Stargirl is the weirdest show
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  • Alex Meyers
    Alex Meyers

    Install Raid for Free ✅ IOS: ✅ ANDROID: ✅ PC: and get a special starter pack 💥Available only for the next 30 days

    • zx 9999 E
      zx 9999 E


    • Linards Ž
      Linards Ž

      Wrong about here dad he is not.

    • Sheev Palpatine
      Sheev Palpatine

      No thanks

    • ꜱᴛᴀʀʟᴇᴛᴛᴇ

      it got to him.. oh no.... WE CANT LOSE ANOTHER ONE

    • sxmplylemxns

      You sound like Donatello

  • Scary LUX Sway357
    Scary LUX Sway357

    Mans literally goes around judging shows by the pilot, shows change

  • Cbob TV
    Cbob TV

    You hate everything bro. Lmao.

  • 재키

    2:47 I'm sorry... as one of the greatest Hanson fans... is that MMM...Bop?

  • Comrade Polar bear
    Comrade Polar bear

    Imagine moving from L.A to Nebraska

  • New Reality Gaming
    New Reality Gaming

    The CWs slogan might as well be "Men Bad Women Good"

  • Cherryblossom ink
    Cherryblossom ink

    She looks like captain America 🇺🇸 but as his girl Verizon 🤔 its interesting 🧐 cause that’s all I’m seeing right now

  • Serenity Dipity
    Serenity Dipity

    Who else thought that he was going to talk about the movie version of the book “Stargirl” with the “abnormal” girl and the boy who has a interview show called fire seat or smth- (I’m not explaining well enough-) *Just me? Okay-*

  • Spectre

    Stargirl is better than the CW. Icicle has more depth and personality than every villain in that shitty verse combined.

  • Ali Zaidi
    Ali Zaidi

    "I dont think super heros because there's too many of them"....thats probably the most hipster thing you've ever said

  • PinkiethePanda

    Anyone else read this as Stair-girl???

  • TheLeafObserver

    I stopped watching this show when I heard "injustice society"

    • Astro

      Eh- it didn’t really bother me, it has great villains and in general the plot isn’t bad

  • Just gameplay
    Just gameplay

    its like a fake meynoir

  • XxWolfiexX

    U should watch stargirl

  • Grace Dicken
    Grace Dicken

    Her suit makes her look like a discount Captain American

    • Grace Dicken
      Grace Dicken

      @Astro yea not the character just the suit. They both have similar colors, gloves, the one big star on the chest, a utility belt, and similar looking helmets

    • Astro

      Her character is nothing like captain america

  • xxLove_Rosexx

    And I do gymnastics

  • xxLove_Rosexx


  • Edison Safla
    Edison Safla

    Man promotes Shadow Trashends and he talks bad about Dc series

  • Emma Ramirez
    Emma Ramirez

    Could you please do at least one of the major arrowverse crossovers?

  • Hi

    Is it me or does stargirl remind me of captain America? 🤔🧐

    • Astro

      Not really if you compare them both closely it’s really just the star

  • Emperor Andreas
    Emperor Andreas

    The biggest dilemma of all WHERE TO SIT AT LUNCH me who ditched the cafeteria altogether and ate lunch in the Library ooh yeah this is big brain time

  • Revenant

    Thought this was a female captain america

  • Deva Pein
    Deva Pein

    wearing a mask and using magic power to ensure social distancing? this film is ahead of its time lmao

  • Cooper Robbins
    Cooper Robbins

    Why does everybody hate Nebraska I live there and it’s fine

  • Slurpii

    this shows seems like it was based on a comic book, but not like the typical marvel adaptation, its strictly based on an old comic, with you know, the cheesy costumes and stuff, like, i really like that concept, now the sq sequel is taking this concept, im really looking forward to see more superhero movies like that

  • Hank the Savage
    Hank the Savage

    It’s a ripoff of captain America

    • aqczm


  • RC studio
    RC studio

    Is that the same actor from Bella and the bulldogs?

  • Timothy Hinds
    Timothy Hinds

    I don’t think a dad would make that joke more like a lonely mid 30s guy.

  • Alissa Lacour
    Alissa Lacour

    They should have made a season 2 for the show! It ended in such a big cliffhanger

    • Dedrick Little
      Dedrick Little

      In they renewed it for season three too

    • Dedrick Little
      Dedrick Little

      It is in august 10

  • StaticBolt

    Stargirl: Exists Captain Marvel: *AHEM*

  • Jackson Mangan
    Jackson Mangan

    Your vids a Poggers my guy

  • Uruphina

    Transformers for the win, everybody :3

  • Toca chicken
    Toca chicken

    Who else thought he was gonna talk about the Disney+ original, Stargirl?

  • The Gousse Vlogs
    The Gousse Vlogs


  • Ossi

    do teen titans or im going to sub and unsub again

  • Joe Swain
    Joe Swain

    Wrong, but please, continue...

  • DismemberTheAlamo

    I was today years old when I learned Joel McHale was Starman in this series

  • Oliver Queen
    Oliver Queen

    Are you going to do 1 on Black Lightning? You forgot about that CW DC Arrowverse Show. Some say Constantine might be a Arrowverse show since the character and actor is a big part of DC legends now since season 4. Also we now have the new Superman and Lois show as well. I know for dc shows outside of the arrowverse you did Gotham, Smallville, and Lucifer in the past. You probably didn't realize that Lucifer is a DC show. Anyways here are some other dc shows we have had not part of the arrowverse Krypton, Preacher, Izombie, Titans, Doom Patrol, Swamp Thing

  • Molten Ice
    Molten Ice

    I lost it when she actually started doing gymnastics XD

  • Marli J
    Marli J

    ok im calling it now the guy that was sidekick zone is going to be a bad guy

    • aqczm

      Nope he didnt

    • Marli J
      Marli J

      oh he didnt spoil it awww

  • Julie Dombroski
    Julie Dombroski


  • Hey, you there
    Hey, you there

    THANK YOU this just made me mad

  • Nuri Marak
    Nuri Marak

    I laughed when the video was sponsered by RaId ShAdOw LeGeNdS

  • Dre 2k
    Dre 2k

    Well. I already hate this show. She tryna murder people over words.

    • Astro

      @Dre 2k yeah but she’s a teenager so she’s like that I guess and I do agree the first episode is not the best but personally I think it started getting good from episode 4-5

    • Dre 2k
      Dre 2k

      @Astro k. Well the first episode is not the best and she isn't the nicest hero

    • Astro

      Well you didn't exactly watch it and this isn't exactly a reliable person to judge as they've only seen one episode for that matter. It's a great show ngl

  • Brandon Grazioso
    Brandon Grazioso

    This was the most generic and cliche show ever made. It's like if someone made a checklist for high school movie cliches and wrote a show around it

  • Jaymhlur Baloyi
    Jaymhlur Baloyi

    To be honest the girl jokes are kinda getting boring but hey maybe some of your viewers like it , so do whatever you want That's just my take on it.

  • Eprrockstar

    Star girl is after the JSA

  • South Park
    South Park

    Why would you say that it's not her dad ? Like now I don't even want to watch the show .

  • moonknightfanwithoutaplan

    Scary part is its accurate

  • Kristian Todorov
    Kristian Todorov

    Courtny irl looks like a highschool dropout and decided to go to holywood and hot stuck in this shit

  • Tristan ngo
    Tristan ngo

    So witch show is actual the worst, you made like 34 worst show ever video's...LOL

  • Anastasia Jones
    Anastasia Jones

    ITmores is getting reeeeaaaaaalllllllll comfortable with these two ads in a row

  • ivy delgado
    ivy delgado


  • Miguel Queiroz
    Miguel Queiroz

    The actions scenes are amazing, the best action show of 2020.

  • •《Dino~~senpai》•

    So stargirl is just a rip off version of captain america?.......

    • aqczm

      What why

  • Theironken GG
    Theironken GG

    Copycat captain America looking ASS-

  • Fallout boy 123
    Fallout boy 123


  • Melware

    Is Starman played by Jeff Winger?

  • PhantomStranger

    This is why I didn't sub lol...

  • Zebedee Balistique
    Zebedee Balistique

    Honestly, the show starts pretty generic, I really felt like watching a new Supergirl show correcty written and with hum... how do you call that... budget ? But then it turned out to be absolutely not as generic, the cliches stuff about school were changed and the characters of the bullies were used in an actually interesting way. So yes, the show surprised me, by having an interesting scenario, they probably took advantage on some lazy and goofy writting from the other CW shows to trick me into believing stuff, with was smart, and even the bad guys, it was like : "Pfff.... it's the Injustice Society, the name is ridiculous, and they look ridiculous, and that guy power is sport, I mean what can they... oh okay they're actually effective... and powerfull... and how many psychopaths are on this Injustice League ?". So, yay, basically Supergirl but good.

  • Isaiah The Potato
    Isaiah The Potato

    Guy threatening a girl with a glowing staff

  • Isaiah The Potato
    Isaiah The Potato

    Please do black lightning

  • Zu Ma
    Zu Ma

    Cause at this point why not?

  • Gabriella Maroney
    Gabriella Maroney

    Stargirl's outfit looks really similar to Captain America's, like similar style of mask/helmet and the white star on their chests.

  • PhoeMIX

    Kid: Mom, I want Captain America! Mom: We have Captain America at home. Captain America at home:

  • Aj Cost08
    Aj Cost08

    Cosmic staff thats what I call my....

  • AdeniyiBaller123

    This sponsor was also sponsored by RAID Shadow Legends.👍🏾

  • SxC PASSi
    SxC PASSi

    ah I agree at some points but for me as a huge series fan who watched tons of series (legends of tommorow s1-3 , Legend of the seeker , Agents of shiled s1-5 , Vampire diaries and The originals , Lucifer, The flash s1-5 , batwoman s1 and many others) No Serie is Perfect but well done this show has currently 5 episodes available in Germany but yeah its better then Star wars rebels or the sequel triology

    • Astro

      No series isactually perfect but still i just love stargirl. The characters and the fight scenes everything.

  • Colette Anyouzoa
    Colette Anyouzoa

    Its not bad its just. UHHHH


    I thought you were talking about Star girl the movie that was originally a book

  • Peter Douglas
    Peter Douglas

    I actually enjoy the show so I was going to watch to see why you think it’s weird, then I straight away see a raid shadow legends ad lol that says everything I need to know

  • Cruss Teasock
    Cruss Teasock

    You're in ur 30's n complain about high school a lot...

  • owcgamer

    i... took your advise on moving

  • Unknown User
    Unknown User

    Insert rule 63. In simple terms fem captain America

    • aqczm

      Just the costume

  • Macy Custer
    Macy Custer

    The only thing good about the show is they played the goonies in the drive in movie scene 🤌🤌

  • Colorz Blue
    Colorz Blue

    Is there ever a not weird show?

  • Gary Ellis
    Gary Ellis

    Obviously you are not fan of superhero shows. Maybe you should stay watching your boring as shows and videos.

  • Dominic Menchaca
    Dominic Menchaca

    Check out Hannah Montana the movie

  • Neo-Xgray87

    I actually enjoyed watching CW's Stargirl.

    • Astro

      same! i actually love the show it's really not so bad tbh i'm so hyped for season 2

  • Space Girls
    Space Girls

    Ohh- there is another Stargirl LOL!z, but I love this!

  • Mcbam 100
    Mcbam 100

    8:02 got a add right here so it sounded like: Turns into a dishwasher soap

  • Rocker Dude
    Rocker Dude

    I've always found Brec Bassinger annoying since "Bella and the Bulldogs".

    • Astro

      she's not. You need to seperate the actress and the character. Brec Bassinger is not annoying, she's just an actress doing her job so please grow up and realize that.

    • Neo-Xgray87

      Never saw the show before.

  • if your not gay like this comment NOW!
    if your not gay like this comment NOW!

    Look at my name

  • it's gacha time with Ivy
    it's gacha time with Ivy


  • game dragonja
    game dragonja

    these shows are great

  • Fun Potato
    Fun Potato

    Sir. no. I like it

  • Emily Morris
    Emily Morris

    That thumbnail made me have to look twice to convince me there’s not a new girl captain America 😂

  • Faith Harris
    Faith Harris

    Me: already laughing at the video Bully: smells like... Alex: a guy whose hair looks like a yeast infection Me: OMFG 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Royale Bunny ᕱ ᕱ
    Royale Bunny ᕱ ᕱ

    How rude is starman really: "I-I'll try" "NOT you" "FInd someone else" "Defidently not you" "NOT you"

    • KK

      I’m getting Kung Fu Panda (1) vibes

    • BrysonGamer06

      "I am disgusted at the fact you even thought it would be you!"

  • Yaiba

    I would like to see you review a weird old anime

  • Sharkpool Bolt
    Sharkpool Bolt

    I hate how sh*tty Oriole treated Pat. Plus I would’ve loved to see more STRIPE

  • pet snail
    pet snail

    I love the JSA comics and when this came out I died of joy. Just... Yes. I would be mad at you main g fun of it but I love this channel too much.

  • Madeline

    Wait a sec is Joel McHale her alleged father/star man?

    • Astro

      spoiler alert!not his father turns out.

  • Bobby Brown
    Bobby Brown

    I'm a really huge fan of comics and here's my take on it; Superhero movies are the new Westerns, they're super popular now but by the time we have kids and grandkids of our own, there'll be something new that takes its place.

  • Samuel Goellner
    Samuel Goellner


  • Milhouse Van houten
    Milhouse Van houten

    It’s big cringe

  • Real Crunchy
    Real Crunchy

    This is a weird channel. Get a life

  • Patrick Mastrobuono
    Patrick Mastrobuono

    Little did he know that the generic super hero show would evolve into some Game of Thrones level violence. Like WOW. That and the plot twist being that she isn't Starman's kid.

  • Rocks 🪨😍
    Rocks 🪨😍

    PFFT- I am *sorry* but the only thing that comes to mind when someone says “stargirl” the only thing I can think of is *the book stargirl* that was made in like *2009*.And the main character is like a *manic pixie dream girl* who is *quirky* and *reads* 😂

  • Katie's Blue World
    Katie's Blue World

    Stargirl is actually an okay show ngl