The Winx Saga is the dumbest show...
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The Hunger Games is kinda dumb...
Sharkboy and Lavagirl 2 is even dumber than the first one
Princess Protection Program is hilariously dumb
Bridgerton is a kinda dumb
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  • Vanessa jj
    Vanessa jj

    „Angry fairy’s and kpop stans“ 😭😭😭😩😂 pls I

  • •shade •
    •shade •

    That show was wack tbh

  • oiuet souiu
    oiuet souiu

    As soon as she said “man- splain” I hated it, he’s trying to help you 🤦‍♀️

  • Ava Martinez
    Ava Martinez

    Please react to the 2 malificent movies, dark mistress. PLEASEEEE

  • Ghala Alhammad
    Ghala Alhammad

    i actually liked the show. i think it helps if you dont comare it too much to the original. I dont think its meant to be an exact copy

  • Jaxson Primmer
    Jaxson Primmer

    me and my dad actually enjoyed it

    • Tyrabear and Rosabear 2
      Tyrabear and Rosabear 2

      I did not like it because I am 16-

  • CHINObi

    ok but WHY does sky have a british accent..?

    • Tyrabear and Rosabear 2
      Tyrabear and Rosabear 2

      It was filmed with British cast (ignoring bloom) and filmed in Ireland.

    • oiuet souiu
      oiuet souiu

      So... I am pretty new here, but could it be possible that your thing is not rly watching a show properly just to roast with stuff you could know if you listened?

  • Ruby Lillian Potter
    Ruby Lillian Potter

    How exactly is this renewed....but not shows that are actually good like jatp-

  • berti

    4:16 you'd be surprised to know how many parents are like that 😳 at least in my experience, my parents are extremely bothered by my introverted tendencies and even though right now I'm a senior and finals and college entrance exams are coming soon they are constantly complaining about how little I socialise because I study too much 👁👄👁

  • Arana Akhtar Dana Putrandito
    Arana Akhtar Dana Putrandito

    oh stela the most anoying whone from the gang

  • yasio bolo
    yasio bolo

    Bloom's dad, who embraced his daughter figure immediatly. Blooms parents in the remake: Dishonest, unaware and unsupportive.

  • new human
    new human

    I agree with his end rant!!!!

  • suyash singh
    suyash singh

    Anyone knows a good series?

    • Tyrabear and Rosabear 2
      Tyrabear and Rosabear 2

      Watch Total Drama it's a cartoon

  • ZxYvO

    Im sorry but i have to disagree

  • Amelia S
    Amelia S

    Actually this is the one show where my parents are actually similar to the main characters- my parents would be more likely to want me to go to parties n stuff than stay in my room (not in corona ofc)

    • yasio bolo
      yasio bolo

      Ummmm excuse me this is my childhood I still watch the winx club all the time not joking I used to actually play the Winx club with my cousin😂

  • Candy Jari
    Candy Jari

    Netflix: "let's turn winx club dark and more mature" Also Netflix: *completely ERASES the character that "died" at one point in the series* Also also Netflix: *forgets the fact that Bloom was the last surviving member of her kingdom, Stella's parents are separated and had to at one point deal with a wicked step mother and her wicked daughter, and that Aisha's/Leila's kingdom has nearly been destroyed on a few or more occasions.* Me: "Yeah sure whatever you say 😒"

  • Hayoon Park
    Hayoon Park

    I hate it so much

  • Monika Nguyen
    Monika Nguyen

    The first episode was a bit ridiculous, typical and cringy but the rest wasn't that bad... judging the whole fucking series from the first episode is just stupid.

  • Ay F
    Ay F

    Is he really not gonna mention it's based on some cringy ass cartoon, but still managed to be just as cringy when they tried to turn it into a serious live-action adaptation of it..?

    • Tyrabear and Rosabear 2
      Tyrabear and Rosabear 2

      The 'Winx Club' series is good, you should watch it.

  • Markeith Deans
    Markeith Deans

    I ain't going to lie that sharkboy and lavagirl movie was 🗑️ trash

  • GachaLife Girl
    GachaLife Girl

    So... I am pretty new here, but could it be possible that your thing is not rly watching a show properly just to roast with stuff you could know if you listened?

  • BigDiccBoi

    Wasnt this a cartoon

  • Izabelle Martin
    Izabelle Martin

    I got so upset with this "remake" that after watching one episode I rewatched the OG show.

  • Ninjinification

    No no no no no, do not throw Harry Potter into that mix ok, there was common sense involved in people's actions in Harry Potter that is not present in any of those other shows, I cannot just let that go by, common sense is a very rare occurrence in these shows and we should treasure it when it turns up.

  • Love Bababa
    Love Bababa

    Pls make a second Part

  • Amani Ali
    Amani Ali

    When I was watching it and the first line was "WOW. You are SO lost." I sighed strapped down for stupidity.

  • Naomi Sadler
    Naomi Sadler

    Thing is British guys ARE NOT like that 😂 they just text u like “wus peng ting”

    • Tyrabear and Rosabear 2
      Tyrabear and Rosabear 2

      I know right!

  • Always King
    Always King

    Dang I liked it 😭

  • Fatima Alketbi
    Fatima Alketbi

    Ummmm excuse me this is my childhood I still watch the winx club all the time not joking I used to actually play the Winx club with my cousin😂

  • Stefan Hoppentocht
    Stefan Hoppentocht

    25 year old 16 year olds... always

  • • Luna Angel Rosewood •
    • Luna Angel Rosewood •

    i feel like they made bloom SUPER special and like the besttt character who has all these cool powers and a super tragic past. in the original, its more about teamwork and they winx club itself.

  • Tilsen Kyron
    Tilsen Kyron

    Good thing I didn't watch this dumpster fire. I don't wanna ruin my memories of the original Winx Club.

  • nieooj gotoy
    nieooj gotoy

    Bloom saying "mansplaining" has the same energy as Veronica Lodge saying "I am so over the toxic masculinity in this hallway"

  • RaMiN

    The only good show ive seen in 2021 is a disney one ✨𝓦𝓪𝓷𝓭𝓪 𝓿𝓲𝓼𝓲𝓸𝓷 ✨

    • • Luna Angel Rosewood •
      • Luna Angel Rosewood •


  • -Fluorini-

    I love Winx Saga Call me a child, you wont 😎

    • nieooj gotoy
      nieooj gotoy

      Look at how they massacred our childhoods.

  • Kendra Troxtel
    Kendra Troxtel

    I just want to be a poop fairy, now

  • Aninha Serfaty
    Aninha Serfaty

    “a relatably attractive”

  • theboss 2000
    theboss 2000

    This is one of the best breakdowns of a tv series I have ever seen. Spot on with identifying all of Hollywood’s BS propaganda and stereotypes. 💯👌

  • Amethyst Dance
    Amethyst Dance

    We just want another seasons but u hating peoples from the show ... Why ? We having fun just dont broke it come on ...

  • Amethyst Dance
    Amethyst Dance

    Just have fun from someting ughhh

  • Amethyst Dance
    Amethyst Dance

    Why the every people is acting bad . The serie is really cute . Okay fire fairy need red hair come on

  • Ivan Ester
    Ivan Ester

    i really loved the show idk why yall complaining so much

  • Brigitte Prempeh
    Brigitte Prempeh

    They are really butchering my childhood aren’t they

  • Sabrina Camargo Silvestre
    Sabrina Camargo Silvestre

    She literally set her house on fire and almost killed her parents because they were worried about her. At that point I stopped because it was already annoying enough and apparently it really does not get any better. Also how about focus on the fact that you need to control your powers instead of fighting about a random guy. One more thing, if it is a speacial school for kids that use magic what is the magic of specialists? being way too hot???

  • Guilherme Barbosa
    Guilherme Barbosa

    If you think that's bad and you didn't even watch the original series, you would actually rather die if you had watched its source material.

  • Toga Himiko
    Toga Himiko

    I’ve only ever seen versions of something like this animated so this is going to be odd . I think . Nvm it’s different

  • panda00cit00cat 2
    panda00cit00cat 2

    Okay... and if you do not like the show, does not mean it is not a good show...

  • Johanna Dietz
    Johanna Dietz

    There was literally no backstory to this series which really annoyed me. The storyline was so messed up and never followed through.

  • Rem

    People don’t realize that it doesn’t have to be just like the original to be good I thought the show was great and I don’t see people’s issues with it

    • Rem

      @Clo Alz I personally liked it I felt that it had a good story she wants to know where she came from since she figured out she’s a changeling and the school keeps lying to her I personally really enjoyed the show

    • Clo Alz
      Clo Alz

      In my point of view, even when you're watching it without thinking about the original, it's still bad: it's just a magic riverdale, nothing new etc... The thing is that they marketed it as Winx to have more hype (bc honestly it would not have been so popular without it) and they whitewashed a lot of characters. Also, the whole feminism thing is so forced (it's 2021, it should be natural...)

  • Tin Moe Aye
    Tin Moe Aye

    i only do not like is the clothes donot change

  • Crackichi Ouma PFPs
    Crackichi Ouma PFPs

    *Look at how they massacred our childhoods.*

  • Giu Giu
    Giu Giu

    This is nothing like the show

  • Giu Giu
    Giu Giu

    I use to watch winx club

  • Timon Whittingham
    Timon Whittingham

    The changeling plot sounds like something from a wattpad story about a fairy named faye

  • 6ix

    okay but the real question is WHERE WAS MY MAIN GIRL FLORA

  • Isabel Garcia
    Isabel Garcia

    anyways I was always a W.I.T.C.H fan rather than WINX so... I’m prayingprayingprayingpraying they won’t ruin that one... please?

  • Isabel Garcia
    Isabel Garcia

    late but still... Alex, u were ON FIRE with this one ok bye 😂

  • Ma Re
    Ma Re

    The real show dissapointed me really. The seasons became more worse at the season. I dont waste my time and watch this bull.... on netflix.

  • Bisexual y/n
    Bisexual y/n

    I think the show was alright for me because, I didn't watch the cartoon beforehand Though most of it was me wanting to hit Bloom hoping she'll have some common sense knocked into her Also thinking the Riven & Musa has like one scene together but I think they would be more interesting of a couple than Musa & Sam Also the "humor" sometimes making me cringe

  • donte mckay
    donte mckay

    Winx was not meant to be edgy like this.

  • Booksstopia


  • Rosalie Barvik
    Rosalie Barvik

    "some tall, lanky, British guy just living life by the cut of his bangs and the tip of his Adam's apple" oh fuck you alex😂

  • Tuğkan Berk
    Tuğkan Berk

    Just when Think winx club can’t get any worse, they made this shit. I can’t take it after the remodeled 8th season

  • Arianne Von
    Arianne Von

    Hahaha I actually liked it xD it was an ok Saturday -nothing to do- marathon

  • Da Vinci Explainer
    Da Vinci Explainer

    first time she have goten front role from sabrina (dorcas) u just roast with title dumbest show and wolla u got atleast 1 million

  • LadyDarkB

    Live action is the worst idea ANYONE HAD EVER And I discovered about Winx Live Action because I saw at wikia and my reaction was like: Guys, c'mon WHO WILL BELIEVE THAT FAKE NEWS?? I REGRET THESE WORD SO DEEPLY

  • Charlotte Jarvis
    Charlotte Jarvis


  • Ján Krnáč
    Ján Krnáč

    Question: why are people on different fantasy planet dressed than on the Earth and has phones?!!!

  • Becky Goody
    Becky Goody

    We the adults of the present who adored winx in the past didn’t ask for this. But since it’s thrown at us from the worst people ever to adapt a series which is Netflix what can we say? It’s so weak there’s only 6 episodes in the first season. The wardrobe is terrible and doesn’t reflect what we grew up on and loved. The powers for fairies specifically Musa is OFF! Bloom and Stella were best friends and extremely supportive of each other. I haven’t the faintest clue of wtf Netflix was trying to achieve by making Stella so mean. I think some where along the running of Chillin Adventures of Sabrina they felt they could make a dark version of Winx but the problem with trying to do to winx what they did to CAOS is that there WERE comic depicting a darker version of Sabrina the Teenage witch and with the winx club it was always bright, fashionable, action, more light and better character story lines, powers that made sense and more cohesive. Everything in this series seems rushed and wayyyy off from what we were accustomed. I had NO intentions of watching this crap but my cousin who is born in the 2000s convinced me now I regret it because it just angered me. At this point I’m ready to cancel my subscription with these people and just stick with Amazon. I high key wish Amazon to do their version of the winx to show Netflix how it should be done. Edit: and who tf is doing Aisha’s hair???? Can’t they find a bomb hairstylist skilled in black hair styling to fix her. The braids are horribly done and as the ONE black woman on the show it just doesn’t sit right with me that she looks a hot damn mess!

  • anonymous alien 2.0
    anonymous alien 2.0

    And here I am SO LOST cuz i didnt even freaking know they made a live action the original show bRuh

  • Oman

    They used to call retarded children changelings so that they could ethically kill them.

  • Gabbie 19
    Gabbie 19

    To those who haven't watched this show, don't. You'll fall deeper into the ditch of dissapoinment >:')

  • H A
    H A

    Fire, water, earth, mind and something, watching the trailer i thought it was a captain planet movie

  • Katrina Matthew
    Katrina Matthew

    Yo I know that this is based on the Winx Club that was made in like 5 years ago

  • Shelby Paulson
    Shelby Paulson

    Wait is there even the witch chix or just fucking creepy ass monsters. Also I wish they didn’t white wash Musa and Flora. I also like how they missed my literal favorite character, Techna also why not cast actual teenagers? I officially hate Netflix man smh. First death note, then riverdale, then Sabrina, now WINX. Also I’m sad they didn’t have the actual things from actual episodes.

  • Shelby Paulson
    Shelby Paulson

    I watched the first minute of it and I saw bloody sheep and monster from the horror movie “The Ritual” and I said nope. Wouldn’t hate it so much if it wasn’t supposed to be my literal favorite show from my childhood

  • Axiliea Axi
    Axiliea Axi

    Unpopular Opinion: I like the show.

  • Ronnie Obeng
    Ronnie Obeng

    y'all they had to say Winx because its harder to start a show from scratch and pls don't tell me y'all would rather watch that prissy Winx club ate ur age-

  • Natalie

    the show is actually not that bad but I do agree with the comments that they should have kept the storyline because the changeling stuff makes no sense and they should have cast characters that don't look 25...

  • estelle emma
    estelle emma

    winx had the opportunity to be a feminist masterpiece but of course, as per usual, netflix tanked it

  • XCR

    Hello! Don’t mind me. Just an unpopular-I-actually-liked-the-show-opinion-comment passing through all the hate-comments. :-) Goodbye!

  • Ailsa Ni
    Ailsa Ni

    Bloom's dad, who embraced his daughter figure immediatly. Blooms parents in the remake: Dishonest, unaware and unsupportive.

  • Ján Krnáč
    Ján Krnáč

    Winx fate autors: it must by original and different from cartoon serie. Hmmm Harry Potter x Twilight.

  • Grace Slayton
    Grace Slayton

    Fun fact: Abigail had gotten her eye brows dyed before going on set. But she did get them fixed after that episode.

  • Fadzai Simango
    Fadzai Simango

    "Mismatched hair and eyebrows" XD Well there are many blondes and redheads in real life who have brown eyebrows. One of my closest childhood friends was a girl with vivid red hair and brunette brows :P

    • Ailsa Ni
      Ailsa Ni

      actual normal, nice and fun-loving MC Netflix?

  • yes.its.alexis

    I'm sorry, am I the only one who actually liked this show?

    • Natalie

      dont worry your not alone i loved the show

  • shining lion
    shining lion

    U not a winx fan if u watch this dont jack that

  • shining lion
    shining lion

    It really is

  • Priscilla Kirabo
    Priscilla Kirabo

    Seriously though pliz do to all the boys 3 noooooowwwwwwwww

  • ana topuridze
    ana topuridze

    There are a few ITmoresrs whose content I like before actually watching the video, Alex is one of them

  • Muresan Gloria
    Muresan Gloria

    If you actually get to review Winx Club I hope you like it(at least some seasons,because you will probably not like all of them because of how they change throughout time).Keep in mind that both series only just share the WInx name,they are two totally different stories,and even the characters,albeit named the same are not the same persons.(this will probably become a situation like ATLA and the live action )

  • Rosanne Geneugelijk
    Rosanne Geneugelijk

    Can you do a video about dynasty @alexmeyers

  • Madita Muschket
    Madita Muschket

    Despite the fact that most of the people agree with the show being a disappointment, I'd just like to acknowledge the perfect commentary and animation from Alex. You're hilarious dude! I'm glad this showed up on my front page.

  • Gel

    This so called "adaptation" of literally a classic tv animated series that's loved by millions is so bad. Like first of all the first episode is so boring, like I couldn't even watch it the whole way through with out wanting to click off, and which I'm glad I did. They completely whitewashed the characters, the og show had diversity, and what they think is diversity in this show is adding one black character? The show had so much diversity having an asian musa, a latina flora, a black aisha, and white bloom,stella, and techna. Like the voice of the characters were actually asian, latina, black and white. And making them all British except bloom makes it diverse? Dude remember when they were from different realms? Remember when they didn't have a British accent? Only aisha would've suited the british accent honestly, bc in the show she sounded slightly british. And they took out flora and techna? Bro techna didn't t sacrifice herself in season 3 just for Netflix to take her out. They even made stella a basic blond b, so like stella wasn't bloom's first best friend at all? Oh cause she didn't help bloom with her powers ? Don't even get me started with those outfits, stella would've already cried with those bland outfits. The og show actually had real professional designers to design their clothes, as said by the creators.

    • Gel

      And "changeling" dude this isn't my little pony. I'm so sick of these characters being stuck up. I was so excited for this but I got so disappointed when it came out, I wanted to reminisce the memories of my childhood but this ain't it. This show is anything but magical. It's riverdale, TVD, and a sprinkle of magic and that's it. I could so name more reasons why this is so bad but I won't waste more time doing so.

    • Gel

      Alfea is a school for fairy girls, not for boys or witches. Cloud tower is where witches should be. And the boys have their own school. Techna, Bloom, Stella, and Aisha are literally princesses omg and this is what they give us?. Like I want the nostalgia of my childhood.

    • Gel

      I get how like they wanted it to be more relatable but like there's nothing relatable about it. The winx are supposed to be 16 year olds, plus the timeline is in the early 2000's, they're not 25 year old drug using, party addicts..

    • Gel

      Like I love how they added a pus sized "flora" like yes body positivity love that but they couldn't have found a latina one? Like omg

  • natasha clogg
    natasha clogg


  • grvngerbyers

    but i thought Alfea is school for Fairies not for Harry Potter knockoff kids

  • Gabriella Rossi
    Gabriella Rossi

    Not me binging the series because my dad suggested it to me and I never really got into the original cartoon but thought it looked cool and now I'm kinda into it and stuff.......nope.....not me....

    • Gabriella Rossi
      Gabriella Rossi

      (but i do agree that mr what-his-face was really dumb.......and I do think that the side characters are all better than Bloom.....)

  • Dinky Idiot
    Dinky Idiot

    I used to watch winx and I always had no clue what was happening

  • Briannah Musoke
    Briannah Musoke

    If the original winx club girls watched this they’d hebert hate it because where is tecna🤨

  • The_amazing_dust

    The worst thing is, this show had so much potential, but then the writing ruined it The characters are steriotypical Netflix characters, same goes for the story, that desperately checks every box and is afraid to try something new I'm seriously sick of the 'not like other girls'- main character and the 'netflix main character syndrome' I mean, I like tough female characters like any other person, but if they're just tough for show without a reason or action, it feels like a middle school girl, trying to show of. Why can't we have an actual normal, nice and fun-loving MC Netflix?

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