Shake It Up was a weird show...
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Work It is pretty dumb...

Sam and Cat was a weird show...

the Jonas Brothers tv show was hilariously dumb

Zoey 101 was such a weird show...

The Kissing Booth 2 is hilariously dumb

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  • Cherry loves Chocolate
    Cherry loves Chocolate

    the fashion makes me wanna throw up

  • Alex Sherman
    Alex Sherman


  • Chrissyfy

    I love ur videos, I am a big fan of ur videos, I rly wannabe in one of ur videos to show my appreciation and i wanna react with u cuz to me I have very little friends and I want to be friends with u. Plz let me in one of ur videos😁😓

    • Chrissyfy

      I am 8 so I can't do 200 game levels I always have chores😞 and I have to spend time with my friends😫 and my family😭

  • Tristan Dimitrijev
    Tristan Dimitrijev

    6;15 "i walk around thinking am cool, but in real life im a looser." LMFAO SOOOOO true OMG

  • Heliotrope Skies
    Heliotrope Skies

    this is a weird thing but they do not recapture the energy of chicago very well at all in this show. the presence of brick in the set design and the italian restaurants being a recurring location theme with tinos and meatball pasta restaurant and the pizza place (although that last one checks out) make it seem like it really wants to be set in brooklyn but the showmakers thought it would be too generic to be set in nyc or something?? its a weird thing and maybe im wrong but its just something i thought about

  • John Kerry
    John Kerry

    Zendaya is Two or More Races

    • John Kerry
      John Kerry


    • John Kerry
      John Kerry

      Almost 2.4%

  • John Kerry
    John Kerry

    What percent of high schoolers in 2010 reported watching a teen sitcom in the last 2 weeks

    • John Kerry
      John Kerry

      180 days of 12th grade?

    • John Kerry
      John Kerry

      Almost all of them on Nickelodeon or Disney Channel

  • Merceyde Wolf
    Merceyde Wolf

    I remember on k.c. undercover when her alias was rocky blue and I immediately made this connection

  • Piece of Crap
    Piece of Crap

    “Zen die yuh”

  • Elias Syr
    Elias Syr

    The only things I remember about this show is Rocky having dyslexia and the two boys doing arm wrestling on the set of Shake it up (Wait it’s actually CeCe and not Rocky)

  • Dontrell Durant (Epic D)
    Dontrell Durant (Epic D)

    I only watched this show for Caroline Sunshine….

  • Lucy Lollipops
    Lucy Lollipops

    Soo no one is gonna bring up that deuce (duce) is another word for poo, i am disgusting

    • Lucy Lollipops
      Lucy Lollipops

      at least i think it means that...idk

  • Anidon Fairy
    Anidon Fairy

    I swear audible is gonna take over Alex’s channel one day😭-

  • vlad oancea
    vlad oancea

    So we can see that from the very beginning, Disney had something with blonde twins

  • nɘonconformist

    Every time you say "better or worse" I know you mean better as Zendaya and worse as Bella hahahahaha

  • Gong Freaks
    Gong Freaks

    Shake it up was one of the first Disney shows me and my brother watched along with kickin it

  • NonExcistentCow


  • GuppyPvP

    Alex makes me basically learn what reality of life is and I’m 12

  • THE AX3
    THE AX3


  • Musawa Sichelwa
    Musawa Sichelwa

    4:12 ouch

  • demZetri

    We're those cellphones that the exchange students had blackberries? They looked like what I had when I was a teen haha

  • Tangeline Joseph
    Tangeline Joseph

    4:06 this was beautiful. She really went to the deep end. Poor girl

  • blueberry

    talking bout Bella Thorne, i think you should do this series called “paradise city” n i’m not gonna say more, when you watch it, you’ll get it.

  • Kimiya _
    Kimiya _

    I just saw your post about the bakery design...couldn't stop laughing because... 'chuckleyuck' And here it is again 2:15 😂😂😂😂

  • Kimiya _
    Kimiya _

    I just saw your post about the bakery design...couldn't stop laughing because... 'chuckleyuck' And here it is again😂😂😂😂

  • Draconix

    “Self esteem, I dont know what that means!” And neither do I so I guess we’re in the same boat.

  • why you
    why you

    For the last time it’s Zen Day Yah / Zen Day A. Not Zen Die Ah.

  • therealbarbie

    it’s new york were used to it😭😭

  • Hannah lynn
    Hannah lynn

    This man deserves his own tv show😗🤙

  • Blue The dog
    Blue The dog

    Ok hear me out James and the giant peach The claymation and live action


    Sh sh sh shake it up


    The school is the same as girl meets world

  • Willando Blair
    Willando Blair

    I've never seen any of these movies but I am really addicted to these videos Like anyone care, pssht

  • Sharye Bethancourt
    Sharye Bethancourt

    Not Alex bringing up Bella....ummmm being Bella. 😂🤣😭😭

  • theNarwhalCommander

    ok it's not Zen-DIE-a it's Zen-DAY-a

  • Delaney Keller
    Delaney Keller

    What's the beef with Zendaya? I dont remember her really having a Disney Style Breakdown.

  • Love Easterling
    Love Easterling

    Now I just want to watch the episode where their like “debt cards debit cards debit debit debit debit DEBIT CARDS”😂

  • Just Beats 'n Beats
    Just Beats 'n Beats

    Ngl the theme song was gud.

  • Devansh Dhiman
    Devansh Dhiman

    Fun fact there was an Indian version of shake it up

  • Ericat

    Was not familiar with this show. It was after my time. But it explains zandaya and Bella. Who I also never heard of until recently.

  • doomforzombies

    To be fair the mixed messages joke about half way through the actual msg is really great it don’t like your self get in your way as someone that overthinks things it’s scenes like that that push me to do the thing I’m not sure on

  • An Altered One
    An Altered One

    Weird how bella grew up to make an onlyfans

  • It’s Ecnxz
    It’s Ecnxz

    Bro when they were talking about the cell phones but then a Verizon add pops up and says “no one wants to live with a broken phone “ 😂

  • Anjola Opaleye
    Anjola Opaleye

    It’s Zendaya not Zendaya

  • G.M Riguez
    G.M Riguez


  • Leigh Martin
    Leigh Martin

    Why are their voices so high

  • Colecionador Épico
    Colecionador Épico

    Those sets look so cheap!

  • Astxrism


  • Iris Quintanilla
    Iris Quintanilla

    Him pronouncing it zen-die-a Me

  • Emma Hurst
    Emma Hurst

    He got cartoon Duces hair perfect

  • Lewis Fam
    Lewis Fam

    I was weird

  • Samiluvschicken

    Are we not going o talk about how Alex sound like Gru from Decpicable Me with that accent? 4:08

  • Deirdre 101
    Deirdre 101

    Disney hair logic Brown hair: nice main character Red hair: the brown haired girls bff Black/ colored hair: cool Blonde hair: spoiled rich bully

  • Bri

    do you reckon you could do Nicky, Ricky, dicky and dawn?

  • moraa.

    ty was rockys brother??? i thought he was just their friend😭😭

  • Glory Ekwere
    Glory Ekwere

    Do the Thundermans!!!!!!

  • King Donut
    King Donut

    Me singing : “Come on, shake it up, what you gotta lose.” Me: Oh wait that’s Big Time Rush.

    • King Donut
      King Donut

      Alex say zen then say day then say a.

  • Nisa Rojas
    Nisa Rojas

    Why does he only have two colors for characters?

  • Emo Elmo
    Emo Elmo

    Am I wrong in remembering that Zendaya actaually made it after Disney pretty much unscathed and Bella was/is the troubled one? He seems to lump both of them in the same basket a lot in other videos too.

  • Noodle boy Roblox
    Noodle boy Roblox

    My sis always watched thsi show

  • Xander Messeie
    Xander Messeie

    Being german. I felt being attacked. Because that's not what all german folks sound like

  • Adam Yerima
    Adam Yerima

    Zen-die-ya lololololololol

  • Hello

    Can you do Austin and Ally please

  • riley h
    riley h

    The theme song was a bop

  • Alli the CinnamonBun
    Alli the CinnamonBun

    Why does this scene make Bella Thorne look like Peeta from the Hunger Games with a wig on? 6:28 - 6:36

  • Nohills

    Zendaya went from dance girl on a horrible show to being a main character in Siper man far from home

  • Noah Roberts
    Noah Roberts

    “No I’M very unstable” “.........” Dude when I tell you I lost my SHIT.

  • AtTheEnd1000

    Best thing about Shake it up was the music. I loved it!

  • Cain Wallace
    Cain Wallace

    Zendaya is a great actress tho.

  • carly hill
    carly hill

    Please do a video on Zapped!! It’d be hilarious 😂 (unless you’ve already done it)

  • Christian Camacho
    Christian Camacho

    Your bad at say names

  • Anonymus X
    Anonymus X

    @5:42 Why does the Internet Selfie Guy looks like Kevin Samuels?? 😂😂

  • Jonny

    I used to have the CDs 💿😂

  • Thomas Haddix
    Thomas Haddix


  • Trainer Hex
    Trainer Hex

    Gunther was that b!tch and the others were just his accessories. True icon 😤🙌🏼

  • Joshua Siemens
    Joshua Siemens

    but zendaya has been doing better than Bella Thorne tho, Bella Thorne is in Alvin and the chipmunks compared to spider-man

  • EricENH - Eric Needs Help
    EricENH - Eric Needs Help

    you have a new subscriber!!

  • Jenn O
    Jenn O

    Its Zen DAY a

  • Kara Lau
    Kara Lau

    "I walk around thinking I'm a loser and every day I prove myself right" 😂 - Alex Meyers

  • Jack James
    Jack James

    I thought this show was weird too but I thought they were both fit. That was the only reason I watched it as a kid

  • MattGames

    Zen DAY a

  • The Communist Accountant
    The Communist Accountant

    Gonna be honest I view zen as a gem, Bella tho didn’t realize it was the same girl from shake it up didn’t like her then nor now

  • Jack Doomsday
    Jack Doomsday

    well, at least she was open her being shitty, which is not smth usually seen on disney

  • Confused Carrot
    Confused Carrot

    I think everyone has at some point made a candy crush rip-off

  • Erin C.
    Erin C.

    Okay those two rival dance kids are clearly trying to sound German but somehow end up sounding vaguely Russian at the same time??? How???

  • Karen Smith
    Karen Smith

    2:00 I cant stop laughing! 😂

  • Grant Adams
    Grant Adams

    You should cancel your ITmores channel!

  • -Rin-

    I am Gunter. And I am Tinka. UND WE ARE DA HEDSENFEIFFERS

  • Missangelblanco

    The weirdest thing was seeing how Zendaya was better dancer but Bella was the amazing dancer on the show

  • Pengmaeda

    The Swedes....

  • Eunice Bediako
    Eunice Bediako

    Whatever happened to Bella Thorne!?

  • YumeSharkYT

    its not Zen die ya its Zen dah yah. NOTE: this is a meme i know its actually Zen dae ya pls dont kill me.

  • Connor notyerbidness
    Connor notyerbidness

    So i got a funny story I know someone who is friends with bella thorne Met her through mutual friends, partied at her house a bunch, went clubbing together did bunch of stuff together Anytime i see her i tell her shes basically living the dream of the Danimals Sweet Life Sweepstakes since she became friends with an (ex)disney channel star

  • Nana Dabanka
    Nana Dabanka

    If you thought u were a loser u wouldn't have a ITmores channel

  • Ella Alaina
    Ella Alaina

    The ZenDIEya made me cringe omg . I feel like Zendaya is that hard of a name . It’s said that exactly how it’s spelled

  • Not Peyton
    Not Peyton

    Self esteem I don’t know what that means: story of my life

  • Ron Steiner
    Ron Steiner


  • Atha_ Savv_
    Atha_ Savv_

    Zen (day) a

  • Rose Lizzie Black
    Rose Lizzie Black

    “Could he be any hotter?” Me and Alex:........................ Yes 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Black Tilli
    Black Tilli

    It’s pronounced Zen-DAY-a.

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