the Jonas Brothers TV show was hilariously dumb
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Hannah Montana was pretty dumb

The Suite Life of Zack and Cody was kinda weird...

Wizards of Waverly Place is kinda dumb...

Teen Beach Movie is kinda dumb

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  • John Kerry
    John Kerry

    blonde: brunette:

  • RockySandman

    You should cover the show The Naked Brothers Band next.

  • Curt Avery
    Curt Avery

    I love this show so much

  • ReZisT Lust
    ReZisT Lust

    omg knock off Hyde from that 70s show

  • Outcast

    Wow not only can Penny play guitar and golf she's also a vampire that dates a werewolf then a wizard. And after that probably helps her parents raise her young sister.

  • Jacob Chacko V.
    Jacob Chacko V.

    Actually the first season was not that bad, but the 2nd season was terrible

  • Esther Peña-Nicholas
    Esther Peña-Nicholas

    Heck, I can do it with my mittens

  • Shawn

    "you fall to hard to fast" me: YOU WANNA SEE SOME REAL SPEED BITCH

  • Fantomyte NET
    Fantomyte NET

    Not gonna lie... The hairdresser did them dirty 😅

  • Ruby Roy
    Ruby Roy

    You should react to Brooklyn nine nine it is my favourite show and I would like to see your fully honest opinion

  • Coco

    Ayo look at displate

  • Aahana Pandit
    Aahana Pandit

    Do girl meets World

  • G Rodriguez
    G Rodriguez

    One of the first rules you learn when performing music. Don't look bored

  • Morgan X
    Morgan X

    The theme song was a bop though ....

  • T ZB
    T ZB

    Main thing I recall about the Jonas Brothers is how they made a huge production out of waiting until marriage, and then one of them had his breakout hit which was about eating confectionary treats on the beach or whatever.

  • triggywinkle

    I never saw this series, never knew that the Jonas brothers started out from it, it feels weird to notice that 8 years before this show aired, Priyanka Chopra was already crowned miss world and Nick was just an 8 year old kid 😂

  • Shakeila GalaxyGirl
    Shakeila GalaxyGirl

    I love the Jonas Brothers......for their looks..Especially Nick

  • Ms. Dare Cee
    Ms. Dare Cee

    When I saw Nick Jonas here, little did I know he's gonna marry Priyanka Chopra... Priyanka chopra didn't go international at that time and I had no freaking idea .....ohhhhhhhhhh

  • Little ol' me
    Little ol' me

    So what I am getting from this video is that Nick Jonas' character in this show is a gigantic Simp.

  • Tanii

    It was a flop?!?! Oh well there goes my quality of sense of humor

  • Elias Martinez
    Elias Martinez

    We all know that Alex is jamming out to Sucker

  • leo

    glad i never watched shit like this

  • Ayaati Sarda
    Ayaati Sarda

    “And this is a doormat called Nick Jonas” I- 💀

  • Stone Face
    Stone Face

    5:04 Oh jeez I thought that was actually Nick lol

  • McKenzie's Angels
    McKenzie's Angels

    Why do I get strong Ted Mosby vibes

  • Nathanael Hicks
    Nathanael Hicks

    Everybody tripping first season of Jonas slaps

  • M O
    M O

    How fucking dare you

  • Makai Reevey
    Makai Reevey


  • None

    "Heck! I can count hoe many gfs I've had with my mittens on!" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Roger Freels
    Roger Freels

    This show fells like my life right now

  • HoneyMiracle

    I'm currently on the show right now cause I've never seen it until this year, and I like the first season better than the second season.

  • 巫祈恆

    I hate Jonas,Because they are so arrogant,but they make Worst Performance,Irony For 2021 Oscar Opening,I so Regret that I Brought Their Album

  • 3rd Street AVolitionite
    3rd Street AVolitionite

    You know, at first I thought the singing in this video was real. I guess that should just go to show what I think of the Jonas Brothers and how I remember them. Dumb, loud, and obnoxious. I didn't like this show or them, sue me.

  • N8 CoB8NE
    N8 CoB8NE

    That girl a goofy groupie, good lawd.

  • N8 CoB8NE
    N8 CoB8NE

    The “yeahhh” took me tf out 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • oooo

    I loved this jonas brothers tv show

  • Isabella Bejaran
    Isabella Bejaran

    camp rock INTRODUCED the world to the jonas brothers? nuh uh

  • E_Cbuddies

    Have you done Phil of the future? Lol

  • Sophie Jones
    Sophie Jones

    I got an ad saying "which Jonas brother are you" right before this oh god they're everywhere

  • Jennifer Petersen
    Jennifer Petersen

    "some blonde girl" excuse me that's teddy

  • jessadios1990

    The dialogue may have been bad, but the brothers chemistry is definitely as strong as ever.

  • Aaratrika's corner
    Aaratrika's corner

    Isn't the girl in the beginning Olivia from Lemonade Mouth

  • ragemonkey117

    This show was originally gonna be a spy show where the band was a cover for their missions. There's a timeline where we got that instead lol.

  • Jacob Garcia
    Jacob Garcia

    I thought that when he started singing it was actually in the show.

  • Timilehin Olaokun
    Timilehin Olaokun

    Wait this wasn't a fever dream I had.

  • rat ._.
    rat ._.

    Can you do good luuck charli

  • cherise

    this show made no sense. what's up with it and it's inconsistencies!? like where did PENNY go.. OR ANY GIRLFRIEND EVER. season 2 was pretty trash tbh but at least didn't lose grasp of the previous episode at all again.

  • DaisyzWorld123


  • Daith Izumi
    Daith Izumi

    Hey!!!! But the Lucky Loafers joke was so hilarious...

  • Alvin Alfie
    Alvin Alfie

    Disney: laugh or prepare to die b-_-h

  • faith hendrix
    faith hendrix

    This show was so cheesy

  • accidentallydies

    god i totally forgot this show existed til this video got recommended to me

  • Hattie's Vlogs
    Hattie's Vlogs


  • MoKuZai

    h a

  • Tangeline Joseph
    Tangeline Joseph

    I don't know if this was an episode or I just dreamt it but for some reason I remember Nick (I believe) being bitten by a teddy bear.... No joke. He was sitting on a white couch, a teddy bear pops up behind him and just bits his neck and keeps bitting. I keep remembering that....

    • cloé couvidat
      cloé couvidat

      @Tangeline Joseph yes but the horror movie is directed only at the ending of the episode and we see that shortly.

    • Tangeline Joseph
      Tangeline Joseph

      @cloé couvidat Wait, *it was REAL???* 😲no way!!

    • cloé couvidat
      cloé couvidat

      It’s was from season 2 , there is a episode where a brother directed a horror movie with a teddy bear who kill everyone and at the movie ending nick is attacked by the teddy bear.

  • Cheezy Charlie
    Cheezy Charlie

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  • Soso

    I just can't get over his "Yeeeaaahhh" 0:24 😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Hannah

    Did no one ever wonder why he had curly hair and sideburns?? 4:22

  • Almin Hodzic
    Almin Hodzic

    why does Kevin look like Pablo Escobar with that mustache and wig on hahahaha

  • PardonMyExistence.

    And then he ended up with a random indian girl he saw somewhere who is 11yr older than, this show Was a documentary, hmm!!

  • phanfinger

    I was 14 in 2008 and I remember my younger sister tricking me into watching Camp Rock by making it sound more interesting than it is. I was very disappointed and then spent a few years hating The Jonas Brothers for no particular reason other than them merely existing.

  • literally useless
    literally useless

    never heard of this...

  • Fathia Rania
    Fathia Rania

    Hate You Alex Meyers This Show Is Not Bad At All

  • Mckenzie Stark
    Mckenzie Stark

    Can you do gravity falls!!

  • Wow Dats A Good Name
    Wow Dats A Good Name

    when he did the voice-over for the song i was really over here thinking it was real and got scared-

  • The Comic Squad
    The Comic Squad

    i hated this show in a funny way the same reason you hate it

  • flaffle waffle
    flaffle waffle

    I was trying to find your channel, so I searched up “animation guy rates movies” and screenrant came up... I actually despise ITmores

  • Amber Anderson
    Amber Anderson

    i honesty loved this show

  • Sidra Shaikh
    Sidra Shaikh

    You should watch girl meets world

  • Stephanie 123
    Stephanie 123

    Shouldn't expect much from Disney, just a cashgrab.

  • bunnybae !
    bunnybae !

    Not Alex referring to Bridget as 'some blonde girl'

  • comicbook NERDisme
    comicbook NERDisme

    What about naked brothers band

  • E. T
    E. T

    Ok ( sigh ) I cAnT fInD a NeTflix ShOw tO wAtCh 😭 Im 14 and a girl so someone recommend pls. nothing too bazaar is just right. no horrors or thrillers either. thank you

  • Advanced Game Brothers
    Advanced Game Brothers

    I don't understand tv shows

  • RIP X, LLJ
    RIP X, LLJ

    Does anybody know where he watches all these shows? Like he has made videos on Icarly, Victorious, Drake and Josh etc, so where does he watch the episodes?

  • iiLxzy_ Anxmeii
    iiLxzy_ Anxmeii

    I thought snuck was actually singing but then I realised it was you lmao

  • OJ fANTo
    OJ fANTo

    Yo I’m buying something from displate

  • PromptoXAlexanderUwU

    Cloud!! 1:40

  • PromptoXAlexanderUwU

    OMG I was so big into this show!! When I was Young I used to have the Merch And everything!! Now its selling on Ebay!! Now this show is on Disney +! Or ITmores

  • SophaPlays

    Didn't they have a spin-off series where they moved to LA or am I imagining things?

  • Isabelle Anderson
    Isabelle Anderson

    why do i not remember this at all?? I was the biggest Nick fan!

  • Dylusional -_-
    Dylusional -_-

    Did you just say introduced the world to the jonas brothers ? Okay bro jonas brothers came way before camp rock

  • Krazy Killer2200 (Gaming)
    Krazy Killer2200 (Gaming)

    My laptop died this afternoon just minutes before my college essay was due. Watching these videos have cheered me up a lot 😭

  • firepiplup

    Wait wait wait wait wait Jonas came out AFTER Camp Rock???

  • Caster_Celephais

    Wait wait wait, people watched this? I mean, it might be better than the scenes shown, but I was balled up from cringe after like, two lines of dialog

  • Kaiti McLane
    Kaiti McLane

    I legit thought that was how he was playing guitar at first.

  • Stephanie Pena Figueroa
    Stephanie Pena Figueroa

    It would be nice if you did the tv show “The big bang theory”

  • Blocksr


  • Blocksr

    Jimmy : me 👁👅👁

  • RMR Savage
    RMR Savage

    U should start doing video games

  • Carys Betts
    Carys Betts

    this show was honestly so boring

  • Melissa Okeke
    Melissa Okeke

    Please do Zeke and Luther

  • Mariana T
    Mariana T

    that show was really bad lol

  • Felsen Drache
    Felsen Drache

    4:57 Oh my goodness! I had no idea this wasn't Nick Jonas singing! I laughed so hard! Thank you, Alex Meyers. I love your style of humor!

  • Beachbumsoul

    It got canceled bc they hated it.

  • mana moon
    mana moon

    But the series came before camp rock... Right???? Like can my memories be that wrong??????

  • _Jonasdirection_

    "JONAS" was supposed to be a spy show called "J.O.N.A.S", which stood for "Junior Operatives Networking As Spies". here's the link to the source i found this out at and it gives more details on the whole thing:

  • _Jonasdirection_

    Tbh, I loved this show so much and I still love it. I mean, It was kind of hilarious and I loved the humor throughout the different episodes. however, I did prefer "season 2" over "season 1" because I just felt like "season 2" was just a bit more mature than "season 1" when it comes to the story line and plot...and partially some of the Humor.

  • Munksfan1

    ok so I loved this show when they put it up on Netflix but in my defense I was like 12

  • Stupid Peanut
    Stupid Peanut

    Okay just because Bridget Mendler is in this episode, you NEED to watch Good Luck Charlie!!