Zoey 101 was such a weird show...
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  • addi story
    addi story

    i love the ted talk at the end😂

  • Aaron Sanchezz
    Aaron Sanchezz

    I always hated chase & zoeys characters.

  • Miraculous_ladybug🐞

    Do liv and maddie

  • John Kerry
    John Kerry

    September of 9th grade, 14 years and a month. Charged as an adult, wasn’t even rape or murder

    • John Kerry
      John Kerry

      Asian boy criminal?

    • John Kerry
      John Kerry

      But it was well deserved

    • John Kerry
      John Kerry

      bringing a gun to school and beating a kid over the head with it isn’t great though

  • John Kerry
    John Kerry

    Really high pitched voice Zoey

  • captainkirk265

    7:38 Enjoyable characters make the story good, not the other way around.

  • Bob Burnquest
    Bob Burnquest

    I think Jamie left because she saw what was happening to her sister

  • Strange Scripts
    Strange Scripts

    Seriously? I’ve been wanting to try out urinals since I was 3, there’s really nothing bad about it. 😂

  • Timothy Frith
    Timothy Frith

    After “Zoey 101” ended its 4-year run, Jamie Lynn Spears became pregnant at 16 years old and took a break from acting.

  • Thundergoat17

    He paid to promote his video 😂

  • Joana Domínguez
    Joana Domínguez

    Hes kind annoying the guy that’s talking


    yes I would love to no what colour the wind is holy shit i'm going to be thinking about that all day

  • Psycho_Stan


  • Stealth Gaming
    Stealth Gaming

    You could look at lab rats

  • Brendan

    I was about 11 or so when I saw this show. It was very disconcerting to me, I was only used to more "comedic"/absurd shows, but this show had an element of romantic drama to it that stuck out to me and made me question what I was watching. And, most interactions in this show were highly focused on romance (between children) and even as a kid I was just really used to cartoons from Nickelodeon/Cartoon Network/etc and it just felt out of place....

  • Sara Essenmacher
    Sara Essenmacher

    no way are you Stupid

  • Nintendude 64
    Nintendude 64

    "Everyone was shocked to learn that 16 year old Jamie Lynn Spears was *Prego* "

  • C.W.Simpson Productions
    C.W.Simpson Productions

    So, the reason why Zoey 101 was cancelled because the actors got too old, according to Jamie Spears. And ironically, this was a problem that the show Degrassi solved years ago, and the way they did it was actually pretty genius: Just like "real" high school, they had a rotating cast. They started with an early batch of kids, and as those characters got older, younger actors would be brought in as freshmen or transfers. So by the time that the first batch were seniors and graduated, the younger characters had already become well-established characters and another batch of younger kids could be brought in, keeping the cycle going without breaking the narrative. And some of the earliest characters could keep going in adult roles, such as Spike as Emma's mom, and Archie "Snake" Simpson being a teacher in "The Next Generation" run and then principal in Next Class.

  • Elena ___
    Elena ___


  • Joey Teter
    Joey Teter

    I loved this growing up. I had such a crush on Jamie, but Kristin Herrera just stole my heart 🥵

  • Din Djarin
    Din Djarin


  • Amanda Veras
    Amanda Veras

    what can I say? people like simple shows


    Seems like I’m so ugly that people are heal when I walk passed them

  • Makinzey Ryan
    Makinzey Ryan


  • Pedangapi


  • Cole

    Im surprised they didn’t all break out into a musical as soon as she arrived

  • Cole

    These movies are all the same

  • Savannah

    Chase was the worst omg. I loved Jamie's smile! Her little missing side teeth were the cutest 😊

  • Clymantic

    Lets be honest, the shows Alex hates, we all like them, we just like watching these vids lol. I don't like this one though. Stuff like iCarly and Sam and Cat and crap like that.

  • The Last Merican
    The Last Merican

    1:19 hitting me way too hard there Alex

  • Mary Sountoulidou
    Mary Sountoulidou

    I created an OC for this, I even planned her apperances through the entire show!!! Do you want an introduction???

  • Luna

    I used to watch Zoey 101 every single day after school, I love it and I wish they had a revival and had adult Zoey during college? Or something lol

  • lokaylusta

    I love him. His sooo funny. Keep doing vids!!!!

  • Kevin Henderson
    Kevin Henderson

    “What if kids went to school and had... drama. Ta-da! 10 seasons.” 😂😂😂

  • Josie Pratt
    Josie Pratt

    It feels weird and awkward without the laugh track 😅

  • Noel Ogbu
    Noel Ogbu

    I don’t understand the point of this video other than the acting not being that good what’s weird about the show?

  • RegionalBlurryface

    We all know the show was cancelled cause she got prego. Of course they would claim otherwise.

  • Bryan Quigley
    Bryan Quigley

    Wasn’t there an episode where they got attacked by a ghost? Or did I imagine that

    • Drew and Olive
      Drew and Olive

      there was loll

  • Nic G
    Nic G

    I’m not proud of this but Britney Spears is my 27th cousin

  • j qui
    j qui

    Ok but to be fair to 12 yo me this wasn’t just “a school” it was the best, most amazing, and fun school. I’m sure versions of this school exist in real life because rich people can make anything happen but the idea of it was enough of a selling point. It’s the same with the victorious school, all my friends and I talked about at lunch would be how awesome it would be to go to a school like that and not some boring middle class public school. How naive i was. 😆

  • none believer
    none believer

    Also whatever his name was his argument against Zoey being point guard because he played point was just dumb because there are 2 point guards 2 shooting guards and a center, and also there was no one who could play center on ether team and it's not because they're short, they just couldn't jump worth a damn

  • Hey, I'mValarie
    Hey, I'mValarie

    PCA = Pepprrdine. My sister in law gave us a tour when she was going years ago, I knew the campus looked familiar... Ha.

  • Albeit_Jordan

    do they sound like chipmunks or am I having a stroke?

  • Liam McSweeney
    Liam McSweeney

    This guys career is literally trashing shows and movies. 😂

  • Marjorie Jenkins
    Marjorie Jenkins

    The wicked rainbow ecologically sin because stretch weekly damage barring a draconian interviewer. bawdy, terrific height

  • hello World
    hello World

    Why is everyone’s voice so much higher than I remember?

  • NoRent TV
    NoRent TV

    A drop top PT cruiser...

  • Clown Duckky
    Clown Duckky

    Get the fuck out of my school gals

  • Brandon Prendergast
    Brandon Prendergast

    I know people who have taken a dump on a urinal, if we can do it so can you

  • Ayra’s Blade
    Ayra’s Blade

    Zoey looks like Jo. No cap?


    The only thing I remember from this show is that red banana melting that bicycle seat. 🍌 😆

  • RareEnigma™

    I have not watched Zoey 101, and interesting to see your video here discussing the show. Sean Flynn, Errol Flynn's grandson, and Jamie Lynn Spears act awkward here, but understandable for their age.

  • Jaleel Hogue
    Jaleel Hogue

    Zooey 101 goes to hard

  • The Awkwardbirds
    The Awkwardbirds

    You should do next “Unfabulous” from 2004-2007, a Nickelodeon show that Emma Roberts’ career rose from and that’s how she’s a huge pop star now.

  • Hart. Argent
    Hart. Argent

    I just realized how they kept basically yelling there lines

  • nah

    6:53 I felt literal physical pain from this

  • Fedra Najera
    Fedra Najera

    Where did you watch it?

  • Fedra Najera
    Fedra Najera

    "Tried doing a handstand or something" jajajjaja

  • Susan Sanborn
    Susan Sanborn

    i swear they looked older when i was 10 omg

  • runningtoastgirl77

    The acting is so... different... then I remembered.

  • Jonathan Seale
    Jonathan Seale

    My favorite show is Zoey 102

  • Shadman Rahman
    Shadman Rahman

    You know it's gonna be weird when the dad drives the kid to school in a Chrysler PT Cruiser convertible

  • That_One_Thing_That_Drawz

    When you see your name but it's mispronounced and now you can't get it out of your head:

  • Ericat


  • multifandom

    I never knew this was a Nick show because I always watched it on Family channel

  • Maisy Reynolds
    Maisy Reynolds

    I always hated Dana. I am glad that producers changed her for Lola

  • grandesglam - editing
    grandesglam - editing

    why zoey101 is my favorite show on nickeloden •theres no laughing track •the main character isnt annoying •serious situations look better acted because as stated before, theres no laughing track. •they get new characters often, to twist up the show

  • PrincessLuLu

    Apparently today Jamie Lynn is doing okay. She has another daughter and married to the youngest girls father. Shes done a handful of small tv spots & some music, but I’m guessing that otherwise regular life

  • PrincessLuLu

    Some people think Jamie Lynn got fired for getting pregnant but that’s not what happened. Filming had already wrapped a few months before, which is common for tv to be before release. I remember the whole thing was just nuts. The whole world judging this poor girl. Judging her for something that happens in every high school in America all the freaking time.

  • nɘonconformist

    I never knew Jamie was pregnant OMG

  • nɘonconformist

    "You're a girl, no offense" yeah ok

  • nɘonconformist

    Leave Simple Plan alone.

  • Link Sayajin
    Link Sayajin

    Hey, u didn't talk anything about the theory that the dad ofJamie's kid is possibly Dan "They're getting beat if they don't show their feet" Schneider

  • NinaNiterose

    04:30 That really hit close to home, tbh. 🤣

  • Sean Luyanda
    Sean Luyanda

    😂😂😂😂😂 "because of the bébé"

  • Zu Ma
    Zu Ma

    Alex, I like your teeth... too weird?

  • bernarvz

    Alex is like the Gordon Ramsey of shows and movies.

  • Nikola Krastev
    Nikola Krastev

    I really hate the boys vs girls story. It is so overused and boring.

  • Cometstarlight

    How fitting that the ad break that showed up right after you talked about the baby thing, was a diaper commercial

  • FLyKid

    Jaymie was bussin it open I should’ve went to pca 🥴

  • Collins Cheruiyot
    Collins Cheruiyot


  • Julius Padilla
    Julius Padilla

    I just got to say I have lost it at this point why is it always like these shoes boys are jerks I just seen a lot of TV shows that I used to watch

  • SunnDart

    In this show, the laugh track is missing and you can't prove me wrong.

  • Will G. Forrest
    Will G. Forrest

    I still love simple plan.

  • Sara Medagliani
    Sara Medagliani

    I looooooved this show so much

  • ArtyRobloxian2021

    Where’s Victoria justice?

  • kevin gunther
    kevin gunther

    The Mario music in the back ground is great

  • Emily Smith
    Emily Smith

    There was an old Disney (?) movie called Susie Q about a girl that died on her way to prom and a dude comes in contact with her ghost years later


    Zoey was cute but when I was younger I had a thing for the the smart girl in the glasses

  • Jack James
    Jack James

    Yeah but she should get the good bed if she turned up first. That’s 100% the rules when you have a shared room

  • Jack James
    Jack James

    I always thought zoey 101 was a bit weird when I watched when I was younger. It just never really made any sense

  • Bibhabaree Sahu
    Bibhabaree Sahu

    Well the most embarrassing I said to my crush was “what is your perception of death” .

  • Lane Vargo
    Lane Vargo

    What about avatar.

  • Asafa Powell
    Asafa Powell

    The title of the video:well I don't think so

  • I'm stupid But
    I'm stupid But

    You can say that's the only Schneider's show without the laughing track and damn the pauses are awkward

  • Sleepy Fedo
    Sleepy Fedo

    And u are the strangets human alive saying all these strange things

  • None

    Omg this video had me crackin up!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😭😭

  • every anime you can imagine
    every anime you can imagine


  • Jared Sloan
    Jared Sloan

    matthew,erin,jamie and sean killed it BTW im a kid i was born in 2012 and i just finished Zoey 101

  • Jocelyn Sullivan
    Jocelyn Sullivan

    Day 5 of asking Alex Meyers to do a review on Zero Chill