Teen Wolf was kinda dumb...
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  • adeel1650

    Scott was a kind of bland protagonist. Lydia was shallow and annoying but we were supposed to like her for some reason. Stiles and a few other characters made the show enjoyable, even though the final seasons were beginning to bore me. That's probably because I was getting in my twenties older and teen shows were not relatable for me anymore so that might be why.

  • Arushi Brahma
    Arushi Brahma

    Anyone else so annoyed that they changed the main characters every season

  • Arushi Brahma
    Arushi Brahma

    Dylan o Brian,the coach and Lydia are the reason I sat through 4 seasons of this garbage , I don’t know if I can make it to 6 seasons

  • Brogeta Blue
    Brogeta Blue

    We need more parts of this. Do season 2

  • Vitina Morabito
    Vitina Morabito

    I love how "PEPPER SPRAY" sounded like a final move in an anime.

  • maddie

    I love teen wolf good old times

  • Imane Chekireb
    Imane Chekireb

    Ion care, i love teen wolf and stiles stilinski is the best character ever so do dylan o'brien , and season 3 was a masterpiece, no one can change that to me ❤️

  • kermit the frog
    kermit the frog

    i just realised derek (tyler hoechlin) is now playing superman

  • Lazslo L (Lazslo L)
    Lazslo L (Lazslo L)

    I can't even explain how much you NEED to watch the show again and make popcorn for season 3

  • Lillyan Herndon
    Lillyan Herndon

    Omg this is my favorite show. DUMB 😧. Good video though and your hilarious

  • Kriston S
    Kriston S

    I'm glad I wasn't the target audience for this shit.

  • W&F Entertainment
    W&F Entertainment

    yeah..shut up teen wolf is literally the best show to exist..

  • Daniele Rebughini
    Daniele Rebughini

    Ok. TW might be dumb. But it has one of the best opening theme I’ve ever heard. I mean, it’s like “Save Me” from Smallville. It’s very catchy.

  • Zia Hawwa
    Zia Hawwa

    Is it just me or does he sound different in this video??

  • Nikoletta patsouli
    Nikoletta patsouli

    It is the best seiries of the history of seiriess🥰🥰

  • kaivcmp

    zont, zont, zont do it or say it.

  • lettuce eater
    lettuce eater

    Idc what anyone says teen wolf is the best TV show created in my opinion and bruh no one can disagree that STILES IS A LEGEND

    • introvert_who?

      Fr Stiles is literally a mood

  • Xeno2k9

    Do the original Teen wolf

  • Keshara A
    Keshara A

    It was extremely dumb

  • Blue_Clanker

    I play lacrosse

  • Mercedes Carter
    Mercedes Carter

    teen wolf is the best no wonder one of your videos got took down 🙄

  • Robbie

    Alex why you hating on lacrosse

  • Rani MK
    Rani MK

    I love Lacrosse is the Canadian national sport

  • No Na
    No Na

    " I freaked out like a total girl " " I freaked out like a girly girl, and I'm not a girly girl " Bro lmaoooo tf I have never said f*ck you so fast in my life

  • Angry Panda
    Angry Panda

    Malia forgetting about Stiles and aggressively sexing random guys really gave me whiplash

  • Emily Roberts
    Emily Roberts

    5:24 in what the hell kinda universe would you think thats a dog? its so blindingly obvious its a wolf like ur IN AMERICA surely it wouldnt be too big a leap?? biology classes in the USA need to up their game seriously or are they just dumb??

  • The Almighty one
    The Almighty one

    Does a ad about surfshark. Talks about a series that is blocken i the us that can easily be seen if you have surfshark to change your ip.

  • Zack Scape
    Zack Scape

    5:39 got me 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Rico Honcho
    Rico Honcho

    Being a nerd doesn’t exclude you from playing sports or being attractive

  • Fiasco Juego
    Fiasco Juego

    2:44 Hey its roy harper from arrow

    • Olive 2
      Olive 2

      I was thinking the same thing

  • tnb tnt
    tnb tnt

    Where can you even watch teen wolf for free in English I have checked everywhere

  • thatshadowgirl

    "my mom does all the grocery shopping" is a line i still think about daily

  • Renni Jo
    Renni Jo

    The show improves somewhat by the end, but you really had to be a teenager to get through those first couple of seasons. By the end, it still had it’s issues, but if you like fantasy/horror and found/chosen family, this was a really cute show. It’s fun and cheesy and gets surprisingly f*cked up in places with characters who noticeably grow and change in a way that doesn’t feel completely inconsistent. 8 out of 10, I am fond of this trash.

  • Sam

    this is the poorest reboot of teen wolf that probably could have existed in any universe in the multiverse and of course it got created in ours

  • Eternal Bloom
    Eternal Bloom

    Yes o have the original teen wolf 🤪

  • ptr andin
    ptr andin

    ngl I watch this whole series just to see stiles

  • Yun'er

    I agree it is kind of dumb and lacks consistency

  • TheRealYP

    No teen wolf disrespect

  • Krishma Kumar
    Krishma Kumar

    I’m sorry Alex but as a hard core teen wolf fan…. This ain’t it 😭😭😭

  • Gladeon Lily
    Gladeon Lily

    "Teen Wolf is kinda DUMB" Wanna go to Archen House?

  • Mellabi Hitsugya
    Mellabi Hitsugya

    I genuinely enjoyed it but I also haven't finished it. But ya it was kinda generic and dumb at parts.

  • Kye Coughlin
    Kye Coughlin

    Ok but the first 3 seasons were a masterpiece, even though only a handful of characters carried the show. Stiles is my spirit animal, Melissa McCall & Chris Argent are my dream parents, Peter & Lydia are amazing, nobody liked Allison except when she was with Scott, nobody likes Jackson period, Kate was b*tch, and Kira.... was there.

  • skeaneable

    wow Derek is Clark Kent?!

  • sumeja ibrahimovic
    sumeja ibrahimovic

    His videos hit different at 3a.m

  • シlovelytvd

    “Dude watch the paint job.” Says the one who opened his door and hit Scott with it...

  • Amaya Cooper
    Amaya Cooper

    I hate this video

  • TheAmazing _10
    TheAmazing _10

    So I don’t even see the point of watching this vid. Alex doesn’t even pick out where Teen Wolf was “dumb”

  • nanaba

    Ngl Jackson ends up being one of the best characters on the show lmfao

  • Bobbi billions
    Bobbi billions

    i play lacrosse... how dare you! I scoff at thee. (slaps you with a white glove and continues professional polo lesson whilst drinking tea)

  • Ally O’Brien
    Ally O’Brien

    “Teen wolf was kinda Dumb” Why did you wake up and choose violence?!?

  • Ally O’Brien
    Ally O’Brien

    I don’t care what anyone says Stiles carried that show!

  • Shaylah Johnson
    Shaylah Johnson

    Video Title: "Teen Wolf was kinda dumb..." Me: Come at my Teen Wolf, I come after you! *immediately clicks video"


    Trust me , all you are saying in this video is exactly what you said in the previous Teen Wolf video.....

  • Detective Taylor Swift
    Detective Taylor Swift

    Season 1a was so hard to get through 😩😩🤚🏻

  • TVDTO4eva

    hi guys I have never watched this and I'm not sure if should give it a chance ............can y'all tell me if I should

  • BigPapa Payne89
    BigPapa Payne89

    The show woulda failed without stiles and that's a fact

  • Avery Watson
    Avery Watson

    The way he said "scott caught my ball!" Killed Me!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Wendy Riaga
      Wendy Riaga


  • Miranda Reynolds
    Miranda Reynolds

    I know someone who plays lacrosse. I didn't even know what lacrosse was until my older brother wanted to try out for the lacrosse team, but he never did.

  • kayla

    I gotta disagree with this one LMAO



  • riele. queen
    riele. queen

    coach carries the show tho

  • Puppy lover 30
    Puppy lover 30

    I don’t care about this video I love teen wolf always and forever

  • ChaoticRobin

    Okay but why men so fragile? I play girls lacrosse, we have no helmets, guards, and still have long hair. like wtf.

  • Puppy lover 30
    Puppy lover 30

    Teen wolf isn’t dumb it’s a good show

  • Benjamin Andrews
    Benjamin Andrews

    Season 3 was insane

  • Maggie Shannon
    Maggie Shannon

    Okay but the first season kind of sucks... the rest of the show is amazing!!

  • Alli Whitmore
    Alli Whitmore

    I don’t like the fact my name is in this movie....

  • CamDaHam!

    Love your channel, BUT TEEN WOLF IS NOT DUMB!!!!!! ahhhhhh

  • Eclipse Tala
    Eclipse Tala

    PEPPER SPRAAAAY! my new favorite line


    "I was attacked by a monster" *"Your mom's a monster"*

  • EmoGaySasuuke

    Stiles is best girl

  • Antonio Gil
    Antonio Gil

    Me: * watching Alex’s videos and him saying how ugly he was then sees his old school photo* well I guess he was right

  • Potato Warlock
    Potato Warlock

    I am an unhealthy amount of concerned with the idea that this guy was working on an injured animal with no gloves

  • Sammy Bricks
    Sammy Bricks

    i mean scott kinda is a loser

  • Sammy Bricks
    Sammy Bricks

    lacrosse is big where i live so i loved that part of the show

  • Sammy Bricks
    Sammy Bricks

    i’ve watched all of it twice !!

  • That Guy
    That Guy

    All of the characters in this series are going through some serious Genjutsu.

  • Playlist merchant
    Playlist merchant

    Oh my god, so many QuIRkY teen girls in this from the suburbs going PERIODT in the comment section

  • LeeAnn Parchment
    LeeAnn Parchment

    Dylan O'brian is still the best thing to happen in this entire series if ya ask me

  • LeeAnn Parchment
    LeeAnn Parchment

    Its just the little dance the police always do

  • Gwen Covey
    Gwen Covey

    It there anything you dont think is dumb

  • Andrew Flores
    Andrew Flores

    Ive seen this show too many fucking times

  • Alli the CinnamonBun
    Alli the CinnamonBun

    Whenever someone in a movie or something has the name Allison, I always go That’s my name :1

  • isaac Mcconley
    isaac Mcconley

    it bothers me how stiles looks like Jim Carrey

  • Vladislav Azbukin
    Vladislav Azbukin

    Hey! Teen Wolf isn’t dumb at all!

  • D B G
    D B G


  • Samantha De Jesus
    Samantha De Jesus


  • Michael Richey
    Michael Richey

    I am in the USA and it is good now April,20,2021

  • megan brown
    megan brown

    dont dis teenwolf

  • Aadrika Aaruni
    Aadrika Aaruni

    You know, at first I was pissed that you tried to insult Teen Wolf. But then I saw you channel, it's your job to insult good shows in order to have popularity through them. Then I was fine

  • Celandine Poppy
    Celandine Poppy

    Alison belongs on r/notlikeothergirls

  • ✿•-•Introverted F r o g•-•✿
    ✿•-•Introverted F r o g•-•✿

    I watched this entire show and liked it but like deep down I did kinda find it just a tiny bit.... Rubbish

  • Memeiz

    Don't say anything about Teen Wolf >:(

  • Brent Bradly
    Brent Bradly

    I found this video while looking for a season 2 plothole answer....someone ate a liver....who?

  • Arra_Iz_Required

    Teen wolf is kinda lame and predictable. Everyone that died, always came back. Scott is such a hypocrite and Alison is bipolar, big time.

  • ixchel rodriguez
    ixchel rodriguez

    So you woke up and chose desth

  • Amanda Kotsell
    Amanda Kotsell

    Stiles is the only reason I watch the show

  • MCmonstructUK

    Him: it got blocked in the US Me: Yaas tis a good day to be British!!

  • zoe

    fyi Jacksons girlfriend has a name