunjinnie- Z

    • Felice D.T
      Felice D.T

      PP lol

    • Gemma Low
      Gemma Low

      Will you please review either the series Finding Carter or the Disney movie twitches

    • Edward Anthony Lee
      Edward Anthony Lee

      zooba can be a copy of valorant but animal

    • Purple_Chalk

      @aKa sKy me 2 years ago: *getting ads for zooba*

  • Shortinagi

    Seeing a polish sentence kinda threw me off XD

  • wolf town
    wolf town


  • MrsDemotka

    Well, I wasn't expecting to see a text in polish today, it was weird to see my native language in your video

  • Barri Collins
    Barri Collins

    Where in iowa are you from

  • Ali Fox
    Ali Fox

    alex: what is your fav part of the movie me: nothing at all the movie sucks alex: that was my fav part to me: :D

  • Alexandra O'Donoghue
    Alexandra O'Donoghue

    "Carter Baizen" Me: That sounds familiar. Looks up Gossip Girl cast and finds that Carter Baizen was who Sebastian Stan played.

  • PurpleSky

    Okay I love Selena Gomez but at 9:13 my asain ass wanted to just go bury myself in a hole. Like did just sat without removing your shoes,ON the bed🙂

  • Professa Tristan
    Professa Tristan

    One moment, I see 2 girls about to have a deep and heartfelt conversation. The next, I see the Geico Lizard. Crazy world we live in.

  • Luma Shinning Star
    Luma Shinning Star

    Me: Why does he look so familiar? I don't even remember him from this movie. Me: *realizes he's from sky high* I didn't know he was in other movies 😱

  • Альбина Котельникова
    Альбина Котельникова

    Hi! I'm russian) your videos are really cool. Good job. I've subscribed. 😌🌺 Wish u luck.

  • toastdog productions 2
    toastdog productions 2

    edd edd EDD EDDSWORLD!!

  • toastdog productions 2
    toastdog productions 2


  • Menez 66R
    Menez 66R

    What ur favorite part of the movie........ Mine to aka DORA🤣🤣🤣

  • Samantha Darnell
    Samantha Darnell

    Oh my god, my parents used to do that all the time and still do sometimes. I'll be getting all of the stuff to clean my bedroom or my bathroom, and my mom will walk up and be like, are you going to clean your room today

  • Twilight Percy
    Twilight Percy

    I understand her wanting to leave Saskatchewan it's too flat, but I would still much rather the endless fields to well... anywhere with American high schools because every single tv show/movie is depicted the same with all the stupid cliques. (I do know its exaggerated but still) my high school didn't have that.

  • Jennifer Lunceford
    Jennifer Lunceford

    Jaime Chung! Wow, she doesn't age. And why they got demi Lovato talking like that? They overdid it with the proper speech attempt

  • near

    when i was young i thought the language written in the magazine was some kind of made-up or not well known language, but it was just spanish

  • Sydney Robinson
    Sydney Robinson

    you ruined all the movies i like, cause now i realize how dumb they are 😭🤚

  • Haili Ludlam
    Haili Ludlam

    “I wonder if he is beautiful on the inside.” “Yeah me too Rosie. let’s find out.” I died🤣🤣

  • Jacob Winters
    Jacob Winters

    The "subtitles" for when she was speaking French do not match up with what she was saying at all.

  • Fluffy Cow
    Fluffy Cow

    As a someone who grew up in french, Rosie’s pronunciations may have made me bang my head on a wall.

  • pan banan
    pan banan

    8:07 "wącham" not "powąchać" but I appreciate including my language as a "princess probably speaks it or something"

  • jipaide

    Please make a video about teen beach movie 2 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • Queen_Of_Hearts

    I love this movie…

  • Leila Alkhatib
    Leila Alkhatib

    I remember one year my mom got me Princess Protection Program for my birthday, and I. Watched. That. Movie. So many times, oh my God.

  • shyann.16

    this was my favorite movie tho🥺

  • SavageTaco Yt
    SavageTaco Yt

    1:40 I'm growing up in Iowa and I think it's pretty nice :(

  • John Kerry
    John Kerry

    2004 - 2013

    • John Kerry
      John Kerry

      This is 2009

    • John Kerry
      John Kerry

      7th through 12th grade? Hopefully 8th - 12th

    • John Kerry
      John Kerry

      Was the best teen shows

  • Nolan Irish Bro
    Nolan Irish Bro

    I love Louisiana so chdhirjejenejdjdjfjehejejjeekkendn!!!!!

  • DayFern

    Demi’s French accent is terrible

  • mr.bigboy_joestar

    Ya know I didn't realize it for some reason when I was younger but Chelsea is a real scumbag for tryna blackmail Rosalina knowing full well her life is in danger lmao

  • ¿¿ʇǝʎ looɔ I ɯɐ
    ¿¿ʇǝʎ looɔ I ɯɐ

    8:06 l'm Polish and I got so weirded out by this... "sometimes I play with my belly button and then sniff my finger" lol

  • no_887


  • Tom vlogs and stuff
    Tom vlogs and stuff

    O K A Y

  • Timothy steyn
    Timothy steyn

    Alex has girlfriend.... Wow and well done alex

  • Jay Flores
    Jay Flores

    You sounded brainwashed right at the end

  • standstillabby “Abby”
    standstillabby “Abby”

    ngl this movie was a little more gay than i remember 🏃

  • Charity Banasco
    Charity Banasco

    Protection PP p yeah this is just a 🚩

  • neondroolz

    as a native polish speaker, 8:06 was the funniest shit i've ever seen. not only the meaning of the sentence, but the grammar errors make it even more hilarious

  • Animor

    Would've made the movie a lil bit better if they ended up a lesbian couple

  • Шамиль Яхин
    Шамиль Яхин

    Why is nobody talking about the two headed eagle on the bad guy's hat? ̶Р̶о̶с̶с̶и̶я̶ ̶с̶в̶я̶щ̶е̶н̶н̶а̶я̶ ̶н̶а̶ш̶а̶ ̶д̶е̶р̶ж̶а̶в̶а̶.̶.̶.̶

  • Creative Canvas
    Creative Canvas

    13:43 you can't just threaten someone's life to be crowned homecoming queen which is a rank that means literally nothing

  • nadine truly
    nadine truly

    this movie is so iconic to me

  • C Garcia
    C Garcia

    I get that this movie is dumb, and I guess I could see why someone would hate it, but I don't care, I still love this movie. Well, love is a strong word, but if you put it in front of me I would definitely watch it again for the sake of nostalgia. It came out at a time where I was obsessed with both Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato, and so of course I was so excited for it. And I still remember that seafoam green dress Selena wears I remember really wanting that dress.

  • Autumn Annabelle Brooks
    Autumn Annabelle Brooks

    Why do movies always go spanish for exotic kingdoms?

  • Armed with wings
    Armed with wings

    Wait I thought the best part about living in Louisiana was it wasn’t Iowa

  • Sophia Torres
    Sophia Torres

    Why was Maria barreras Demi lovato’s mom in 2 different movies😭

  • Emily Herrera
    Emily Herrera

    You should do Aquamarine next.

  • Don't you dare go hollow
    Don't you dare go hollow

    Dumb peasant wench: I wanna be homecoming queen! Actual princess: OK done. Wench: really? That fast? Princess: I am literally one step up the pyramid away from being an actual world leader. You're one heroin needle away from your parents to stop caring.

  • sehanya d'silva
    sehanya d'silva

    Selena Gomez?

  • LPS Goldentail
    LPS Goldentail

    Louisiana is better, hands down.

  • _Wes_

    Me: *Begins to be offended because Louisiana is my home and where I was born* Also Me *Gets mad at movie because Louisiana isn't just some people who love to fish and have an accent* I don't have an accent and most people over here love to fish and hunt. Fish just makes me uncomfortable and so do dead animals.

  • James Palmer
    James Palmer

    6:08 - Best joke!!!

  • Zuzanna Dziwińska
    Zuzanna Dziwińska

    The polish part in your video was the most interesting in Princess Protection movie lol

  • Caroline Lee
    Caroline Lee

    Talking about the FitnessGram test in her speech at the end there really gave me middle school gym flashbacks.

  • octomuss

    12 years movies

  • Haven Smith
    Haven Smith

    I'm no Louisiana apologist, but at least it has good food, good culture, and decent sports. Iowa has NONE of that Alex.

  • Derek Deetlefs
    Derek Deetlefs

    I still enjoy watching this movie, even if it is a bit cringey in places. But I far prefer Monte Carlo. Imagine ignoring Selena Gomez, as she's not pretty enough. She is one of the most beautiful people in the world.... Inside & out!!

  • Gemma Low
    Gemma Low

    08:52 Still very accurate

  • Mih VIIXIVXX (mih69420)
    Mih VIIXIVXX (mih69420)

    4:25 is it me or is that the Serbian crest on his hat

  • yuval gerhard
    yuval gerhard

    I love demiiiioi

  • The geeky Artist
    The geeky Artist

    I LOVED this movie (and kinda still do but just because of nostalgia) I have watched this more than I’ve watched Harry Potter and Avatar the last air bender ._. I have a lot of time on my hands.

  • Jaydon

    Demi Lovoto: she’s biracial... dun dun dun.. shes biracial

  • Izuku Midoriya
    Izuku Midoriya

    I thought that movie was great when I first watched it. My sister and I watched it with hot pockets.

  • Tabitha Bailey
    Tabitha Bailey

    The loud aunt laterally enter because drain strikingly dress lest a graceful window. wrathful, crazy sweets


    This movie is a higher budget version of every "princess in a disguise" gacha mini movie

  • Josh Watson
    Josh Watson

    15:14 cracks me up everytime “ah-ah, leave room for Jesus”

  • Gacha tatlıcısı
    Gacha tatlıcısı

    Me: this is the best disney movie After seeing this video: oh...

  • Precise Space
    Precise Space

    this was one of my favorite Disney channel original movies as a kid so despite its flaws I can't dislike it lol

  • TTJ The original
    TTJ The original

    10:51 Welp, that escalated 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • BigBad Bean
    BigBad Bean

    As a resident of Louisiana, I can confirm that a lot of what he said was true Also, “ageisjustanumbersville” is marked right on my home town, so I am very concerned

  • Shagunjadli

    I hated this movie because I always thought Selena is way ,way more beautiful than Demi.

  • Arokcis Shorts
    Arokcis Shorts

    Worst rom-com ever on the Disney channel, in my state ( then again I’ve lived in like 4 states)

    • Arokcis Shorts
      Arokcis Shorts

      Also it’s not that bad

  • Aesthetic Lemon 🍋
    Aesthetic Lemon 🍋

    Lol I always play zooba

  • Rebecca Ferree
    Rebecca Ferree

    did anyone notice that Rosalinda said, "I will try to be from Iowa" and she also said, "I've loved living here in Louisiana" anyone else?

  • Nararara Mammily
    Nararara Mammily

    At least the popular girl this time is not a blond white girl who loves pink.

  • weesalikesmilktea

    I never got that whole "go-into-hiding, fit-in-by-attending-school" thing. Is it not easier to just… not? Do that? Just stay at home and lay low?

    • keep uwu-ing
      keep uwu-ing

      Ikr, why stress her even more by forcing her to go to school when she doesn't have to 😅

  • Alexandra Bryant
    Alexandra Bryant

    As someone who grew up in Louisiana and is currently in Iowa, I can confirm every statement in this video about both states! :D

  • Pop Cat
    Pop Cat

    i still can’t get over how he sounds and acts exactly like dream

  • Irene Lian
    Irene Lian

    Is that Greg the Egg from Succession???

  • Waterlily the raptor
    Waterlily the raptor

    “Welcome to Louisiana” *mountains everywhere* Me, a Louisianian: “I wish.”

  • Silver Hammer Man
    Silver Hammer Man

    wikifeet. that cant be a thing. oh fuck me it is

  • Cal L
    Cal L

    In the video at 3:14 we met a god known as the dog 🐶 of inlightment

  • Kaos Koai
    Kaos Koai

    " Now Donny is also here at the bowling alley, because, like, what else is there to do in Louisiana" Me, who lives in Lousiana and went bowling last week: and I took that personally

  • Himiko Toga
    Himiko Toga

    late birthday present yayyyy my bday is jan 13 yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy *yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy*

  • Brooklyn Ramsey
    Brooklyn Ramsey

    DID HE SAY GIRLFRIEND and I thought he was a single Pringle

  • Deva Pein
    Deva Pein

    1:57 jesus she started stripping instantly. what service lol thats so random she like rips her one shirt off so fast lol

  • robert pusch
    robert pusch


  • Anahi Face
    Anahi Face


  • Lilly R
    Lilly R

    See, I weirdly liked this movie. But now I think it’s really weird

  • Xp Level Googolplex
    Xp Level Googolplex

    Zoopa a is just brawl stars rip off that has a slightly different camera angle and has crappy copies of everything in the game, just get brawl stars Edit: spelling

  • luna taylor-bowie
    luna taylor-bowie

    no, but this was one of my favorite disney channel movies...

  • Lawful Gray
    Lawful Gray

    Is she supposed to be a princess or a robot?

  • Kendron Gordon
    Kendron Gordon

    whats you problem stop hating you fool

  • Adam Avery
    Adam Avery

    I am offended I live in Louisiana

  • Jesse Streeter
    Jesse Streeter

    The girls that were popular when I was in school really did peak all the girls that made my life hell they gotten fat while I've lost weight and about ready to start school for firefighting and they aren't doing nothing with their life.

  • Logan M
    Logan M

    This movie is written by people of the same age as the target audience

  • Olivia12333

    Are we all gonna pretend like Carter isn’t leagues prettier than the princess and popular girls?

  • TheKawassaki

    Jesus I got so confused at 8:08, I read this and didn't realise it's in my language until 10 seconds later. It's in Polish btw and says "sometimes I play with my bellybutton and then smell my finger" XD